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Limited Edition Holiday Release From Hourglass - Ambient Lighting Edit Volume 4

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If you follow me on Instagram, (a little plug there if I may!) you will have read that I passed on last year’s holiday edition due to planning on buying the full-size of one of the powders. Unfortunately, that didn’t materialize. So, when I heard that Dim Light was featuring in this year’s holiday release, there was no way I was going to miss out.

Lately, I’ve been enjoying the freedom of working overtime now that my kids are older, which has also made a nice change from dealing with the usual monotonous piles of washing and attention seeking  white goods beeping for my assistance, lol! So, due to this little burst of excess cash, I ended up paying a nice little luxury visit to the Space N.K. website for an early Christmas treat from Hourglass  Ambient Lighting Edit Volume 4.

Anything from Hourglass just feels like a treat from the gods because they're just so bloody luxurious! Despite its hefty price tag, I feel it was money well spent as I've been using this palette every single day. I know the value as in per mg is something that's always been flagged within these palettes from Hourglass, however, it's still a great way to try the various powders they have on offer. Unless next year’s is truly different, this for me will be a once in a blue moon purchase as their holiday releases do tend to share the same powders year after year (except 2016) combined with a not too dissimilar line up of blush and bronzer in some form of finish. But I guess the gorgeousness of these is simply too hard to resist and can see why we are left with the same scenario of want rather than need.

hourglass, hourglass powders, ambient lighting edit, review, face powders, makeup

Each year, these hugely popular travel-sized face palettes come in different themed packaging, and for 2018, they have decided to showcase this in a stunning metallic Pink. This palette is a limited edition.

hourglass, hourglass powders, ambient lighting edit, review, face powders, makeup

Inside the palette comprises of 4 bestsellers and 2 new and exclusive powders to brighten, define and contour using their famous light-diffusing pigments that blur whilst giving radiant skin. These is a great versatile palette that allows you to either use the powders individually or dip and play around with to your heart's content. These all work beautifully regardless of age. 

  • Dim Light - A neutral peach beige powder that blurs imperfections and highlights the complexion.
  • Diffused Light - A soft, warm, pale yellow powder that conceals redness and gives skin clarity.
  • Filtered Bronze Light (New) - A subtle warm bronze shade fused with Filtered Light, a neutral translucent powder to add a soft warmth.
  • Luminous Glow (New) - A bright Coral Blush fused with Luminous Light for a vibrant pop of colour.
  • Euphoric Fusion - A soft lilac blush blended with Euphoric Strobe Light for a resplendent glow.
  • Euphoric Strobe Light - A pearlescent beige powder imparting a neutral highlight.  

hourglass, hourglass powders, ambient lighting edit, review, face powders, makeup

hourglass, hourglass powders, ambient lighting edit, review, face powders, makeup, swatches

The only thing with these types of palettes is that it can be difficult to produce something where all shades suits all. This is definitely one for lighter skin tones, however, I'm happy to report that this year Hourglass have also released another face palette for deeper skin tones called Unlocked featuring brand new powders. So, it might be worth checking that out if you feel this may be too light for you. As beautiful as Unlocked is, I didn’t want to find myself in the same position as I did two years ago when their Marble version proved to be too warm to use this time of year. 

As for Ambient Lighting Edit 4, I can easily see me hitting pan on another bronzer just like I did despite those initial setbacks from the Marble. I’ve been preferring the subtle warmer hues from Filtered Bronze Light during these cooler months to another Hourglass bronzer that I own and had been using on a regular basis up until now – a full-size Nude Bronze Light which comes off slightly cooler and darker compared to Filtered Bronze Light. 

As for the actual finishing powders themselves, I'm not sure Diffused Light actually does anything in a remarkable sense that my skin looks any different after using it, so, I'll be passing on the idea of buying a full size. But rather than waste it, I have been using it to set my concealer which again, I’m not sure it actually does, but it’s the only thing I found any use for. The powder doesn't give off a shine but its not exactly matte either. It's more of a nothing powder because its so finely milled and really can't see what use it has. Luckily, it's a different story with regards to Dim Light and learnt that the technology in this formulation is actually quite clever and warrants its hype. After setting my face with powder, I apply this over the top to put back a very subtle glow, and I mean - really subtle, although it can be built up but not in a way that it transforms my skin into a greasy hot mess throughout the day. Oily skins really don't need to fear this.

The blushers within this palette are simply gorgeous! The combination of the lilac hue and Strobe Light of Euphoric Fusion gives a glow that could either be used on top of the cheek bones or used as a glow-y blush. I get that it can be the luck of the draw when it comes to these marble formulations as no two formulations are never the same, however, I can't help but feel that the lilac hue within mine does look as though I've been slightly short changed compared to others I've seen, and find I have to build this up to allow the colour to show through on me. The coral shade of Luminous Glow is right up my alley and has become a permanent fixture ever since.

Euphoric Strobe Light is an absolute beauty! It’s my first encounter within their Strobe Light range and soon discovered it’s a very wearable, transparent, neutral tone that would suit many skin tones. The glow looks like the natural oils of you skin (and I don't mean that in a greasy manner), rather than looking like you can be seen from outer space, and is very buildable which makes it very versatile no matter what time of day it is. 

Have you purchased this year’s Ambient lighting Edit? 

Toni. Xoxo


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