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Discovering False Lash Lovers Website - Over 1000! Including Lashes From Ardell

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I was never one for false eye lashes...never! They look fabulous on other people, but on me, I always feared I'd end up looking across between a drag queen and Daisy the cow. Plus, I could never get the hang of applying with tweezers seen in those tutorials. I don't have much patience at the best of times. So you can imagine my initial response when I received an email asking if I wanted to try these lovely Ardell Lashes supplied from If you haven't heard of them, they have the biggest false lash range I have ever seen! This website is a FASLE LASH LOVER'S DREAM! As they have over 1,000 styles to choose from, from 40 different brands (talk about spoilt for choice?!) And so reasonably priced too! Plus you get 10% off  your first order. Not bad, huh?

So, I was asked to choose 4 styles from the Ardell range, and they have a lot! Now, considering I'm a complete novice when it comes to choosing lashes, I was pleased with my choices when the packaged arrived. Some of those you see in the shops can look so huge and so scary! It's any wonder I didn't want to try any! These were more on the natural side, although I did throw in a more dramatic pair just for the thrill of it! These lashes I chose from Ardell are all incredibly lightweight and comfortable to wear, and didn't feel or see them drooping down affecting my eye sight. Lol!


For the application and to make things a little easier, I decided to swap the tweezers for my fingers,  and managed to apply each set of lashes on top ensuring they are close to the lash line as possible. However, I did need to cut just a smidgen off the edge to ensure they fit. Careful removal also guaranteed that I that could wear these again and again.

false eyelash, ardell, we love lashes, wispies lashes, press on lashes , eye makeup

I ordered a set of Press on Lashes* as I thought they might be a good place to start considering the lack of experience I had applying them. It came with a plastic applicator which I couldn't get on with, so continued using my fingers. With these, I feel you'd need to be able to apply these first time round, and because I was inexperienced, I ended up having to use glue instead. The lashes themselves are very pretty and comes with a thicker band. I felt this was a nice easy choice for someone who wanted to 'glam-up' without going overboard.

The Wispies 113* came with a mini size of the iconic Duo Lash Glue (and by the way, it is worth the hype) which made the application so much easier.

This set gave the most dramatic effect as the lashes are very long and glamourous, perfect for special occasions. However, because of their dramatic effect, I did prefer pairing these with very minimal eye makeup to help balance out that full-on look. What I really loved about these were the invisible band design which helped prevent the look from looking over the top.

false eyelash, ardell, we love lashes, wispies, accents

Now... for the Demi Wispies! The Demi Wispies have become synonymous with Ardell. These Demi Wispies Invisiband* were my favourite out of all of them as these gave me the optional choice to wear with minimal daytime makeup or for those heavier and dramatic looks for the evenings. You could even get away with wearing these for work if you wanted to - depending on the job, of course. The invisiband design ensures it's hidden without losing volume at base of the lash. It still looks very natural, giving the impression I have natural, thick lashes!

The Ardell Accents Lash 318* also come with that invisible band that I love. These are great for enhancing and combining with your natural lash as it adds a natural, fluttery lift to the outer part of my lashes.

If there is anything I've learnt from this post is to not shy away from false lashes. Yes, I'm at that age when I can't go overboard, but I'll definitely be discovering more of the natural ones. Adding some lash selfies would have been a lovely way to end this post. My lash application may have improved, unfortunately, my selfies haven't. So you will have to excuse my reasons for not adding any.

Are you a fan of false eyelashes? Have you tried any of Ardell's false eyelashes before?

Toni. xoxo

(*) Products were sent to me for review. All opinions are my own. Please see disclaimer for more information.



  1. So many pretty lashes!


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