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The £10 Palettes To Go Mad For - E.L.F Mad For Matte Eyeshadow Palettes

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There's no bigger fix than a bargain fix! It's been a while since I bought anything from drugstore brand, E.L.F (Eyes, Lips, Face). Their eyeshadows from their Mad for Matte range had been on my radar ever since YouTuber, Tati, raved about them. Finding a decent all matte palette can be a tall order even when looking through premier brands, let alone drugstore! So, it wasn't until they had recently released this new jazzy addition - Jewel Pop, I decided it was time I placed an order.

As well as this colourful addition, I thought I'd also grab the neutral tones of Nude Mood as they were short from giving this away at the crazy price of £4!!! Plus the shades seemed to portray a really nice depth to them. I was particularly eyeing up that soft but very flattering Grey as I find it really hard to find a true grey. Most I come across lean too blue. Even though this leans a whisker on the warm side, it wasn't so much that it'd become a Taupe.

There was also a warmer toned Mad for Mattes - Vol 2. I decided to leave that one as I have enough warm tone palettes for now, lol! 


For £10, I think both of these palettes are really nice quality, but like with all shadows, I always have to use a primer first. I was really surprised how smooth and nicely pigmented they are. These do need a little building which I prefer when is comes to matte shadows, but for even more intensity, they can be applied using a wet brush. Another big test for me when it comes to shadows, is how well they "blow-out " below the lash line. As my eyes have gotten older, this has become trickier, assuming the reason that my skin is no longer as tight as a hospital bed sheet! I'm happy to say these blow-out really nicely giving that smooth smoky finish. The only thing you have to watch is these do kick up excess, but that's not always such a bad thing. I generally find when it comes to mattes they blend just as well, if not, better than some of the firmer formulations. I really do recommend you check these out!

I also really love the slim compact design of these palettes! They make these super easy for travelling with no matter how many you pack.

Don't take too much notice of the swatches. They apply much better than they swatch, lol! 

elf, mad for mattes, eyeshadow palette, sheer gloss, mattes, matte eyeshadow, nude mood, review

Nude Mood - as you've guessed it - contains 10 all neutral shades that includes a matte cream highlight and a soft Black. I think this is a nice line up of basics for creating easy wearable daytime looks or for a smoky eye. This would also make a great beginners palette, as they are pigmented enough to not require much skill (if that makes sense) and are so easy to blend. The only thing I will say is that the two pale shades require a little more building than the others when used as a lid shade.

elf, mad for mattes, matte eyeshadow, sheer gloss, eyeshadow palette, review, jewel pop,

Jewel Pop - Now, if you're someone who enjoys colour, than this one is for you! Jewel Pop brings a colourful mixture of vibrant tones that'll provide a nice addition to any other palettes you may have, whether it be just for summer or any other time of year. I thought this would make a lovely pairing with Nude Mood for adding a little vibrancy! I've been loving these mainly in the outer-third of the crease so that pop of colour peers over the lid. I haven't attacked that amazing blue yet! Part of me feels age is against me for that one, lol! Perhaps I'll just use it as a liner instead! I didn't quite get away with paying the same amount for Jewel Pop, but nevertheless, considering they're only £10, the quality is just as lovely as Nude Mood, if not, better.

Deeper skin tones may find the shades from Jewel Pop apply with less intensity than on lighter skin tones - more as a wash of colour as appose to the vibrant tones seen in the pan. If you require more intensity, you may need to apply a cream shadow as a base first.

elf, mattes, eyeshadow palette, eyeshadows, mad for mattes, review, swatches, nude mood

elf cosmetics, mad for mattes, matte eyeshadow, eyeshadow palette, jewel pop, vibrant, colourful, review, swatches

Both palettes are available on the Elf website. Nude Mood is available at Superdrug.

 Have you tried any of the Mad for Mattes eyeshadow palettes?

Toni. xoxo


  1. I need Nude Mood! Such a gorgeous palette. I haven’t tried much Elf before but everyone raves about their products xx

    Laura ||

  2. I am really loving pops of colour this season so definitely need to give Jewel Pop a try.

    Shang J. | Beauterazzi

  3. These palettes look lovely!


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