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Becca Sunchaser Palette : Review & swatches

Becca Sunchaser Palette

It's been a while since I've dedicated a whole post on one item, and what a treat it is to be able to share with you one from Becca; their latest offering for the Summer - The Sunchaser Palette. 

The Sunchaser Palette is a beach-inspired trio of shades that's been created to give you that effortless sunkissed, back-from-the-beach look. It contains a blusher, bronzer and a highlighter which can be used alone or layered to provide much-needed assistance to any sun-starved skin. We also see two new shades in this compact: Ipanema Sunset - a warm-toned Sunlit Bronzer, and Apricot Blossom Mineral Blush - a matte peachy coral.

The Sunchaser Palette is a limited edition and is priced at £32.00. In the U.K. it's only available whilst stocks last from beauty website Cult Beauty. In the US, you can purchase this direct from Becca, Ulta and other Becca stockists.

Becca Sunchaser Palette

The packaging and formula 

The compact itself is styled in that exactly same gorgeous sleek design as their other palette Blushed with Light. I absolutely adore that palette and despite its high usage it looks as though I've hardly made a dent in it, these babies last! The design on the lid from the Sunchaser Palette shares a gradual radiant effect that mimics the shades that are housed inside the compact. Enclosed there is a large mirror so you can apply with ease no matter where you are; whether your in San Tropez or the Seychelles (let's pretend shall we?) The texture from the shades give that usual irresistible soft creamy powder that's smooth and blend-able - something we've become to know and love from Becca.

Becca Sunchaser Palette 
Becca Sunchaser Palette

The shades 

As I've just mentioned, the face palette comes in three shades. We have....

Sunlit Bronzer - Ipanema Sunset:

Ipanema Sunset is described as a medium Auburn Brown. This is a warm-toned bronzer that features their iconic shimmering  skin perfector to give a subtle satin hue to the finish. For all you lighter skin folk, you may need to watch your application with this one as I feel this shade may be better suited for medium or tanned skin tones. For very pale? I think this will be too warm for you. It's very pigmented, so a light hand is required but blends nicely with very little effort, and adds warmth to my skin in no time at all.

I just lightly apply with a large brush to prevent going overboard and looking too dark. I was a little concerned this may apply too Orange but it doesn't. It adds a nice amount of warmth that works in harmony with my cool-ish undertone. However, for those of you that like to use bronzers for contouring, this shade isn't really suitable for this. 

Mineral Blush  - Apricot Blossom

You'd be forgiven for thinking this looks very similar to their Flowerchild blush from the Jaclyn Hill Splits Collection and you'd be right, they do share some similarities, except this has a slightly more warmer peachier tone than the satin pink-y hue from Flowerchild. But nevertheless, it's still a gorgeous shade and is what drew me to this palette in the first place.

These mineral blushers from Becca are enriched with micro-fine minerals and antioxidant vitamins to achieve a natural looking flush of colour. The blush is build-able and blends nicely with the bronzer, and together they translate that  just-caught-the-sun look on my skin. Throw Opal in the mix to complete a natural multi- dimensional glow.

Shimmering Skin Perfector Highlighter - Opal

I've yet to experience the shade Opal, which is another reason why I bought this palette. The only other highlighter shade I own from Becca is Champagne Pop. Opal is their best-seller as it's the most universal shade out of their entire highlighter range due its skin suitability with all skin tones because despite being golden it's less Yellow and gives off a slightly more neutral tone to the shade.

The formula comes with their iconic Becca technology that gives that light-reflected pearl without that obvious shimmer. I always think it brings an expensive look to the skin. Opal suits my undertone perfectly and performs this stunning transparent sheen that mimics the natural oils of my skin. I've seen this on deeper skin tones and my goodness it looks amazing!

Below are swatches from the Sunchaser Palette. The camera didn't pick up as much as I'd hoped, but trust me, these are pigmented. 

Becca Sunchaser Palette Swatches 

Becca Sunchaser Palette 

Below are swatch comparisons with Flowerchild and Champagne Pop. 

