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My First Haul from ColourPop Cosmetics: Review & Swatches

ColourPop Haul featuring Mile High Eye Shadows

After refusing point blank for over a year of ordering anything from ColourPop (not that there's anything wrong with them) because of fear of getting stung with custom fee charges, I caved! I finally caved in!!!

ColourPop Cosmetics is a budget brand from the US that has won the hearts of so many UK makeup enthusiasts Their colour range looks insanely beautiful and their formulas look amazing! It's not hard to see why they're so popular. So, after I've hearing nothing but praise after praise after praise about the Colour Shock eye shadow formulas, the Ultra Satin Lip formulas, the highlighters, the Lippie Stix - pretty much every bloody thing! I'd thought I'd finally see what all the fuss is about and ordered some bits from them.

I received an email from them stating that if I spend over $50, I'd qualify for free international shipping but also took into account this obviously wouldn't include Royal Mail's slice of the pie! I decided to order a couple of sets which I though would be a cost effective way to discover the range. Plus, I ordered a couple of individual products which came to grand total of $51 or £41 in sterling.

Here's what I ordered: 

Mile High Eye Shadow Set containing 6 individual pots of their Colour Shock eyeshadows for $25. Individually they'd cost $5 each. I thought I'd play it safe and be a good place to start by trying out some of their neutral shades with different finishes. 

Just Peachy 3 piece Lip Bundle. I thought these shades would be absolutely perfect for the Summertime. This set contains 2x Ultra Matte Lip formulas in the shades Speed Dial & Instigator and 1x Ultra Satin Lip in Screen Shot costing $15 for the set. Individually they'd cost $6 each.

1x Lippie Stix in the shade Poison (a brick Red) - $5. (I've always wanted to own a Lippie Stix!)


The products came housed in the most delightful packaging I have ever received and most certainly wouldn't want to throw away. It's colourful, vibrant and fun! It also came delivered with a cute message on a card giving you that personal touch and making the whole experience worth waiting for - despite Royal Mail’s efforts to try and dampen my little pleasure with their custom fee charges which I knew was inevitable anyway. Royal Mail charged me around £17. Although, considering I got the free shipping and the parcel did come all the way from California, I didn't see this as a total blow! Still, it's not something I want to make a habit of and will look into other ways of having my orders delivered in the future. Perhaps trying a mail forwarding service like My Mail Box. The delivery took about 9 days to reach me - pretty good!

ColourPop Cosmetics Haul and Review

ColourPop Cosmetics Haul and Review 

ColourPop Cosmetics Haul and Review

ColourPop Cosmetics Haul and Review 

The formula of the lip products 

The shades from the Just Peachy set are lovely and are right up my street. I do love a peachy lippie. 

Like I just previously said. The set contained 2x Ultra Matte Lip formulas and 1x Ultra Satin Lip. When laid out together on a table, the shades look very similar until swatched.

 Speed Dial -  a Rich Peach. My favourite of the three as it wasn't too bright learning more Brown

Instigator - a muted Peach. My least favourite as I thought this was a bit too bright for me.

  Screen Shot - a deepened Peach which I also loved because this also wasn't too bright and again leaned towards Brown. 

 These lip tube formulas all come with the synonymous doe-foot wand applicator. The formula itself is very thin. But don't let that fool you as they applied solid and true to the colour you see in the tube. You really don't need a lot.

I'd heard frequently that the Matte formulas are quite drying! Now, I'm not sure if these are new formulas or anything or I just got lucky, but I didn't think these felt too drying at all. Providing I cleaned the lip area first with Miceller water and didn't over apply to the inner part of the lip, I didn't really have an any issues. I'll admit, I got that initial feeling you get when know they're there perhaps, but after licking my lips a few times, that soon wore off.  I certainly found these more comfortable to wear than the Lip Lingeries from Nyx.

