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Makeup Base And Technique I'm Currently Loving!

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I feel it's been a while since I've done a makeup post, so, I thought I'd share what I'm currently loving during, what seems to be a "very long", Winter period. One thing I've noticed a lot during this season is how less oily my skin has been, which is kind of expected for this time of year, but not to this degree. It's not uncomfortable by any means. It just means I can finally enjoy and begin my routine with a 'glow-ier' base rather than fight it for a change. 


Two of the primers I'm currently enjoying is the Touch In Sol No Poreblem Primer and Becca's Backlight Priming Filter. Korean brand Touch-in Sol share several primers from their range, and I was completely sold on the pore blurring claims from the No Poreblem Primer. This primer is silicone based but is very lightweight. The blurring aspect is subtle but it does have a slippery feel to it which totally goes against the grain of what I'd normally use due to normally being plagued with an oily t-zone. Most of my foundations come with a satin or matte finish, but as my skin has been drier in recent months, that extra slip has been helping my foundations glide on much better and resulting with a fresher look to my skin.

Another one I've been loving which I feel is in a class of its own is the Becca Backlight Priming Filter. It's been great for those days when I want an extra glow. I say an extra glow, but I actually find this primer dries down to more of a luminance rather than a full-on glow. So it's a great one to have, even if you're slightly on the oily side or have combination skin. It isn't heavy or greasy looking at all. It just gives me a nice healthy glow and helps blur out any imperfections I may have. Plus, if you're skin was anything like mine, it's probably going to end up looking oily anyway! So, why not have the sophisticated kind instead, lol!

foundation, primer, concealer, becca, the ordinary, tarte, eco tool, zoeva, touch in sol, makeup base, makeup application

The Ordinary Coverage Foundation - "Oh how I hated you when we first met!"

This foundation left me so frustrated because it just didn't seem to want to blend!!! Now I can't get enough of this! I have no idea what's changed except, perhaps when I originally purchased this, my skin was a lot oilier because it was Summer, I guess? Although one likes to think it's probably a combination of skincare, results from better skincare and perhaps those supplements I'm currently drinking! Who cares? Let the good times roll! I'm loving it! I can see me reaching to bottom of this bottle very soon!

If you can remember, there were two formulas from this foundation range (the other is Serum which I loved!). This is the thicker one from the two that gives a medium build, but the shade matches far better than the Serum one I have. 


I've changed my application slightly with this foundation. In fact.. it's something I'm going to do with all of them. Not sure if I tried this in the beginning (memory!) but I find a much denser brush works better with this. I recently discovered that my It Cosmetics brush that came with the CC cream works lovely with this. Then I stumbled upon a small oval brush that I bought from Ebay a couple of years ago whilst having a clear-out. It applies so lovely and evenly. I really don't need a lot to build up the coverage. And after application I then move on to my eye makeup to allow the foundation to settle and move around - I don't powder yet!

I then come back with my Eco Tools Foundation Sponge (which I've fallen in love with) and dab my t-zone to absorb any excess oil or foundation that have settled in any lines and texture I may have. The base or ball part of the sponge (as I like to call it,) is spot-on for dabbing and achieving a flawless finish before finally powdering with a standard brush using my Too Faced Primed and Poreless Powder. I've raved about this powder time and time again. I find just doing this one extra step makes a huge difference in the finish and how my base wears throughout the day - especially my t-zone. From now on, I'm now going to practice this technique with every foundation.

foundation, primer, concealer, becca, the ordinary, tarte, eco tool, zoeva, touch in sol, makeup base, makeup application


I've also changed the way I apply concealer, which has resulted in barely any creasing and my under eye area looking fresher for so much longer - especially since discovering the Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector. Along with the Back Light Priming Filter, this came part of a set I purchased from one of those special value deals from QVC. I'll be featuring an in-depth review for this product at a later date, along with the other products because it's one you really need to know about.

This Under Eye Brightening Corrector has been excellent for brightening up that area and looking as though I've had a good nights sleep. It's also very emollient so it might not be for everyone. I only apply towards the inner corner/area of the eye by dabbing with my ring finger and discovered by accident when paired with Tarte's Shape Tape gives me the best result I've ever had!

It must be the combination of dabbing and having two great formulas working together. Dabbing the concealer with a damp sponge (the smaller one from Eco Tools Duo Sponge pack) also helps too! The pointed tip allows the sponge to get right into the corner, whilst the flat part helps press the concealer for a clean finish. Although this sponge is slightly stiffer than the one that came with Shape Tape, I find its overall shape to be far better for those hard-to-reach areas due its versatile pointed/flat design.

This is finally set with a touch of my powder from Too Faced (that looks well loved!), by patting with a wispy eyeshadow brush from Zoeva - 224. This brush collects the right amount of powder and sets everything into place without me looking 105!!! These three products, for me, have become a winning team!

Have you tried any of these products? Which techniques have you discovered lately?

Toni. xoxo



  1. I have had my eye on the ordinary foundation! Thanks for sharing your thoughts

    Candice |

  2. So many of my favourites here!! I love the Touch in sol primer, it’s so lovely!!! I also love that Becca Undereye Corrector, I really need to buy another one

    Laura || xx


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