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Product Empties : Make-Up! Featuring Anastasia Beverly Hills, Tarte, Too Faced and More!

Makeup Review featuring Mascara, Primer and Brow Products 

I can guarantee there won't be many of these!

I tend to get through skincare far more quicker than makeup as I don't possess that many products within my stash, which means the same ole products gets used day after day. Also, when you reach my age, skincare becomes a much more trickier and a more expensive process when finding the right product. Also, when it comes to finding the next quick fix, I'd much rather get it from something like a lipstick rather than a jar of cream. The only unfortunate thing about makeup is that you're being constantly bombarded with the next-best-thing as all it does is encourage me to create this huge wall of makeup. So, it's hardly surprising that I don't get to finish much of these. But, when they do, they should feel honoured! It turned out most are mainly eye products that I've enjoyed - unfortunately for some I won't be choosing to repurchase in the near future.

L'Oréal | False Lash Sculpt Mascara | £9.99

I'll begin with my latest holy-grail mascara which was introduced to me by my friend Jo (big thumbs up to her!). I've had over 30 years experience trying on mascaras, and in that time there's only ever been the odd one or two that I've thought were great but not amazing enough to warrant a repurchase - until I discovered this one! I can be a right fussy mare when it comes to mascaras because my lashes are so fine. They need lots of volume but not just any volume. It must be able to coat the lash evenly right through to the tip! The tip area is important. It's gotta look right.

   This wand is a godsend! It combs and applies the product so evenly without clumping, giving me that false lash effect which is so needed for my fine haired lashes. This adds enough volume without compromising on length - which is what a lot of them do on mine. I hate it when mascaras give me that split-end/spidery or blob-end look at the end of my lashes - but this one doesn't! It defines and curls my lashes beautifully and gives me that fluttery look which lasts all day. I also love the fact that it doesn't smudge either! 

Tarte | Lights, Camera Lashes Mascara | £24.00 for duo.

Before I discovered the one from L'oreal, I was enjoying this from Tarte. This came as a duo which meant I used this for the best part of last year. It's is a nice mascara that also gave my fine lashes lots of volume - especially at the root so it gave me that false lash look. However, I feel the one from L'oreal just nudges ahead because it gives the ends of my lashes that much more sculptured look. Plus it's cheaper too.

Tarte | Double-Ended Mascara Featuring Lights Camera Lashes on one end & Bottoms Up at the other - came part of a set | £25.52

I'll just talk about the Bottoms Lash mascara here for obvious reasons. This came part of a set I received last Summer and I have to say this is a brilliant bottom lash mascara! The wand is super tiny that coats my lashes without over applying and without leaving me with racoon eyes. I never use normal mascaras for the bottom lash because every one of them smudges so it looks like I've been caught during a downpour! I was on the verge of purchasing Mac's Extended Play which I will do at some point, after Sam from Pixiwoo told me she uses this a lot because she suffers with the same issue.

Urban Decay | Original Primer Potion - Deluxe Sample 5ml | £8.00

No shadow is ever applied until I have my trusty eye primer in place by Urban Decay. This keeps my eyeshadow firmly in place all day - I love it! I've repurchased this countless times as I can't live without this. I purposely chose the deluxe sample size as I found the full size went off and caused dryness on my lids because it lasted way past it's used-by date. I wished they produced their other primers in this size too.

Anastasia Beverly Hills | Brow Gel in Clear - sample size | £16.50 for full size

This came with an eye shadow palette I got quite a while back that I'd totally forgotten about. This really is a great brow gel that keeps my brows in place all day. I love the fact that it's clear which makes this ideal for those of us who have sparse brows as it helps to highlight the few that I have got. I find a lot of tinted ones are really only geared for the fuller, thicker brow, because on me, they have a tendency of applying too much product onto the brow and creating a real mess! So, the fact that it's clear means you'll never see it. However, despite being a great brow product, it wont be one I'll be buying in the near future because there are so many affordable alternatives out on the market.

Benefit | Goof Proof Brow Pencil in no 6 - sample size  | £20.00 for full size

Again, another sample size I received last Summer which I went on to buy the full-size. This brow pencil comes with an angled tip so it helps to fill in you brows much more quickly and easily! The only unfortunate thing is that the tip doesn't allow you to draw to mimic tiny brow hairs which is a product I need really! At the time of purchase, I could get away with wearing shade no 6 late last Summer due to the brighter daylight, which borderlines a very deep Brown/Black; but as soon as the  nights started drawing in, it soon became apparent that the shade was a little too dark for me; so now have to apply with a light-hand until I buy shade 5.

Nyx | Matte Eyeshadow - I Have a Headache | £4.00

 & Lip Liner - Nude | £ 5.50

This matte shadow form Nyx has been a great for creating a blank canvas look before adding any colour by covering any discolouration I have on the eye area. A lot of these singles from Nyx are nicely pigmented and so reasonably priced it insane. The Lip Liner in the shade Nude is probably the best nude shade I have ever come across - seriously! Unfortunately, the retractable formula sucks! It just keeps breaking! I do have some of their other lip liners at £ 3.00 each, which are much better. So, no, I won't be repurchasing this one!

Too Faced | Primed & Poreless Pressed Face Powder | £24.00  

I am so sad to be saying "Cheerio" to this one as this has transformed my opinion on pressed powders for life! I used to feel they gave nothing but a cakey appearance or that they don't absorb enough oil if used with a brush. This transforms my skin like no other powder has done by eliminating the look of my pores in just one dab. I love this for the t-zone area for zapping the oil and for also giving me that lit-from-within finish. But I won't be repurchasing this straight away because I'm desperate to use up other products first.

Have you used any of these products? Which products have you used up lately?

Toni. xoxo


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