Monday, 29 August 2016

Goodies From Kiko Sale

Hi, everyone! 

Shopping at Kiko is a once in a blue moon activity for me, (and a very therapeutic one too!) during that odd occasion when I can escape from the fringes of this seaside town. Shopping wise, the town centre only provides the basics and there isn't much else on offer unless you're after buckets and spades. We're also at the end of the line here which can only mean one thing; when you want something extra special, you have to travel more further a field; or in my case, further inland which is normally Norwich.

Anyway, enough of the waffling! These are a few beauty bites I picked up on a quick pit stop at a Kiko store in Bluewater, Kent; a shopping centre I haven't visited in donkeys years. My last visit was probably back in the early days shortly after Bluewater opened when I witnessed the brush techniques of celebrity makeup artist, Arianne Poole, at a Sephora Store - yes, we did have one years ago!

If you haven't yet shopped in Kiko, then where have you been, my friend? They cater for all budgets and have a huge range of colours, where you can buy cosmetics from as little as £2 to the more pricier ones at £15 or more. But be warned! When you start loitering around these displays of jam packed goodies carrying one of their little baskets, it's not too long before you've realised that basket may be looking just a tad full! Unfortunately, I have this rule where I must not leave a Kiko store without buying something because it's the LAW!  

Shades from L - R: 251, 279, 282

All of these bargains via one was in the sale. I picked up 3 of their Nail Laquers that are cheap as chips for only £1 each, as for the crappy job I do, one has no desire to splurge on the likes OPI and Leighton Denny for this. I like to keep those for special occasions. I also picked up 2 of the Super Glosses which are lightly shimmered at a steal at £2.40 each; I thought these would be great for adding some sparkle to any lipstick and make the lips look fuller! 

Also in the sale, were these fabulous formulas from the Unlimited Lip Stylo range at just £3.40. These are so SMOOTH and CREAMY and so pigmented, so I picked up one in the shade 001 - a gentle pink-y peach tone which if I'm honest, is probably a tad too light for me at the mo but thought it'll be ok once Autumn/Winter arrives. 

The last item I picked up is this gorgeous midnight blue eyeliner from the Intense Colour Long-Wearing range at £5.20, I already have these in a Bronze and Teal shade, and I personally think these has to be the best eyeliner formulas I've ever tried for under £10. These babies don't budge and they don't transfer down either. They just do what they are meant to do. Define, colour and stay put! 

I wanted to buy a lot more but as this was just a stop off from our journey to our holiday destination to the South coast, I had to keep my purse strings in check. 

Did you pick up anything from the Kiko sale?  

                                                                              Toni. xoxo 



  1. I ALWAYS forget about the Kiko sale! I love the place though - it's one of the only makeup stores I go into that really excites me. I do have some clothes shopping to do this week though so I may just have to fall into a Kiko as I go! Haha :)
    Rebecca | Notes From September

  2. I love the yellow nail polish! I do love KIKO! It's brilliant, I got a stunning red lipstick there in the sale last year!
    Fix Me In Forty Five - A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog
    Blog Lovin' // Instagram

  3. That lipstick is absolutely stunning - right up my street! Sadly, we don't have any Kiko stores in Ireland :-( xx



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