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Urban Decay Afterglow 8 - Hour Powder Highlighter | Sin & Fireball : Review & Swatches

urban decay afterglow highlighter in sin and fireball 

Hey everyone!
(Word of warning: this is a rather photo laden post!)

   If you're a huge fan of the highlighter but hate glittery formulas, I think you're going to love these!  With a choice of 3 shades - Sin, Fireball and Aura,  you can create a luxurious radiant strobe effect or simply plump your cheeks, with formulas that can be applied either sheer or as intense as you wanna go! Urban Decay claim these Afterglow 8 - Hour Powder Highlighters isn't just average highlighter and I have to agree. The difficult thing is, which one do you choose? I say "have all three!"

 Even if, for whatever reason, you've never be keen on the highlighting trend, I think once you've swatched and discover just how beautiful these formulas are - you'll soon change your mind.

urban decay afterglow highlighter in sin, aura and fireball 

Aura (the ice-y Pink shade) is the one I managed to purchase way back last Spring, but for some reason, it's taken all this time for the other two shades to finally arrive back in stock at Debenhams, and from the UD website stating "they're new" which should now be part of their permanent line as previously stated last year.

Fireball and Sin were on my Christmas wish list since discovering their return as I'd felt this was the only entire range I'd ever wanted to own. So, I thought for the benefit of this review, I thought I'd add Aura to the photos too as it'd be lovely for you to see all 3 shades together. I posted a separate review of Aura sometime last year if you want to have a read. In the meantime, let's have a look at these shall we?

urban decay afterglow highlighter in sin and fireball

urban decay afterglow highlighter in sin and fireball

urban decay afterglow highlighter in sin and fireball 

The Packaging 

The mirrored compact is just so pretty, isn't it? The fishnet design featured in the cut-out UD logo has been created not just to look pretty, it there to make life that bit easier, easing that faff of finding the right shade. 

The Formula 

To the touch, it gives a soft, smooth buttery feel and applies beautifully blending seamlessly as if it was a cream. You don't need a lot. These are finely milled formulas that are infused with light-diffusing pigments to help enhance and perfect the skin. With a light-hand, these can be applied sheer for a less intense look or layered to achieve that captivating strobe effect. 

 I like to apply by gently buffing to achieve a natural radiance. For that intense glow-y, strobe effect, I apply by building and layering which I have to say is highly addictive and doesn't take much, and have on numerous occasions been guilty of going overboard when wearing for during the day because the glow-y radiance is just too beautiful.

The shades

Sin - is a light golden Beige/Champagne shade and is the shimmer-est of the three but doesn't transfer like glitter. It's warm but not too warm and creates this lovely champagne sheen across the cheek bone without looking too harsh.

For those of you who have a more of a neutral or cooler undertones and generally find that a lot of golden highlighters don't suit you, you might like this one. I also find that the shimmer can be toned down if I buff this a touch when creating a sheer application. 

 You may remember there is also a shade called Sin in their original Naked palette. That one has more of a Pink undertone to it and bares no resemblance to this shade at all. Whilst in the pan, this does bare some resemblance to the Mary-Lou Manizer, but Mary-Lou swatches just a touch warmer.

FireBall - is a Peach/Orange duo-chrome with a Pink shift. It looks very pretty as a blush topper or used on top of the cheek bone for a really beautiful alternative to the usual golden hue, and I also think is perfect timing to have for the Peach trend that's going on at the moment.

The Pink shift is more noticeable after application and dominates the look more than the Peach. However, the combining glow of the two creates a really pretty unique look. It's really stunning.

  If you remember the liquid highlighter, Moon Beam from Benefit, and was disappointed when they discontinued it, this does share some similarities in that pink-iness glow except Moon Beam comes off a bit more peachier.  

Once again, Urban Decay have an eyeshadow also called Fireball, but that shade is slightly warmer and darker than this.

Pictured below and in order: Sin, Fireball and Aura.

urban decay afterglow highlighter in sin

urban decay afterglow highlighter in fireball 

urban decay afterglow highlighter in aura

urban decay afterglow highlighter in aura, sin and fireball 

Below are some swatches of some other highlighters, so you can compare the shades, including Moon Beam. (Excuse the horrible scratch!)

urban decay afterglow highlighter in sin and fireball

urban decay afterglow highlighter in sin aura, and fireball 


If you wasn't too keen on the glittery-ness of their other highlighter formulas (the cardboard box style) or the Naked Illuminated Trio, these are nothing like them.

These really didn't disappoint and to be honest I kinda had a feeling they wouldn't after my initial experience from Aura. I'm really addicted to these and having all three really makes that enjoyment even more when it comes to choosing and pairing with blusher. These applied with such ease, barely emphasising any skin texture, although with Sin, I do need to be a tad more careful when I want a more subdued glow for during the day as it's quite easy go overboard. These highlighters wore for about 7-8 hours before starting to fade.

I think it'd be a shame if you missed out on these. So, next time you're near the Urban Decay counter, have a look and see what you think. These cost £19.00 each.

Do you own any of the Afterglow highlighters?

Toni. xoxo




  1. I wanted these so badly when they were first released and then I totally forgotten about them. Actually I haven't paid any attention to Urban Decay at all for a year or so now.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. Now's the time, Shireen! I haven't much either since purchasing Aura. xx

  2. These look really gorgeous, I love Sin, it looks like it's work great with paler skin, thanks for sharing!

    1. You're welcome! Sin is a bit of a showstopper! Yes, along with Aura, I think it would work great on paler tones. xx

  3. I absolutely LOVE the Sin shade and the packaging is so pretty! Loved that fish net appearance :)

    Makeup, Style and Sugar

  4. I've wanted the shade Sin ever since these were released but every single time I have the money to get it, it's always sold out! This swatch has made me want it even more x

  5. I wouldn't have thought about trying Fireball just from looking at them but seeing it swatched & compared to Moon Beam means that it's now on my wishlist! I'd like Sin too but it always seems to be out of stock! xx


    1. I agree! I was a little surprised when I swatched it. xx

  6. Fireball is such an interesting colour for a highlighter but I like it!

    Samantha Series

    1. I love it! There are so many golden highlighters out there at the moment and I feel a lot of them look the same. This makes a nice alternative. xx


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