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Affordable Skincare Haul Featuring Nivea

Affordable Skincare Achieved Using Nivea. Nivea Skincare Review

I was recently enjoying a body care product from the Nivea range, the Rich Nourishing Body Lotion when this package arrived filled with all these goodies from those lovely people from Nivea. It couldn't've come at a better time! 

Nivea (a name coming from the Latin word meaning snow white) has been looking after our skins for generations. The familiarity of their signature scent is something that we all know and love, but it's their ability in providing great skin care products that's affordable and is suitable for all regardless of need, and continues to be loved from all parts of the globe.

Affordable Skincare Achieved Using Nivea. Nivea Skincare Review

I was sent 2 cleansing products. One was a cleansing lotion and the other was a wash off cleanser which are new additions to their Daily Essentials Creme Care range, and I ended up loving them both! Up until trialling these, I was mainly using wash off cleansers for makeup removal.

I found this cleansing lotion to be really handy for those lazy moments when you've plonked yourself at the dressing table and can't be bothered to hit the bathroom to wash off your makeup. I really loved this, as the lotion is really lightweight, gentle and mild enough for my combination skin and removes every trace of my makeup effectively without causing any irritation; even including mascara! It contains Eucerit which is a natural emollient that offers caring and moisturising benefits to help strengthen the skin barrier function, and Panthenol, an ingredient that works to boosts the skin’s own regeneration processes while helping to improve skin hydration and reduce itching and inflammation.

Again, ridiculously cheap for what it does. The key ingredients in this cleansing cream wash again feature Eucerit and Panthenol and whilst this didn't particularly specify on the tube that it was a makeup remover as such, I found this to be really lovely for this purpose because of its rich and creamy formula. However, for waterproof mascara, I still need to use a separate remover but as a second cleanser, it is really lovely! During the recent cold spell, we've been having this was a great addition to have as it was really comforting on the skin and felt really smooth and soft without feeling dry and tight. This will definitely be one I'll be purchasing, as for the price I think this is amazing! 

If I'm not using cleansing balms or wash off cleansers, I tend to use miceller water instead for the removal of eye makeup; so, it's been a while since I've used a separate makeup remover.

This did remove it gently, but when it came to removing mascara, it does take a little more time than if I was using my miceller water. If I was wearing waterproof mascara, I would probably need to use their oilier formula from the range; the Double Effect Eye Makeup Remover. Having said that, this is lovely for refreshing and giving my eye area a quick cleanse in the mornings.

I really loved this! A gorgeous lightweight lip balm that contains Shea Butter and Almond Oil that helps to provide intense moisture and care throughout the year. The balm is wonderfully scented of Raspberries which reminded me of raspberry flavoured boiled sweets, but not overpowering; so, if you're a sweet fan you'll love this! A lot of lip balms can be rather thick and a bit gloopy! This has a beautiful thin consistency that makes it ideal to wear under your lipstick or alone. I've been loving this as a night-time treatment, and after discovering there are other scents in the range, I may have to buy those too!  

Affordable Skincare Achieved Using Nivea. Nivea Skincare Review

Body care

Mitchum has been my go-to deodorant for what seems like forever! I think it's because it was one of the first of those 48hr type formats that came onto the market that actually worked for me, and without giving too much awaylet's just say working in retail carry heavy goods can make you rather sweaty at times.(eww,gross!) So, this is essential! Over time, I've tried quite a few others but have always ended up coming back to Mitchum. Well....let's just say things are about to change!

To begin with, I found the scent to be quite overpowering, but after a couple of uses that soon settled down. The solid stick formula proved to be a great non-irritant formula that's very quick to apply and dried in no time at all unlike many others, leaving you wet for ages and risk staining your clothing! Whilst I never trialled the 48-hour period when it comes to these types, I actually felt this was better for achieving all-day freshness than my other one. Just so you are aware, this also comes in a roll-on and spray version. 

I think this a super concept and think it's a really convenient way to achieve silky soft skin quickly or for layering if you're really dry. When I first caught sight of this, I thought this was a shower gel and moisturiser in one; but it's actually an in-shower moisturiser that's to be applied after washing whilst you're still in the shower, so there's no more faffing around applying body creams after you've come out of the shower. For very dry skins, I think this is great to use as a first step for layering to achieve some added hydration before applying your usual body cream. I love the Almond Oil that's formulated in this and found over time I'm actually applying less additional body cream because my skin has been abled to built up extra protection, a barrier to combat the dryness.  

Disclaimer: Products was sent to me for review. All opinions are my own and have not been influenced by anyone or company. 

Have you tried any of these products from Nivea?

Toni. xoxo


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  1. I really rate some of Nivas Body Care products. I need to try the Shower Moisturiser. The cream wash sounds great too and so cheap xx

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