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L. A. Girl Pro. Coverage Long Wear HD Illuminting Foundation Review & Comparison With MUFE Ultra HD.


Hey, everyone! 

Foundation reviews has somewhat appeared to have come like buses here on the blog. You wait ages for one to arrive, then two come at once. I have one from L.A. Girl this time which also has a ridiculously long name. This was also purchased from the Black Friday offers last year which now seems a very long distance memory. When I first caught sight of the L.A. Girl Pro. Coverage Long Wear HD Illuminating Foundation (Try saying that when you've had a few!) I thought that the bottle looked very similar to the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD which I love. Plus, it gave the impression that it'd be a really nice foundation to use. So I decided to get it. 

I ordered mine from Beauty Bay although I've recently discovered that L.A Girl now have their own website here in the U.K. As well as a review, I'll also be sharing a comparison with the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD. There is a separate full review of MUFE Ultra HD that I posted last year if you wish to have a read.


The packaging 

The bottle is made of plastic and comes with a pump dispenser to ensure easy and mess-free application. 

The formula

L.A. Girl Pro Coverage Illuminating HD foundation is a lightweight, illuminating, long-wearing, high definition foundation. The HD element is supposed to ensure flawless perfect skin when shown on camera. It comes with 28 ml of formula which is just 2ml shy of the usual 30ml. The formula contains antioxidants so it provides hydration during wear. The consistency is a little thinner than your average foundation but it's build-able, and is meant to provide up to full coverage (although I personally think to suggest this is a little ambitious - more medium, I would say). 


There are 15 shades to choose from which covers all skin tones. Starting from fair right through to the deepest of the deep, Dark Chocolate. These do seem to lean to towards the Yellow and Orange end of the spectrum so if you have a warm undertone, there's a good chance you'll find a match. There is also a very handy white lightening formula available (big thumbs up) to adjust and create your own custom shade. I chose Nude Beige which turned out a little too warm for me for this time of year. The shade I wanted was out of stock but knowing I had my Shade Adjusting Drops on hand, I felt it wasn't the end of the world. Also, at the time of purchase, there wasn't much indication as to how the shades would perform. Since then, they have now provided extra info on what undertones feature from each shade which is much more helpful. I wish all brands provided this instead of being left in the dark all of the time!


I have combination skin which means I'm oily in the t-zone, although this decreases during the colder months. My cheeks are normal to dehydrated.

Because the formula is quite thin and very lightweight, I find the best application for me is to use my Real Techniques sponge to dab/bounce the product onto my skin to ensure good blend-ability and help to achieve medium coverage. The finish is very dewy on me and leaves a slight tacky feel on the skin. So, I have to set and mattify the t-zone using powder. 


Overall thoughts on the formula from the L.A. Girl

I expected the formula to be a lot thicker than it looked in the bottle. Despite the overly dewy finish, I think for a drugstore foundation the L.A. Girl is a really nice foundation to wear when my skin's going through those drier moments - especially during Winter. I was really impressed how it sat on my skin as it gave a lovely natural look. I also found this quite hydrating as well which is ideal during these colder months and felt it increased the longevity of the wear which lasted well into the evening.

 I think the dewiness is something dry skins would really appreciate. However, for anyone with oily skin, they would find this dewiness way too much! Despite the dewiness, it can be toned down with powder although I feel it does look better if there's some dewiness showing through - just not powdered heavily which is what I did at first - it just made my skin looked dull! That's just my humble opinion.


Comparison with the MUFE Ultra HD

In recent months, I've read lots of reviews stating that this is a dupe for the Ultra HD by Make Up For Ever - I have to disagree. 

The L.A Girl is a drugstore brand and is extremely affordable at a cost of just £9.00, whereas the Ultra HD from Make Up For Ever is more of your premier/department store brand costing around £29.00 mark. The designs in the bottles look very similar and both have a pump dispenser, so I can see why some people may see this as a dupe. The MUFE also has a satin chrome effect ring around the top.

The Formulas

The formulas are completely different. I find the one from MUFE is slightly thicker in texture and takes no time at all to build medium coverage, whereas the one from L.A. Girl, the formula is slightly thinner and takes a little longer to build to that desired coverage. 

The finish is way different. The L.A Girl is way more dewy and feel this would probably be better for dry skins. The MUFE gives a less dewy finish and can have a tendency to sit with a slightly drier texture on the skin which may show up dry patches. So, this would be better geared for normal to combination or anyone that doesn't suffer with dry patches.

 But, which one did I end up loving? 

Despite having combination skin, I found that I loved both formulas although the MUFE does nudges it slightly because of the coverage.

When it comes to the formula from the L.A. Girl, there would've been a time I would've run a mile from this kind of finish. But as my skin's getting older, I'm finding I'm having to embrace that luminosity more because it looks better on mature skin. However, once the menopause really kicks in and the sweats become more intense, luminosity will be the last thing I'll want. So my answer would be that I don't feel one is better than the other one as such, as these are two different formulas that would be used for different purposes. 

So, for a more instant coverage in warmer weather,  I'd use the MUFE Ultra HD because of its ability to cover better with very little effort and because it provides a less dewy finish. When I want a build-able more dewy coverage for the Winter, I'll turn to the L.A.Girl. 

Have you tried the L.A Girl? If you had to choose, which one would you prefer?

Toni. xoxo


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