Overall thoughts

This is a really lovely addition for any Becca fan or for someone wants to consolidate 3 products in one palette for that fuss-free application. This'll be perfect to take on holiday for that lighter travelling or a great option to have for the dressing table. As I mentioned earlier, I adore my Blushed with Light Palette, so when I caught wind that they were to release another one, I knew I couldn't resist. Overall it's a very beautiful palette that shares great pigmentation with formulas that will last. Despite the topsy-turvy weather of late, I've been enjoying this nearly everyday since receiving this and has given my Winter ravaged complexion some much needed lift to make it look more alive and awake. When all three shades are applied, this gives me that natural bronzed glow that leaves me no requirement to be chasing the Sun. In fact, I'd rather fake it! For those lazy days, I've been loving the combination of Ipanema Sunset with Opal to give just a wash of bronze colour across the eye. And my goodness, Opal looks stunning on the eye!

Will I be chasing another Becca palette? Yes I'll probably will as these slim and sleek compacts are fast becoming one of my favourite items out of my whole collection. Now it's over to you. 

Will you be purchasing the Sunchaser Palette this Summer? What are your favourites from Becca? 




Friday, 21 April 2017

A chatty Post! Makeup - Is a High-End Stash Always More Satisfying?


Sometimes, you just want to write about something and immediately hit the publish button. Today's post is about something that's been on my mind a lot when it's comes to luxury makeup and my attitude towards it, more so since started I blogging. This was only put together a few hours ago; so apologies if I ramble on a little and not make much sense. I suppose that's one of the perils of publishing without giving it a second thought. So here goes... 


Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Product Empties : Make-Up! Featuring Anastasia Beverly Hills, Tarte, Too Faced and More!

Makeup Review featuring Mascara, Primer and Brow Products 

I can guarantee there won't be many of these!

I tend to get through skincare far more quicker than makeup as I don't possess that many products within my stash, which means the same ole products gets used day after day. Also, when you reach my age, skincare becomes a much more trickier and a more expensive process when finding the right product. Also, when it comes to finding the next quick fix, I'd much rather get it from something like a lipstick rather than a jar of cream. The only unfortunate thing about makeup is that you're being constantly bombarded with the next-best-thing as all it does is encourage me to create this huge wall of makeup. So, it's hardly surprising that I don't get to finish much of these. But, when they do, they should feel honoured! It turned out most are mainly eye products that I've enjoyed - unfortunately for some I won't be choosing to repurchase in the near future.


Monday, 10 April 2017

Currently Loving For The Shower & Bath

Bath Products featuring Nivea, Liz Earle, Elemis & Soap & Glory 

There was a time when the only shower product I'd have in possession was a "pound jobbie" from the supermarket, which is fine and there is nothing wrong with that, but I was finding I was getting so bored using the same scent day after day and wished I had some added variety to switch things around a little. Plus, it's always nice to have a couple that you can turn to for special occasions or for those pampering moments when you just want to indulge and unwind with something a bit more luxurious! 

Today, I'm sharing with you some that I'm currently enjoying for everyday showering and for relaxing whilst in the bath. 


Friday, 7 April 2017

Latest Skincare Review featuring The Ordinary | Plus: Is there an alternative to the Pixi Glow Tonic?

Skincare from The Ordinary  

Whenever I receive a newsletter from Gill from Victoria Health, (I highly recommend that you subscribe!) I always know that it's going to feature some exciting new products from a brand that's blown everything out of the water. Deciem brand, The Ordinary, shows no sign of slowing down on what has been an incredible journey for them and indeed for us who can finally have access to the latest "must have" ingredients in order for our skins to look better.

If you haven't yet heard from all the "fanfare" that's been surrounding this brand, then all I can say is for the past 6 months you must have been living on the moon. The Ordinary is a skincare brand that produces clinical formulations with integrity by revealing their true cost. This changes the way we access these effective, ingredients that are generally only found in high-end products.The only unfortunate thing for me is the bonkers price tag which has done nothing but encouraged me to try a heck of a lot! So far, I've enjoyed quite a few, and hope at some point will be able to cherry pick the best ones that's worked for me and feature them in a future post.


Monday, 3 April 2017

Charlotte Tilbury | Hot Lips in Super Cindy

Charlotte Tilbury Super Cindy 

I don't know about you, but all this noise about Pillow Talk is enough to send me to sleep! (Terrible joke I know!) Of, course I'm only kidding! It's was the only thing I could think of to open up this post. 

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