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Currently Loving : featuring Kat Von D, Becca, Urban Decay & more...


Whenever we approach a new month, a lot of bloggers generally like to publish posts sharing their favourite products they've enjoyed for those past 30 days or so. I decided I wasn't going to follow that path and thought I'd share a more of a "currently loving" type of post instead rather than monthly.


Kat Von D Shade & Light Face Contour Palette | £ 36.00

I was just as thrilled as any other makeup junkie when news broke that Kat Von D was arriving to Debenhams. I received the Light & Shade Face Contour palette as a Christmas present and have been using this ever since. 

Now, without saying too much as I plan to do full review on this soon, I'm really loving this contour palette and in particular, the first shade from both the light and the dark tones as I can achieve subtle shading (which I prefer on my skin rather than the strong contouring trend) which is great for everyday wear.

Urban Decay After Glow 8-hr Powder Highlighters | £19.00 - review

If you've read my review on these a couple of posts ago, you will have known just how much I love these highlighters! Again, two out of the three were also Christmas presents and since receiving these I haven't been able to put these bad boys down! 

These are so pigmented but transfer giving a natural feel. These apply so beautifully and smooth, they blow me away every time they catch the light. The enjoyment in these has increased even more due to the fact that I have all three now. The only the difficulty I have is choosing which one to wear as they're all so stunning! 

Becca Blushed With Light Palette  | £32.00 - review

I've got a distinct feeling you'll be seeing quite a bit of this palette on the blog. Unfortunately, this was as a limited edition that appeared just before Christmas featuring 3 absolutely stunning
shades - 2 mineral and 1 luminous. If you think you've missed out, don't be, because I've recently seen this available on QVCUK and, so be quick! However, Snapdragon (the deeper Pink) and Songbird (the Orange one) are part of their permanent line and I hope Wisteria will follow soon. 

I don't know what it is about this formula, it just works! I feel the choice and arrangement of the shades hits the spot just nicely on my complexion. It creates this natural flush of colour that's so pretty! I've been wearing this nearly every day because I love the shades so much. They are so wearable, and so flattering, and have proven to be the perfect partners to pair up with the After Glow Highlighters. Oh - em - gee! 

If Becca ever bring out another blusher palette, I'll be first in the queue. 

Rimmel Lasting Finish in Rock 'n' Roll Nude (54) | £6.49

 L'Oréal Paris Colour Riche Lipstick in J LO's Nude | £6.99 - review

Rimmel Rock 'n' Roll Nude is gorgeous shade that gives slight pink-ier twist to your average nude Beige and I've been loving this for pairing up with cooler eyeshadows of the Naked 2 palette. When I first purchased this, it was late in the Summer when my complexion was way too dark. Now, my tan has long gone, I've finally been able to appreciate this great budget lippie.     

J LO's Nude is described as a Greige  (cross between a Beige and a Grey) and enhances my complexion giving a flattering neutral feel without looking dull.  I love the subtle sheen it gives onto my lips giving the illusion of fuller, smoother lips. I've often raved about the formula of these and think they are very comparable to some of the higher end ones on the market.


Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette | £ 38.50

An oldie but a classic. These Naked Palettes have stood the test of time (I own 3) in my collection and have been dug out on numerous occasions due to the fab quality of their shades and blend-ability which always perform excellent on my crepey eye lids (even the shimmers) and are second to none in my view.

This time, and being as it's winter, the shades from my eye makeup has been relatively quiet as I've been gravitating and loving the cooler tones of the Naked 2. Agreed not everyone's favourite, but I love the cooler vibe these give that's not too cool. I've especially been loving the matte shade Tease in the crease for adding depth: the shimmery beauty of YDK all over the lid, and to inject further coolness, I've been applying Verve on top of YDK and found it creates a gorgeous shimmery Taupe. 

L'Oréal False Lash Sculpt Mascara | £9.99 

There aren't that many mascaras that have wowed me from the off as I generally find it takes several goes or several weeks to discover their full potential.

I've been loving this since November and plan to make another purchase. Yes, you'd be forgiven to think the design of the wand doesn't exactly give much hope, does it? But believe you me, it does! I love how it combes through each lash giving definition and volume to my very fine lashes. The formula is rather thick, however, this does enable quick application as it gives thick, fluttery lashes in an instant - ideal if you're short on time. However, it does set very quickly! So, I have to do one eye at a time. 

Mac Veluxe Brow Liner in Dark Brunette | £16.00

This dirty chocolate Brown shade has been a total game changer in helping me achieve a decent brow as I'm so rubbish at doing them. I've lost quite a few hairs where I've over plucked due the dreadful makeup trends of the past and didn't really realise just how bad they were until I started applying a brow pencil. But in the beginning it was a struggle to find the right shade as I was finding the ones from the high street just weren't cutting it for me. They were either too dark or too Red! 

This Deep Dark Brunette shade from Mac has been brilliant for those days when I want a much more subtle, natural brow. The shade allows me to apply without going overboard and kind of hides my mistakes funnily enough, but still allows me to go bolder when I want to. In a way, this has given me confidence and has taught me how to achieve a half-decent brow. I've now gone through 3 of these as this has become a staple in my collection. So if you're dark haired and rubbish at brows like me, then try this shade.       

Are some of your favourites featured here? 

Toni. xoxo


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