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Great Makeup Tools From Bdellium Tools, Zoeva And Tarte


This post has been sitting in my draft for ages as it keeps getting overlooked!

I love my brushes from Real Techniques, But when you're a total makeup hoarder like me, one struggles to resist the urge to try other brands. I mean - it's for the blog, right?  As when you become a blogger, it isn't too long before you start to use this as an excuse when it comes to buying anything!

Last year, I had the amazing opportunity to attend a week-long Pixiwoo Makeup Course which you can read here, where I got to play around with a tonne and I mean tonne of products. Apart from using their own brushes (Real Techniques of course!) Zoeva was another, along with some other different styles of brushes, and this was where I really got to grips of their use behind their design.

I have some from a much-loved brand Bdellium Tools (with a silent’B’) from their Pink Bambu range and one from Zoeva. A new eyelash curler was also on the list as my current one was knackered. So this one from Tarte caught my eye.


These gorgeous pink, antibacterial, eco-friendly and vegan brushes not only look beautiful, they  are amazing quality! The cruelty-free bristles are really soft and picks up and applies products  beautifully and evenly every time. Each brush is formulated with antibacterial properties that helps to prevent any of that nasty bacterial growth. 

The subtle pink design is gorgeous, isn't it? It's just so pleasing to the eye! I'm a real fan of these slanted edge types as it's the perfect size for my cheek area and makes blusher application a complete doddle - you really can't go wrong! Apart from applying blusher, this would also make a great tool for applying your bronzer as well. I do love a brush that can multi-task!

Due to the colour of the bristles, the only downside I find is when you apply a pink blusher you can't really judge how much product you've actually picked up! But you can overcome that just by tapping off the excess on the back of your hand before you apply; which is what I normally do anyway. 

                       Bdellium-Tool- 945-Contour-Brush

Oh, my god! This contour brush has been a total game changer for me as the dense and width of the soft bristles fits into my "pathetic excuse for cheek bones" perfectly providing a stronger contoured look which I enjoy for evening wear. It can also be blended for a subtle finish whether it be powder or cream formulas.


I already have one of these from their Green Bambu range but wanted a spare as the flat ended design gives good precision for applying liner close to the top of the lash line; especially when you've started getting the dreaded skin folds near the lash. This design is perfect for setting liner with shadow onto the waterline too; something I always do when applying either a gel or pencil liner to prolong wear, as my eyes water a lot living here because of the coastal breeze.



My very first Zoeva. Where on earth have I been? I was looking for another defined crease brush just like my other one from Blank Canvas which not many brands do. So I was thrilled to discover this one from this latest cult brand. Just like my one from Blank Canvas (which you can read here) it applies transition shades evenly and flawlessly without resulting in any product overload.

Due to the longer length and sparse bristles, I'm able to build up colour slowly helping to achieve that flawlessly blended finish.  

In one of my previous brush posts, I explain my difficulties when applying with a standard size crease brush as my eyes are starting to hood slightly which results in shadow appearing too high above the crease, which for me, can look a little too much! When it comes to hooded eyes, I like to apply shadow to the crease area with my eyes open. That way, I get a good idea of how high the product has been applied to be seen.

Another great way to use this, is for adding colour to the border of the crease (transition shade.) It can really enhance colour but also give a really nice polished edge to the crease area.


I'm obsessed with Tarte at the moment no thanks to QVCUK, who have taken the UK by storm since their arrival a little over 2 years ago. I thought it would be nice to finally own a luxury pair of curlers, so bought this one from Tarte despite eyeing up the infamous Shu Uemura which is more expensive. 

The shape and angle of the curler proved to be a far better and a much more comfortable fit than my ole cheapie one from Boots. But what really appealed to me was the design of the handles; the difference it makes is unreal! Eyelash curlers can have that tendency of looking quite scary and menacing, especially when they look like my old one, which was more of the traditional loop handle type.

Have you tried any tools from these brands?

                                                                     Toni. xoxo



  1. Wow awesome post, I've got a lot of zoeva brushes and I really love them *_*
    Best wishes

  2. Zoeva brushes are some of my favourites but I also love some of the Morphe brushes which are very affordable! I've not tried any Bdellium brushes but they look super pretty :) x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

  3. I haven't tried any brushes from these brands, I always go for something more affordable but these look so nice!


  4. I can so much relate to what you said about buying things for the blog, haha! I do this all the time. ;) Also, my favourite brushes are definitely by Real Techniques. I don't have many brushes in general but the ones I have are usually from them. They are super affordable and the quality really is top notch for the price. Never heard of Bdellium tools, but I love the pink colour and they do sound lovely! Thanks for sharing your informative review, hun. <3


  5. I'm a really big fan of the Bdellium Tools brushes but you rarely hear anyone talk about them. Zoeva are my favourite brand when it comes to brushes though, they truly are amazing xx

    Gemma ♡ Miss Makeup Magpie


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