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3 Brilliant Eyeshadow Brushes That Make a Difference!


If someone were to ask me what are the most popular eyeshadow brushes that makeup users apply,  I'd have to say it'd probably be a flat shader, a fluffy crease brush and an angled liner. And let's face it - having these has you pretty much covered when it comes to creating any eye look. But there are others that I've discovered that I'd now be totally lost if I didn't have. Today, I'm sharing you 3 of my most favourite brushes for those specific jobs when a crease or a flat shader just won't do! I agree these may not be the most prettiest brushes to look at as you can see they've been very well loved! I find these to be brilliant for either multi-tasking or for taking a specific job to the next level.

Mac 239 Eye Shader £21.00

This soft, dense brush is one of the more expensive ones that I own and is worth every penny! Yes, you could argue that this is a type of flat shader, I know, but it's one with a difference! It's a fantastic all-rounder and packs on shadow like no other! I don't know how it does it but this genius brush even has the ability to upgrade poor performing shadows, as if it helps to binds the formula together or something, resulting with a stronger payoff!

The rounded edge and firm fibres makes this brilliant for packing on right up to the crease area and is great for defining the socket line with darker shadows. The flat tip also creates the most easiest smoky wing possible (no need for tape) and can also create further smokiness by applying under the lower lash line. This also washes exceptionally well as it doesn't shed, I've had mine for several years now and is still going strong! 

Blank Canvas E10 Small Socket Blender £6.10

This brush is a godsend, I honestly don't know what I'd do without this! This is one of my most treasured possessions when it comes to my brush haul and I really need to buy another one as mine is looking rather abused as it's used so much! I've tried similar brushes from other brands but always end up going back to this because the fibres from this one blends better without resulting the entire head swishing from side to side, which ends up achieving nothing!

We all know that at times, matte shadows can be a bugger to blend, and this is where this little fella comes into play! It just finishes the job perfectly at times when a normal crease brush can't. This brush is superb for intricate, detailed blending in the crease area to create a seamless finish and for also applying colour along the border of the crease. But what's makes this more invaluable is that it provides fantastic assistance for blending and crease work on mature skins (including yours truly) because it's able to blend that bit easier over less taut skin.

For ages, this use to be my sole crease brush because I found the heads on others were just a little too big and would often end up applying shadows far too high! I have two others from the Blank Canvas range: a dupe for the 217 and a pencil brush which are also brilliant! I feel as a brand they are totally underrated! I need to order more!

E.l.f Cosmetics (eyes,lips,face) Small Crease £2.00

You honestly don't want to pay through the nose for something  just for dotting highlighter in the tear duct area, do you? Well... this one from E.L.F is excellent for that. I actually have two of these which I purchased when I visited their store in Cardiff several years ago (although I'm not sure if it's still there) for about a quid each!

The small dome head, like I said, is perfect for applying highlighter in the tear duct area. Just one dot and your done! I also find these great for defining and adding colour to the outer-v and also for contouring and intricate blending in the crease area due it's perfect size for my eye.

Do you have favourites for those specific jobs?

Toni. xoxo 



  1. Lovely picks, the elf brush looks like what I need in my collection!

  2. I've just started wearing make-up, and that includes eyeshadow but I only blend it out using my finger since I don't know what brush should I use. I'd probably purchase one of these. Thanks for sharing!

    Love, Fads


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