Monday, 25 February 2019

Grether's Pastilles - your sore throat lifesaver this season

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(Post contains gifted items) 

Something a little different in today's post featuring a new discovery I'm sure you'll find handy, especially if you've woken up with a sore throat like I have.

These sugar-free pastilles from Grether's are made from an English recipe that dates back to 1850 with the first being made in juicy Blackberry! These pastilles are made with a great deal of care, tradition and craftsmanship. They come in 4 fruity flavours - Blackberry, Elderflower, Blueberry and anti-inflammatory Redcurrant which come either in the original or sugar-free (more info can be found on these flavours here). But what I really love about these is the flavour is very subtle and won't "blow your head off" like some do!

Aren't these tins adorable? These pastilles come packaged in a choice of 60g, 110g, 440g and in travel pouches, which makes these easy accessible no matter where you are. Now who wouldn't want to whip these out of their drawer?

Not only are they great for tackling the early onset of colds, they have also become a firm favourite amongst professionals who have to rely on their voice on a daily basis, such as - Teachers, Lecturers and Singers (apparently Ariana Grande is a fan of them!).

I also find these to be the perfect for getting rid of those annoying early morning sore throats I sometimes wake up to or for those embarrassing moments when you have frog in your throat!

Another thing I love about these is apart from the subtle flavour, these don't give off that strong scent that tells the whole world exactly what's going on, the imminent arrival of the dreaded lurgy! (know what I mean?)

Since this picture was taken, I'm now left with one tin, as they too have become a favourite amongst  family members - thanks guys! :(

Grether's Pastilles can be found on Amazon, AllCures as well at selected Pharmacies and Chemists.

Have to tried Grether's Pastilles?

Toni. xx

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Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Make Up For Ever Velvet Matte Foundation - review

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Disclaimer: This post features a product that was purchased from the reviewer. 

Writing off products isn't something I like doing when they don't perform to my expectations first time round. I always try and find ways to make them work because at the end of the day no one likes the feeling that they've wasted money. Using different tools, primers, to even find myself digging it out again during a different season, are some of the things I'll do because I hate to be beaten! Lol! But on this occasion, it seems that's exactly how I've ended up.

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