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Pretty and Practical Storage Solutions for your Makeup

acrylic makeup storage

No matter how little you have, makeup has a tendency of looking cluttered and spilling all over the place! It doesn't take much for your dressing table to look like a bomb's hit it, does it? Even in drawers, product gunk can play its part (concealers, I'm looking at you!) and let's face it, none of us has the time or the inclination to rummage through makeup early in the mornings, so perhaps some little storage would go a miss.

Of course, there are hundreds of ideas out there. Anything from perfume gift boxes, makeup bags to even empty Ferrero Rocher boxes are some of the things used to keep that untidiness at bay. Today, I'll be showing you some other options that will not only give you storage, they'll look pretty on your dressing table too! Hopefully, these might get the ole brain juices flowing and help you think of other ways to use these too!


Probably the most popular choice nowadays due to being seen on countless makeup tutorials on  YouTube. They come in all sorts of sizes although some of the larger ones can be pricey! However, the smaller copy cat versions aren't, and you can find them in all sorts of stores and websites such as Amazon, where they do a heap of these in various different styles. Other places where you can find them are TK.Maxx, B&M, Primark and EBay which can cost you as little as a fiver! I picked up this drawer set for around £4.99 in my local B&M store. 

acrylic makeup drawer storage

acrylic makeup drawer storage

Is your nail polish collection over flowing? You'll be finding your favourite shade in no time by using this acrylic stand that holds around 30 bottles. Store them so the shades are displayed by each colour hue, from light to dark to make that find even EASIER! I got this one for about £8.00 from Amazon. Also check out the Essex Signs and Displays website as well for larger ones.  

Instead of nail polishes, what about using this for storing your favourite eyeshadow palettes or a combination of foundation or lipsticks!

acrylic nail polish storage

acrylic nail polish storage

acrylic lipstick storage

Speaking of lipsticks, I picked up this little holder for £4.99 in TK.Maxx, however you can also find these on Amazon. I place my most used and of course, ones with the most glamourous packaging so they're all within easy reach! 

glass makeup or jewellery box

Glass Trinket Style Boxes

If you want to add class, then go glass! These large trinket style boxes not only look pretty the
see-through exterior make these easy to find all your bits without having to look too far! These can be anything from £10.00 upwards and you'll find them in stores such as The Range, Dunelm, TK. Maxx, Asda and a whole bunch of others. I managed to get these two in Homebase for next to nothing when they recently had a massive homewares clear-out; so if there's one near you do check them out!

glass makeup or jewellery box

glass hexagonal box,

This Hexagonal shaped one is great for storing nail polish, lipsticks, whatever you like!

white rectangular office storage box

What a great little find this was! £2.00 was all it was from Wilkinson's which I think looks so neat and tidy. I also love the flip top lid for that easy access and the fact that it's White also makes it easy to fit in most colour themes. You can store anything you like with this one, and I've just put nail polish in here just to give you an idea how deep it is. You could use this for storing those too or you could pop this in your drawer to prevent opening the drawers and finding products all over the place!

I also noticed they do pencil pots in a Rose Gold theme as well which'll make great makeup brush holders if Rose Gold excites you!

white rectangular office storage box

skurar plant pots

Makeup Brush Storage

These Skurar Plant Pots and Candle Holder from IKEA are ideal for storing your makeup brushes and have got to be one of the most pinned photos for this purpose on Pinterest. Again, they're White so this makes this easy to fit in with any colour d├ęcor you have in your room. I have a smaller one for my brushes (I should have bought 2 like my Sister in-law suggested) and a larger one for my hairbrushes. These start from just £2.00!!!

skurar plant pots

cosmetics storage unit

Wooden Cosmetic and Bathroom Storage

If you're after something a bit more in the line of a one stop storage or are short on space, then how about this one for around £20.00 from Amazon. Argos was doing them as well at one point so it might be worth a look there. This comes with several compartments to store your products, including 3 drawers that are perfect to store cotton wool pads and other accessories like tweezers, nail clippers, hair bands and any other bits and bobs! 

clas ohlson storage box for drawers

Drawer Inserts and Storage

I thought it would be handy to add just a couple of really handy drawer inserts to help prevent your drawer looking like "carnage" every time you open them.

These little rectangular containers came from a store called Clas Ohlson which we no longer have in Norwich (crying emoji face!) I thought the company had gone under but I don't think they have as they're still online. For £4.49 you get 6 of these, and let me tell you, they are a brilliant! The depth is perfect for the Alex Drawers, Micke Desk and any of those slim drawer type furniture from IKEA.

When ordering these, you want to choose this item number - 34-1556-4, as  the link takes you to a page that show other pots too!

The Billingen is a super cheap drawer insert from IKEA costing as little as 80p which also sell a whole stack of other options to choose from. I have a couple of these in a drawer shown below.

clas ohlson storage box for drawers

makeup storage ideas

makeup storage ideas

Perhaps still not the most tidiest, but it's getting there!

I was thinking of doing a follow-up post sharing how I dress my dressing table or a what's in my makeup drawer kind of thing. Is it something you'd be interested in?

What do you use for storing your makeup? Do you have any other ideas to share?

                                                                    Toni. xoxo



  1. I love the acrylic storage, but it can be pricey for the bigger options. The glass boxes are my favourite decor pieces - need to grab a few of those!

    Angela / Blush & Pearls


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