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Simple Ways To Perk Up Your Make Up Look For Spring

Spring Makeup 

Today is officially the first day of Spring! I love Spring because apart from moving away from the dark and dreary colours of Winter which often make it feel a lot more colder than it is, for me it's a time to inject some fun with my makeup and get a little bit more creative with new colours that reflect the change in season. During the Winter months, I tend to keep things a little quite with regards to colour preferring neutrals as a first choice most of the time. But once Spring has finally sprung I instantly gravitate towards the pretty hues of Peachy Corals and Soft Pinks as these really uplift my mood after the bleakness of Winter. But not only do I think this is the perfect excuse for switching up my makeup look, it's also prevents me getting into a rut using the same ole products day after day.

 Another thing I find that's really handy is this can be a great way of reaching out to those that often get lost in the back of drawer and to include them as part of that rotation process. Treating myself to something new is another thing I normally do, but lately I've been trying to cut back which I've failed miserably! (need more work on that one!). 

What I'll be sharing with you today is something a little bit different. Rather than share specific items from certain brands, I thought instead I'd share some simple ways to inject a little colour with products you may already have or ones that needn't cost the earth. Whilst the change in season may be a good excuse to buy something new, it doesn't necessarily need to involve buying a whole stash of products. Whichever you choose, just changing one product can really make a difference!

Blusher & Highlighting 

Blush Topping

To add a subtle springtime glow doesn't necessarily mean adding formulas you'd be seen from the moon. For something that costs nothing, why not pair one of your favourite matte blusher with your most loved highlighter to give your cheeks some much needed warmth and radiance. Lately, I've been really enjoying mixing the two together before applying. This method really helps to bring a matte blusher to life as they can share a bit of a reputation of looking a little dry and lifeless sometimes. So, what do we generally do? Buy another one. Which means another product then gets tossed to the back of the drawer. 

 I think we are so use to applying highlighter on top of cheeks in that stripe like effect, we often forget there are many other uses as well. 


You can guarantee that after the bleakness of Winter our complexions are looking a little pale to say the least. These days, Bronzers have become more of a year round product rather than just for Summer. So, if you've not added one yet, now is the time. Your skin will thank you for it and so will the rest for your makeup.  

Lip Products 


Lips & Nails 

Updating and changing the colour of your nail polish or lipsticks are the most popular ways to breathe new life into your look whatever the season. This could involve switching up a couple of notches from your faithful nude or wear bolder shades to add an instant burst of colour to your lips. 

But what's also great about wearing bright shades is that you can get away with wearing these without wearing a scrap of makeup (just don't forget the brows!) which make these ideal if you're short on time in the mornings. Did you know that wearing a bright lip can also work as a great distraction from tired looking eyes? 

When it comes to wearing shades that are little out of my comfort zone, I never buy anything expensive. Never! I always buy from the drugstore because it's a bit pointless spending a lot of money on a shade that I'll hardly ever use. 

The same applies with nails. Their formulas have come a long way since the days of chipping within the hour, with some lasting longer than their expensive counterparts. And with so many shades to choose from you really are spoilt for choice for keeping your nails looking bang on trend for the season. 

Coloured Eye Liners 

Coloured Liners 

If you're not a fan of shadows or prefer sticking to your neutrals, then why not add a coloured liner to your Spring look. When women reach a certain age they think colours are no longer for them. Well, you are wrong! This is such a simple way to help emphasise and bring out the natural colour of your eye, whether you want to switch down from the harshness of a Black or give some added boldness along the water line. 
 If you're really colour shy, there's no reason why can't flirt with shades. One of the best ways I like to apply is on top of Black liner as this will give a subtle look without feeling you've going over the top. 



Eyeshadow Palettes & Singles

I think for most makeup enthusiasts like myself, we'll use any excuse to splash out on a new eyeshadow palette. But during Spring, I love neutrals that house pops of  Greens, Purples, Peach or Pinks as they are the perfect addition to have this time of year. If you've never worn the combined shades of Peach and Purple, now is the time to discover this truly beautiful pairing. Your eyes will look amazing!  

But if you really can't part with your Naked Basics or the thought of coloured palettes bring you out in a cold sweat, then how about incorporating just a couple of colourful single eye shadows to add to your neutrals as they are so versatile they'll go with anything. This is a really inexpensive way to not only add a Spring vibe to your look, it'll also help encourage some confidence and creativity as well. 

How do you switch your makeup routine for Spring? 

Toni. Xoxo



  1. I've been loving the NYX Vivid liners to add a little pop of colour to my makeup recently! Lovely post chicks! Can't wait to read more from you! xx

  2. Totally agree about colored liners. I have super oily skin and eyelids so I'll reach for a good colored liner most days rather than eyeshadow


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