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Lush | Lip Scrub & Shampoo Bar

lush haul

Many moons ago, I worked near Lakeside shopping centre where there was a Lush store which I never visited, (it's still there by the way.)  As most shopping centre's are, everything was under one roof, which for me made the process to shop at Lush quite difficult and off putting, as I felt it contained the heavy scents from the store that much more! It was so overpowering, it would knock me for six every time I walked past.

Since moving to the East coast, my nearest is now Norwich - still heavily scented mind you but it's much more nose friendly as this ones on the high street, so that heavy scent is able to evaporate that bit more. On my last visit, I picked up a shampoo bar and a lip scrub.

Over time, I was finding I wanted something a bit more from your average shampoo and no longer wanted use the ones from the supermarket. Just like my skin, I suffer with Combination hair (talk about  awkward!) with oily roots and dry frizzy ends. My hair just didn't feel really clean, you know, that REALLY SQUEAKY CLEAN. If your hair is anything like mine and suffer with oily roots, you totally understand that frustration you get where your hair never feels clean for very long!

In the past, I'd used their other shampoo, "Big", a sea salt based formula that comes in a pot and it was really great to use for in-between washes, but stopped using it as I was concerned it may strip the hair colorant I was using in my hair - although I'm not sure if it does. So I went for this one, as the fragrance was very similar to Big but a bit lighter. That clean, spa-like scent that I find so refreshing. 

The environmentally friendly packaging

First of all, I really love the fact that its so environmentally friendly! No need to worry about the deposal of those ghastly plastic bottles, as it's just a bar of soap. And the fact that it's just a bar of soap make this brilliant for travelling. No more lugging around heavy bottles of shampoo in your holdall. You just pop it in a bag and Bob's your uncle!

The formula

It's formulated with Seaweed, Sea Salt and Lemon to help really clean the hair and scalp and helps give me volume with lots of shine to the hair too. It's lightly scented with Orange Flower, Jasmine and Mimosa. Like I just mentioned, the scent is similar to their other shampoo, Big, so if you enjoyed that one, then you'll enjoy this too!

At first, it may seem quite odd to be using a shampoo bar instead of pouring from a bottle, as we're just so use to it but you soon get into it. After you've wet the hair, all you do, is just rub the bar over your head a few times and you won't believe just much it lathers up. It's insane! It's just so beautiful and lush, if you pardon the pun! I felt the grainy bits that you see in the soap, helped to massage and exfoliate my scalp which makes such a massive difference to that cleansing experience. My hair feels so clean after every wash! I love it! 

The only other thing you'll need to remember, is to not leave it lying around in the shower after use as it'll just disintegrate and get wasted! I just pop mine in a glass tray and leave it on a shelf after use. I've been using this bar for a couple of months now and it's coming to that stage now where it'll soon need replacing.

lush haul

BubbleGum Lip Scrub | £ 5.50

Next up. I was looking for a lip scrub to assist in keeping my lips smooth and soft, as I'd been trying out and wearing some matte lipsticks and liquids that are all the rage at the moment. When I  came across this gorgeous Pink, Bubble Gum scented one, I thought the Bubblegum scent would be fun and also ideal for my kids. Despite being high school age, they've yet to enter wearing that lipstick stage (and rightly so!) but do suffer with flaky lips! 

We all love this one! The sweet bubblegum scent takes me back to when I was a kid, when I use to drive my mum "mad" blowing theses huge bubbles (she thought that looked so common! Haha!) chewing on the likes of Hubba Bubba, Bubblelicious and Bazooka (remember those!) The exfoliating Castor Sugar (none of that plastic rubbish is featured in this!) along with the help of Jojoba Oil, helps to buff off any dry flaky bits, leaving your lips soft and smooth. What makes it even better is you can lick it off because it's made of castor sugar!

Have you tried any of these from Lush?

                                                                          Toni. xoxo



  1. I've wanted to try a shampoo bar for a while, but it just seems so different and scary that I haven't gotten round to it yet. I definitely need to get braver and just give it a go! :) xx

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

    1. Oh Sarah do! Haha! There's nothing to fear. :)xx

  2. I also have combination hair although I never thought to call it that lol. I'll definitely need to give this shampoo a go! It sounds like it works wonders :D

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  3. Lush offer some amazing products! Personally, I steer away from their skincare as it doesn't seem to work for my oily skin, but I do like their shampoos and little beauty products! I love the sound of that lip scrub - the fact that it smells of bubblegum is enough for me to want to try it! Thank you for sharing you lovely & informative review. :) x x x



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