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Discovering Products from Nu Skin

Nu Skin Epoch Marine Mud Mask and Contouring Lip Gloss

Nu Skin Epoch Marine Mud Mask

Nu Skin Epoch Marine Mud Mask

Nu Skin is a brand that sells premium anti-ageing products, haircare and cosmetics, and claims they are formulated using the latest technology in cosmetology science. Originally founded in the US, it is commonly known as one of those multi-level marketing companies, where their customers often become the distributors themselves, selling the products to the general public - a bit like Avon, if you like. I discovered this brand only recently, through my cousin who lives in Spain, and also a niece of a friend who lives in the UK who kindly sent me some products to try. Today, I'll be sharing with you a Mud Mask, a sample of Sole Solution Heel Cream and their Contouring Lip Gloss in Clear. 

Please note: prices shown are at retail, and also from the Nu Skin website. If you order direct from a Nu Skin distributor, you could obtain anything up to as much as 20% discount - which is great! 

Epoch Glacial Marine Mud Mask | £24.55 | 200g 

Sorry! They'll be no mask selfies posted here! Nope! Not a chance! 

I'll be honest. These days, I'm pretty lazy when it comes to masks. And to think, I use to use them all the time when I was younger, as my sebaceous glands always seemed to be working overtime back then. As the warmer weather finally began to make an appearance, I was delighted to receive this most welcomed addition, as the oils in my t-zone was beginning to start to go into overdrive! 

Nu Skin claims this mask contains sea clay extract which is deposited from a remote estuary in British Columbia, and also contains Carrageenan, which is a substance extracted from red and purple seaweed. This revitalising clay also contains fine mud particles that helps to absorb excess oil and draw out deep down dirt and impurities, leaving your skin super smooth, soft, fresh and clean. It suitable for all skin types but you can use it just in the t-zone if you wish, and can also be used on the body too, which is great for treating those congested areas on the back of the shoulders.

Now, my skin has been in pretty good nick recently, what with using Elemis, Judith Williams and the Pixi Glow Tonic which I'm absolutely loving! My skin was looking at it best in months. Clear and glowing! 

Before use, I like to give it a good shake as the formula is a little thin but you don't need to use much as a little goes a long way. At first glance, it looks like your typical average clay mask as it begins dark grey-ish green before turning a lighter shade as it dries onto your skin. The first thing I noticed after applying was just how horrific my open pores looked. I just had so many! But over time, the more I used this, they seemed to look less obvious than the first application. What I love about this mask is I don't have to sit about waiting so long for it to dry, as it only takes about 10mins to do its thing, but you can leave it on longer if you wish. Anything up to 20 mins max would be sufficient. As it dried, it did feel very tight and you can kind of feel it extracting out the dirt and grime in your skin. Rinsing was an absolute breeze, no hammer and chisel needed with this one unlike some, as it took literally seconds to rinse the entire face, leaving no residue. 

I really loved this mask. My skin feels so soft, smooth and much clearer after every time it's used. However, I did experience some redness in areas, although I've been rest assured this is all part of the process as this tells you the product has done it job. It only lasts a short while but if this worries you then just use this at night as oppose to during the day. I don't really feel the oiliness in the t-zone has calmed down by using this but to be honest, I wouldn't really want it to strip it because all that does is just make the problem worse by telling the skin to produce more! 

Mask when wet.

After mask dried.

Nu Skin Contouring Lip Gloss

Nu Skin Contouring Lip Gloss

Contouring Lip Gloss in Clear | £18.90 | 15ml

Packaging wise, it reminded me of the old design of the LancĂ´me Juicy tubes, long before their latest design, the cocktail shaker. I got to admit, I was a little taken aback by the contouring element. I mean, "how on earth can a clear product contour lips?" I'm obviously thinking Kim K contouring style here! Anyway, this gloss contains (here's the science bit) Oligopeptide (I can just about pronounce it!) which to my knowledge is a form of peptides, that helps to stimulate collagen so it plumps and smooth out wrinkles resulting fuller looking lips. As we get older, we start to lose the appearance of the cupids bow which the Oligopeptide that's formulated in this, is meant to help to bring back that defined look. As you will have noticed, I have this in Clear, but there are 2 other shades in the pipeline that should be released sometime this month. 

This can be worn alone or over any lipstick as many times you wish; and if worn every day, you should achieve maximum effect in 28 days. The more you wear it, the better your lips will look. However, I did notice the difference straight away as it filled in my lip lines making them look much fuller! The gloss is, well...shall we say, very glossy and shiny, quite thick in texture but not sticky. Although I could feel it on my lips at first due to its thickness but that feeling soon wore off. I did notice a slight tingling effect around the top lip area but nothing uncomfortable which again soon wore off. Because we're now in the middle of Summer and I ride a bike, there's flies
everywhere - you get the picture! So I decided to use this as a lip treatment if I wasn't going out on that particular day.

I do like this, but I'm not sure I'm willing to pay £18.90 when there's nothing more than a lip liner could achieve, should I want that fuller look.  I don't consider myself to have the thinnest of lips so feel is not really needed. If I had really thin lips, or started to lose that appearance of the cupids bow, then yes, I would definitely buy it. 

Before and after

Sole Solution Foot and Heel Cream | £20.71 | 125ml for full size.

A wonderful rejuvenating foot cream to tackle and treat that dreadful, nasty, unsightly, rough, dry cracked heel syndrome; a problem that's suffered by many of us. To me, the formula looks like melted fudge, (mmm, nice!) and is formulated with the lightly scented natural source of Crushed All Spice Berry and also contains Urea and Papain, which are also common natural ingredients used in Central America that comes from the rainforest. Urea helps to exfoliate calluses and dead skin whilst providing deep hydration and Papain helps to loosen that thick dry rough skin. 

I really loved this heel cream, and once again, noticed a big difference in my heel after the very first application. There was an immediate reduction in that dry cracked appearance although you do have to use this for a number of weeks for it to be treated properly. However, I honestly don't feel it would take as long as that after its impressive initial application. The formula like I said reminds me of melted fudge, and also looks and feels really silky although it doesn't make you feet slippery! My heel just drank the solution like a sun parched clay soil, leaving it soft and smooth. This is also great to apply just before you wear sandals or sling back heels as you don't have to wait days for it to look repaired as it reduces that unsightly look for a short period.  

Nu Skin, Epoch Sole Solution Foot & Heel Cream, Sample

Nu Skin, Epoch Sole Solution Foot & Heel Cream

Nu Skin Swatches Mud Mask, Lip Gloss and Sole Solution

If you wish to purchase any of the products listed above or find out more about the range from Nu Skin, including more before and after shots, you can find out here if you are based in the UK, here if you're based in Spain and the rest of Europe, and here for your region.

Disclaimer: Products was sent to me to review. All opinion's expressed are my own and are not influenced by anyone or company.

Have you tried any products from Nu Skin? 

                                                                  Toni. xoxo


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  1. I really like the sound of the gloss and foot cream but would be less keen on the mask - I don't want my pores to look more visible, even in the short-term! lol! xx



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