The formula lasted until I ate something hot and greasy. Even then, they were still some colour left. But the only issue I had with these is I couldn't reapply without cleaning the whole lip area again first, which is a bit of a faff, otherwise they felt a bit thick and didn't look as fresh. Other than that, I loved them. 

The same applied with the Satin formula in terms of having to clean before reapply. Although, I do prefer the finish of this one as this didn't look as flat.

The metallic shade Man Eater from the Ultra Metallic collection is flippin' gorgeous! I'm so happy to see the return of metallic shades as I loved them when I was younger. This did feel slightly more drying around the inner part of the lip to begin with. But as I broke into the formula with each wear, it soon wore off. I was able to easily reapply with this one. 

The Lippie Stix Matte in the shade Poison is a true brick Red. I thought I'd order a shade that's totally out of my comfort zone and I sure did with this one! The twistable formula was lovely! The best formula of the bunch! The colour was bold, solid and most importantly, comfortable. This glided over the lip with very little effort, so, I'll definitely be ordering more of these! 

ColourPop Cosmetics Haul and Review

Colour Pop Mile High Shadow Set

Mile High Shadow Set

I had heard so much about these formulas so I really had high hopes. 

But let's just look at this box. Isn't this delightful? I mean... this is drugstore we're talking about here! How fab! Despite being made out of cardboard, it's a really good solid box. And they've even enclosed a mirror inside. There's no way I'm throwing this away as this will make excellent use for storage. 

The Mile High Collection consisted of 6 individual shadows from their Colour Shock range.

Truth: satin neutral light beige. When swatched you could barely see it. But on the lid, it gave a nice Satin nude look. 

Nillionaire: metallic bronze with pink and gold glitter. Showed a beautiful glitter sparkle on the lid. I loved this so much. I broke the rules and wore this during the day. The Gold sparkles helped to enhance the subtle yellow tone I have near the centre of the iris.

So Quiche: soft metallic olive with violet and gold sparkles. This beautifully combined Pink and Gold glitter made this another favourite. Even the makeup consultants at the Charlotte Tilbury counter I recently visited commented on how lovely this looked and they too admitted to loving ColourPop! (Shh! Don't tell Charlotte!) 

Lala: metallic soft copper. I found this quite warm on its own but soon discovered this paired quite nicely with Mittens. Excellent pairing for bringing out Green eyes. 

Cricket: icy purple with multi-dimensional glitter. My least favourite mainly because of the shade. It looked dull and unflattering on its own. Looked better once La La was layered underneath for some added warmth. 

Mittens: matte plummy brown. Very warm on me. A lovely shade but needed building to mimick the depth of the shade in the pan. Stunning with Lala. 

This is the claim from ColourPop: SUPER SHOCK SHADOW is a long-wearing crème powder formula has an elastic-like texture that is totally party proof. Avoid the fall out from traditional powder shadows and say goodbye to raccoon eyes! This feather soft formula glides on and feels freakin’ amazing! 

The Formula

The formula is incredibly addictive, in a sense I could swirl my finger around in it all day! The ultra smooth, bouncy like texture felt amazing and something I've never experienced before in an eyeshadow. The formula achieved smooth even colour across the eyelids although I found I still had to build some of these up a little, but it's no worse than some of the higher-end ones I've used. But, I enjoyed this anyway because of the addictive texture in those pots. I experienced no fall-out.

  However, one of the few issues I have with these is that I can't just apply with any ole brush as these are best applied using either my finger (which works best) or buy using the flattest of the flattest synthetic brush, so it helps to really bring out the intensity of the shade or finish. A synthetic crease brush also proved best for buffing around the edges too

Plus, I also still need to use a primer otherwise the formula creased and the shades faded a little.

But despite that, for a budget brand, I found these pots gorgeous! Especially for achieving a quick, simple eye look when using my fingers. I love how it gives my eyelids a little pizzaz for during the day. For the shimmers and glitters, I'll definitely be back for more!

ColourPop Mile High Shadow Set

Have you tried any products from ColourPop? What are your favourites?

Toni. xoxo


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