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New Year, New Makeup - 90% OF Products Were Purchased From Sales.

Makeup Haul: featuring Charlotte Tilbury, Kiko, Urban Decay, Benefit and Revlon

This Christmas, I was really good in not asking for any beauty products, but failed miserably when it came to afterwards; thinking I was already contented with a few Black Friday buys (mainly skincare), obviously not when it came to makeup. In recent years, Black Friday seems to be the best time to grab any decent beauty steals, although that didn't stop me from picking up a few bits shortly after Christmas (I'm such a failure!) 2018 really does need to be the year that this stops as this is just getting ridiculous. The hoarding is actually getting to me now and have no idea how these YouTubers cope with the vast amount of PR packages that's sent to them week after week. It'd do my head in! The stacked boxes alone would drive me insane, lol!

Charlotte Tilbury, Dreamy Look In A Clutch Set

Charlotte Tilbury

Brands tend to do lots of deals during Black Friday week rather that just on the day itself, and there was only one brand I had my eye on and that was Charlotte Tilbury. I managed to get her Dreamy Look In A Clutch set for around £40 (sorry, can't remember exact) down from £90, I was really thrilled because it contained the Legendary Muse palette which I missed out on when it was sold on its own. The palette is great for creating a really pretty natural daytime look and really cant get over how well these formulas blend together, almost looking as though they're melting!

The set also came with a Matte Revolution Lipstick in a stunning the deep rose shade, Secret Salma. To complete the look, a gorgeous neutral pink lip liner was also provided  in the shade Bitten Kiss. Both the liner and the lipstick have been a joy to use, and despite my reservations, goes surprising goes well with the warm toned palette. Things were going so well until I applied the mascara and liner (both mini sizes).

Unfortunately, the infamous Legendary Lashes mascara smudged heavily on me, although I've yet to try it just on the top lash. I hope it works out well as I love how big my lashes look whilst wearing it.  It really does opens up the eye. The biggest fail was the Bedroom Black eye liner. It felt so uncomfortable whilst applying along the waterline. I also felt the shade of the Black wasn't intense enough as I much prefer a jet black rather than this warmer black I got. Whether this is a true reflection of the formula found in the full size, I'm not sure. If you were wondering what that other lipstick was, it's a USB...cute huh! 

Kiko Milano, Makeup, Haul, review

Kiko Milano

Shortly before Christmas, I was thrilled to discover a Kiko store had arrived in Norwich; so rather than go mad, I only picked up a black liner from their Long Wear range as I've achieved some success with their colours that's also from the range. On a second visit, the aim was to just check out their brow pencils (like that was ever going to happen) which I picked up two - one pencil and one brow marker, then a blush and a lipstick somehow fell into the basket, all from the sale.

The Precision Brow is a super skinny pencil that comes in about five shades. I got shade No 2 which is their darkest brown, but discovered when I got home, looks more mid brown than dark, but it's ok for now. The brow marker was a bit of a let down as I was hoping to create mimics of brow hairs. It just didn't work out because it kept dying out.

Luckily, the blush and lipstick turned out to be real winners! The Matte Duo Blush came from their 2017 Fall collection and I got the shade 04 Living in Red for £6.40 down from £12.90. When swirled together the pink and peach create this really pretty pink-y peach. The lipstick that I  purchased came from their Glossy Dream range (I highly recommend). A really beautiful creamy formula that smells good too! When the shade wears off, it leaves behind this really pretty sparkle on the lips - not that horrid frosted look! It was a steal at just £4.80 in the sale and I picked up the shade 202 Rose, which I soon realised afterwards that it looks similar to the one I got from Revlon just before Christmas - don't cha just hate that when that happens! 

Lipsticks, Kiko Glossy Dream, UD, Fuel, Revlon, Pink in the Afternoon

Urban Decay, Benefit & Revlon

Whilst having a quick wizz through the Feel Unique website, I noticed some limited editions from Urban Decay's Heat collection was back in stock and also in the sale albeit not reduced by much. I wanted these the first time round but lost out due to the mad rush on these! I got the shade Fuel, a peach/brown nude that's right up my alley and have been wearing it ever since! I also picked up their 24/7 eyeliner in the shade Alkaline. I've not had much luck with these in the past, but did get a UD colleague to apply this on me back in the Summer which turned out fine. seems my local Boots store must have had a bang on the head or something as they've now introduced a miniature Benefit stand on their shop floor (my little seaside local hardly gets anything exciting!) So, I grabbed this cute mini Galifornia blush which smells of what I can only describe as holidays! This stunning golden pink is the perfect pick-me-up for brightening up cheeks and banish away those winter blues. Whilst I was there, I also picked up the iconic Pink in the Afternoon lipstick (such a great and more appropriate name) by Revlon as believe it or not, I don't have that many nude Pinks. These formulas are great from Revlon as they're smooth and very comfortable, with this shade giving a stain finish.  This and the Galifornia blush were the only products I paid full price for.

Swatches featuring Lipsticks: Featuring Kiko Glossy Dream, UD Fuel, Revlon Pink in the Afternoon and CT Bitten Kiss

L-R: Secret Salma, 202 Rose, Pink in the Afternoon, Fuel and Bitten Kiss

L-R: Blush - Galifornia, Living in Red, Eyeshadow Palette - Legendary Muse, Eyeliner & Brows - Alkaline, Bedroom Black, KiKO Shades 02 & 01. 

Which makeup buys did you purchase over Christmas and New Year? Do you already wear any of these? 

Toni. Xoxo

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