Monday, 13 November 2017

Product empties: Make-Up #3

It's empties time again. And for once, it makes a nice change to feature some make-up products this time round. Reaching the end of a makeup product is really satisfying for me, as it can only mean two things: they're either holy grails or I've found a new favourite! Whichever the one, it's still gives me a good excuse to but more makeup. Lol!


This is a primer from their finisher series, and as well as using it on it's own, you can also mix it with your base, or apply on top of your foundation. I just use this the standard way, and it's been brilliant for smoothing and blurring out my pores and imperfections to create the most amazing base! When it comes to primers, many brands choose to use Silica technologies to help scatter light to hide pores and wrinkles and give that blurring effect, whilst at the same time giving the skin that velvety feel. Instead, Hylamide has used a new technology in a form of a powder base of Hyaluronic Acid to achieve that blurred appearance. My only issue with this is the texture can be a little too thick for me to enjoy all year round. So I've kept this just for the Summer months when my skin is a lot more oilier. However, it's still a staple that needs to be repurchased pronto!

Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer - full review

The coverage and finish of this is so good. Especially when you consider this is from the drugstore. But unfortunately, the coverage doesn't last all day on me, as I have a mark below the lash line that peeks through throughout the day. So instead,  I've defected to the higher-end formula of Tarte's Shape Tape.

Pixi Peach Corrector - full review

If you're looking for a more affordable peach corrector, then I highly recommend this one. This is a cream base that's not too emollient that it's going to crease, but not too drying that will highlight wrinkles. I like to use this just on the inner corners of my eye to brighten them up to make my eyes look more wide awake. I also place this on the dark area of my eye bags before covering further with concealer. This is much more on the lighter scale of that pink-y/peach tone that's regularly seen with  correctors, so much so, you could get away with using this before foundation and nothing else if you're just after a lighter coverage. For now, I won't be repurchasing this because I also have a colour palette from Graftobian that I want to finish and get rid of.

It Cosmetics CC Cream - full review

Us beauty bloggers share a bit of a reputation of not finishing many products. - and base products is most certainly one of them. But for me, It Cosmetics have proven that it can be done as I've been absolutely loving this CC Cream! I found myself purchasing a new tube for back up supply long before I finished this which also came with a fabulous brush to apply with.

This is great for when I'm in a rush because I can apply with my fingers just like a moisturiser and be out the door in minutes. It gives good coverage and also contains a primer which makes life so much easier! I have the shade Medium which gives a really nice wide awake glow to my skin.

Magic Foundation Charlotte Tilbury - sample

Hmm... I kinda have some mixed thoughts on this one. At first, the finish looks really lovely on me and  kinda reminds me of Revlon's Colorstay foundation (the combination/oily one). Unfortunately, it doesn't wear as good as the drugstore formula (Sorry, Charlotte!) So for me, it not worth the high price tag.

Eyes & Lips...

H&M Super Fine Brow Liner in Expresso Brown - full review

Although they are getting slightly better, brown shades in brow products are still too warm and still too red! This one from H&M is the second I've gone through, as I loved this cooler more Taupe-y brown shade. The skinny wand helps to apply with precision much more easier when creating and filling in my over plucked brows. I recently bought a third one, but unfortunately, the formula doesn't appear to be the same (don't you hate it when that happens) So I had to switch to another one that's featured next.

Lottie London Arch Rival Brow Artist in Medium 

This is my first product from Lottie London, and although this only comes in three shades, this really is a nice Brown for creating everyday natural brows. Unfortunately, my local Superdrug only carries their brush stand and nail polish (Why? What a waste of space!) So, can only repurchase this if I'm either in Norwich or Yarmouth.

L'oreal False Lash Sculpt Mascara - full review

If you've been following me for a while, you'll know this is one of my holy grails mascara for the top lash! This is similar to the one from Marc Jacobs, in a sense that it gives a really good first coat. The odd looking wand design combs my lashes really well, and gives it that false-lash effect with beautifully defined tips. The only problem with this is the formula tends to thicken and dry out quite quickly, which means it needs replacing more often.

Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in Eastend Snob - full review

I've repurchased this so many times! But I think I'll give the cult classic a rest for now as there are so many other good pinks out there which I've recently purchased (Nyx and Barry M springs to mind!)

Which products have you used up lately? Have you tried any of these?

Toni. xoxo


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