Thursday, 21 December 2017

5 Perfect Reds To Get You In A Festive Mood

red lipsticks, mac, colourpop, too faced, urban decay, loreal, christmas

Lack of confidence can be a such a stupid thing, but it seems I'm getting better at wearing Reds even if I do only limit these for this time of year. Plus they're great for bringing on a festive cheer even when I don't particularly feel like it. Reds wasn't a shade I would ever contemplate wearing thinking they age or clash with my my high coloured complexion. Thankfully that's now changed even if it is only for one season. So for my last post of the year, I share with you my favourite Christmas Reds.

red lipsticks, mac, colourpop, too faced, urban decay, loreal, christmas

Urban Decay really raised the bar when they brought to us their 100 plus shade range, Vice. Amongst the huge array of textures and colours, they brought us Temper, a gorgeous Orange Red from their Comfort Matte line. The creamyness of Temper ensures they hug the lips beautifully, making these far more comfortable than Mac and dare I say it, even Charlotte Tilbury's Matte Revolution formulas.

It would be criminal not to feature Ruby Woo in this Christmas line up, wouldn't it?! One to make a statement, this classic, vintage red leaves me feeling from drab to fab in just one swipe. Not gonna lie, Mac's retro matte formula can drag a little as you apply, so a little prep work is needed before wear. 

These drugstore formulas are just too good to be true. Colour rich and longwearing that leave the lips in the most comfortable fashion, you could easily mistake these for high-end; I really do have to wonder whether they're past creations from Rubenstein or Lancôme with Loreal being the parent company. Ahh...but did you know that Mac's Ruby Woo isn't too far off from Liya's Red -  so yes my friends, you got yourself a dupe! Although one is slightly more pink-ier than the other, once on the lips I can barely tell the difference!

Too Faced Melted Matte | Lady Balls.

A true Red that is absolute DYNAMITE. Pity I couldn't say the same about the name. Was the Labelling Assistant off-sick that day or something? What in the world possessed Too Faced to give a product such a horrible name? Brands...please! Enough with the stupid so-called trendy names! Let's move on! 

Like I just mentioned, this a fabulous Red that will certainly turn heads! I'm not normally a red wearer but this has seriously stolen my heart because apart from the shade, the Matte formula is very comfortable to wear, and also works nicely when I add the glossy formula of No Thin Lips from Know Cosmetics for a hint of shine. The only thing that I will say is that it does leave stains on your coffee cup, like most of them do, but I can forgive this because the shade is just so gorgeous! I  like to pair it with Primark's red lip liner which only cost £1, and it lasts for hours! 

If there was an award for the easiest application it would have to go to this creation from ColourPop. The slim, sleek stylo design of these lippie Stix are spot-on for a fool-proof application without the colour ever crossing over the lip line. Poison is far from toxic as it's wonderfully comfortable and so lightweight I hardly notice I'm wearing it. Due to its true brick status, Poison has fast become one of my favourite reds to wear when I want maximum impact with very little effort. More Lippie Stixs for 2018? I think so!

Merry Christmas! 

5 Perfect Red Lipsticks To Get You In A Festive Mood

Do you enjoy wearing reds this time of year?

Toni. xoxo


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