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Skincare Empties #4 : Quick Reviews Featuring The Ordinary, Garnier, TonyMoly, Origins and More...

Despite enjoy reading everybody else's,  I hate writing empties posts! Fortunately, I see how the positives can out-way the negatives when it comes to putting these together. However, for me, the negatives are the photos - MY PHOTOS! As they always tend to look like garbage due to the overcrowdedness of all those products; the packets and cut-opened tubes - not exactly atheistically pleasing, is it? Writing about them becomes that bit more hard work as well  because the moment's gone and you want to talk about something shiny and new instead!

But despite these thoughts, empties posts are surprisingly popular amongst enthusiasts because it brings confidence and reassurance to the reader knowing they've used an entire product and gives  a much more thorough insight as to what you might expect! Plus, there could be other things that may have gone missed or has changed since that first initial review. 

And there is a lot to get through! So, these are going to be very speedy! Are we ready?...

Face Masks From Tony Moly And Garnier

Face masks...

Because I've tried so little when it comes to world of sheet masks, there aren't that many brands that I can differentiate between what's great and what's not. But what I do know is that I love these "I'm Real" masks from Korean beauty brand TonyMoly. For the price, I think they are just fab! Ok - the size might not be perfect (the mouth is so big, it ends up over my chin!) but these always give my skin tons of hydration and always looks plumper and clearer after each use (even if it is only for a short period). I wrote a whole post on them a while back, sharing how you can get a whole pack of these from Amazon for around £10! Purchase again? Hell, yeah!

However, when it comes to the Garnier Moisture Bombs Tissue Masks, it's a slightly different story. Again, they are super affordable at just a couple of quid each, and whilst these also gave that short term hydration, I didn't see much difference in the look of my skin. I can't remember which one it was, but I felt this tingling feeling which I wasn't that keen on whilst wearing it. One thing I will say is the fit a lot better than the ones from TonyMoly. Purchase again? I might do, just to confirm I wasn't having a bad day!


This limited edition Pro-Radiance Cream cleanser from Elemis was included in a collection my mum bought; but unfortunately, she isn't a massive fan of wash-off cleansers, so she gave it to me. Now, I absolutely love their other Pro Radiance Cleanser, and this one which contains Cedarwood, Bergamot and Neroli, didn't disappoint either! It easily removes makeup and leaves my skin looking and feeling soft, fresh and even toned. Purchase again? Yes, if it becomes available again.

The Miceller Water from Garnier is an absolute godsend for providing a quick freshen-up in the mornings and for the gentle removal of any makeup mishaps I'm no stranger to happening frequently. Purchase again? Already have, several times and always will.

This sample size of the Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash by Origins is another nice rich cleanser that I liked using, although it's definitely one for the mornings or to be used as a second cleanser. It's great for combination skins like mine as it's able to balance out the two evils (the dry and the oily)  and is scented with Bergamot, Lavender and Spearmint with smells refreshing and leaves my skin super clean and comfortable. Just don't get this near your eyes though. It'll sting like mad! Purchase again? I might do, but I want to try others first.

The Nivea Daily Essentials Extra Gentle Make-up Removerwas sent to me for review several months ago, and whilst I think its great removing eye makeup or for refreshing eyes in the mornings, the removal isn't quick enough for me when it comes to removing waterproof mascaras. Purchase again? No, and have since purchased their other one the Essentials Double Effect Eye Make-up Remover (the shaker one).

Moisturisers from Judith Williams & Serums from The Ordinary

Moisurisers & Serums....

Oh Deciem! Why did you let Estee Lauder buy a stake in your company? There! I've said it! Now lets move on!

I'll warn you now. Products from The Ordinary will probably feature in every empties post I publish because I can't stop buying them! They are just so good for the price and they have really transformed how my skin looks. These four serums have played a massive part in that transformation : Niacinamide, Buffet, Argireline and the Advanced Retinoid.

I've found the Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% to be brilliant for preventing the formulation of spots or for diminishing them quite quickly once they've arrived. This has also helped to reduce the look of my pores which has helped my foundation look so much smoother! Purchase again? Already have!

The Argireline Solution 10% has improved the skin around my eyes and look of that ghastly texture and frown lines I have on my forehead as if it's had a mini lift or something! This may not seem much to get excited about, but has given me the confidence to finally clip my fringe away from my forehead and show it off to the world (something I never do, haha!) as most of my life I've used the fringe to cover everything that's horrible about my forehead. Don't get me wrong, the lines are still there, but the texture looks just that bit smooth enough to clip the fringe back whilst enduring this Summer heat! Purchase again? Already have and have now almost finish the second bottle.

The Buffet contains a whole host of multi-peptide technologies that includes peptides and amino acids that's formulated to target multiple signs of ageing such as loss of firmness, wrinkles, hydration and also helps to restore elasticity. I use this mainly at night time at the moment because I don't have much time for layering in the mornings.  I've definitely seen a difference in my skin. Purchase again? Already have and have nearly finished this second bottle too!

The Advanced Retinoid 2% is life! It really is! This formulation is great because it doesn't cause any irritation. As we get older, the renewal activity in our skin begins to slow down! The Advanced Retinoid helps to speed things up by bringing new skin to the surface at a much faster rate which results in fresher, smoother and younger looking skin. Purchase again? Most definitely!

Like I've said before, products from Judith Williams are never too far away in my small skin care stash because they always deliver results at such an a affordable price! These two moisturisers from her Life Long Beauty range, which are for the over 40's, are used during the colder months to help bring comfort and hydration as well as help with the preventing of new wrinkles forming. The smaller pot of the Moisturising Day Cream contains Densilift which is great for tired and slacken skins. The formula has a bit more slip to it, which is great for dry skins, so I only use a small amount during the depths of Winter when it's really cold! This makes my skin feel very comfortable and gives a nice glow to my skin, and my makeup always goes on lovely when wearing this. The larger tub of the Rich Rose Cream (150ml) is better for me for in between seasons as although the texture is a lot thicker, it doesn't leave any greasy after feel. The formula isn't as rich but still gives the right amount of moisture for me for me and this too, always makes my makeup sit nicely! Purchase again? These are my second pots! And I'm sure at point will buy back-up supply!

Selection Of Body Care Products


There are Two hand creams that I've enjoyed using, and one is the cooling sensation and freshness of  Verbena Hand Gel from French hand care experts, L'Occitane. The other is the rich formulation of the Wild Argan Oil from The BodyShop. Purchase again? I might do. But again there are too many others that I want to try.

For years, when it comes to fake tanning, I tend to gravitate towards gradual tanners as I find they're less work in terms of preparation and they're less likely to shock you in the mornings if they turn out too dark! Even though a lot of people consider me dark for a Caucasian skin, I feel my skin is naturally quite Grey looking! So, for in-between seasons, I've been using this cheap-as-chips Gradual Tanning Lotion from St Moritz which warms  up my complexion just nicely without giving off that obvious disgusting fake tan smell!

These body products from Eucerin* (review) have been fab for my daughter who has from time to time, suffered with atopic skin conditions such as eczema. These have been a great alternative instead of the usual creams and washes supplied from our GP. These hasn't caused any irritation or caused the skin condition to return. Purchase again? Yes, and we've recently also bought the Urea lotion as well

Which products have you finished lately? Have you tried any of these?

Toni. xoxo


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  1. I love everything from the ordinary! Such a good brand :)


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