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A chatty Post! Makeup - Is a High-End Stash Always More Satisfying?


Sometimes, you just want to write about something and immediately hit the publish button. Today's post is about something that's been on my mind a lot when it's comes to luxury makeup and my attitude towards it, more so since started I blogging. This was only put together a few hours ago; so apologies if I ramble on a little and not make much sense. I suppose that's one of the perils of publishing without giving it a second thought. So here goes... 

I began writing a slightly different post sharing "where I save and where I splurge" but found I had to shelve that for the moment because I reached a subject where a paragraph wouldn't have been sufficient enough to share, and decided to write whole blog post on it instead. 

I've never been shy of the fact that I own a lot of makeup, which consists of mainly drugstore although my high-end selection isn't that far behind. But if my makeup consisted of nothing more than high-end products, would this make me truly happy and satisfied with what I have? Or is the chase more thrilling than having the product itself?  Of course, these are just my thoughts. Have you ever at some point felt the same? 

The money factor

We all have different monetary levels, budgets and ideas of what luxury means to us. It could be a makeup item costing £10, £20, £100 or even more! I sometimes think that if I had the budget, I would buy high-end products all the time because my mind-set (although rather complex), has been trained to think that luxury is best and makes you feel better, which to a certain degree, it does. Plus, the constant footage of luxury lifestyles shared on social media hasn't helped either despite understanding "what is real and what isn't". And yes, I'm probably seen as just as guilty by getting carried away sharing what few luxury bits I have got.

But as I continue with this on-off desire to own a lot of high-end products, I find myself asking more and more "would I really be satisfied if I owned all the Charlotte Tilbury's in the world?" and "Would this make my beauty blog more successful if I did?" Because the reality is.... high-end products always get more exposure and likes, and that's understandable because of a price point, as people want to know if it's worth the splurge. 

Coming from a very poor background meant money was extremely tight during childhood. Clothes consisted of hand-me-downs and I never experienced the luxury of a bathroom until I was
10 yrs old - now I have 3 (although not exactly big enough to swing a cat in mind you.). In those days, your education finished at 16 and the majority of us went straight into employment which couldn't come soon enough in my view because I was sick and tired of being poor.

Nevertheless, life has definitely gotten better since my humble beginnings, but there are times, like we all do, wonder what must it be like to be in a position where money is no object, which does make me feel guilty. Then I've had times when I've been given expensive gifts which have left me feeling nervous - confused? And there are also times when you think you know what you want, but when you have it, you're not so sure for some stupid reason.

Is it all as it's cracked up to be? 

Going back to the makeup though. The truth is, if my stash was as luxurious and as large as Kim Kardashian's, I'd be scared it'd be taken for granted and be seen as a normal thing to have; the luxurious aspect would disappear and the chase for the next-best-thing will begin it's cycle once again. And also, as they say "the more you have, the bigger the fall!" 

For me, apart from the fact that it isn't bad quality, from time to time it's good to buy less expensive products, as in a kind of funny way helps me keep my feet on the ground, which in return I become more appreciative when I do venture down the luxurious route as it's seen as something really worth having. A high-end stash for me can only be a satisfying one if I'm able to use and enjoy every product I own. Otherwise it'd be pointless having it in the first place. After all... I only have one face.

What do you think? Is it high-end all the way for you? Is it budget only? Have both? Or stick to only budget as a more of a principle thing? 

Toni. xoxo


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