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4 Bronzers That I Think Are Just Fab!

Bronzers from Too Faced, Benefit, Becca and Hourglass

Ever since from the age of 14, a bronzer has played a massive part in my makeup routine, with the Coty Sun Shimmer Bronzer (now Rimmel) being my very first purchase and was used throughout my teenage years.  Since then, I've  discovered many, many others including The Balm's Bahama Mama which made it's presence on the dressing table for the last couple of years (that's such a great bronzer!) However, looking back, you can bet your life some of those Bronzers had left me looking like I'd been tangoed! Haha! Luckily, we're now left with some fantastic choices which means I want to try more!

Generally though, during the Summer months, I normally only stick to using one or two types, but this Summer, I've enjoyed a lot more because these are just too great to be put to the back of the drawer! 3 out of the 4 I'll be showing you today we're new to me and was purchased  this year. Although these are seen in palettes, they can also be purchased separately. 

Bronzers from Too Faced, Benefit, Becca and Hourglass

Hoola Bronzer - Benefit

I cannot believe it has taken me what feels like an eternity to try out this matte bronzer! Have I been asleep or something? 

This is the perfect bronzer for achieving that year round tan! This one came in a fantastic palette that I got in a sale after Christmas (loving the blushers too!) The colour is spot on due to its universally flattering warm tone that makes it absolutely foolproof to apply.  The shade may look a little scary whilst in the pan but it really doesn't apply that dark because its very build-able so you can achieve either a sheer bronzed look or build it up to gain a much deeper tan. However, if you're very fair, do check out their new Hoola Lite version that they've recently introduced.

also love to apply this for subtle contouring too! The formula is really smooth and despite being very finely milled, I find this doesn't kick up a lot of excess and blends absolutely beautifully! Any wonder why this is their best selling bronzer!

Becca Sunchaser Palette

Becca Sunlit Bronzer in Ipanema Sunset - full review

This bronzer came as part of this year's Summer release from Becca, the Sunchaser Palette, and also comes on its own as part of their new Sunlit Bronzer collection. Ipanema Sunset is a little more pigmented than the others and is one I reach for when my skin has already caught some rays which doesn't take very long when you live on the coast.

This gives more of a back-from-the-beach look due to its warmer Auburn glow! It also features their iconic shimmering  skin perfector which  gives this subtle satin hue to all their finishes. In the pan, it does share some sparkle, although it's very subtle, and transfers onto the skin giving a very natural glow.

4 bronzers that i think are just fab

Too Faced Endless Summer Bronzer - full review  (It's an oldie!)

LOOK AT THE STATE OF THIS! As you can see, this has been well and truly loved! This is normally my Winter bronzer due to its lighter shade, but lately I've been really loving this on my  warmer toned skin too as once the colour is built it just looks fantastic!

This neutral toned matte bronzer comes with a really great formula as it never gives me that dirty bronze look and doesn't kick up too much excess either, making it really easy to apply. Despite sharing just a smidgen of shimmer, I don't see it once on my skin as it really enhances the features beautifully and so naturally! Unfortunately, whilst trying to see comparisons with the Milk Chocolate Soleil, I discovered to my horror that Too Faced have discontinued my beloved bronzer! Luckily, I can still get this from Amazon although this maybe the perfect opportunity to try their Chocolate ones.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit - Surreal Light Palette

Hourglass Bronzer in Surreal Bronze Light  - full review 

Ok, I fibbed about this one! This wasn't exactly purchased this year as it was a gift from Christmas and this particular formula isn't available separately either. But they do have a range of Bronzers to suit various skin tones that share that same magical glow!

This bronzer provided some much needed glow at the beginning of Summer! It really does take bronzing on to whole new level because it applies like an absolute dream and provides definition without looking like you're wearing any makeup! It gives a subtle sheen that doesn't emphasise my pores like a shimmery bronzer would, and instead provides that expensive polished looking tan with its sheer radiant finish.

4 Bronzers That I Think Are Just Fab

All this bronze talk has reminded me that I shall soon be off on my hols which means there won't be any posts for the next 2-3 weeks. I think you'd have to agree, I've been pretty consistent here on the blog and deserve this much-needed break! 

Have you tried any of these? Which Bronzers do you love? 

Toni. xoxo

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  1. That too faced bronzers definitely had some love!


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