Friday, 29 July 2016

Simple Shadows For Lazy Eyes

Cream Eyeshadows, Mac Pain Pot, Bobbi Brown, Maybelline Colour Tattoos

Maybelline Color Tattoos Creme De Nude, Pink-Gold, On and On Bronze Eternal Gold

Tiredness for me is nothing more than a crippling pain in the backside! Whilst juggling a part-time job that requires me to work till "stupid o'clock", blogging, and looking after my family, I need it like a hole in the head! It can affect me in all sorts of ways, behaving like a bear with a sore head being the most common or a spending half the time falling asleep being another. Lately, I've been feeling that tired, just to walk to the next room can take a considerable amount of effort. Hopefully, my batteries will soon be recharged as I'll be away on holiday next week. It can't come soon enough! 

So during these tired moments, the makeup routine has to take a back seat, but on those occasions when you have to leave the house (god forbid!) and do a shift at work, I've been really enjoying, actually I'll rephrase that -"adore"  using my cream shadows and realising that the artistically structured Instagram eye look that I'd consider myself a failure to do even on a good day, is no longer required! 

Mac Paint Pots - Quite Natural, Tailor Grey, Bobbi Brown Long-wear Aqua

Cream shadows are a great alternative even if eye makeup isn't really your thing. Especially if you don't particularly consider yourself that great at applying shadows or even have difficulties in just holding a brush! They can give a nice amount of depth to the eye and can also perform a gorgeous wash of colour that give such gorgeous subtlety, it can exude and enhance the natural colour of the eye. Because they are formulated as a cream, they blend super easy, great for crepey eyelids like mine, and what's also great about these is their staying power - once they're on, they don't budge! 

Maybelline Color Tattoos Creme De Nude, Pink-Gold, On and On Bronze Eternal Gold

Achieve beautiful eye looks when using cream shadows, couldn't be simpler! I just use my ring finger to pack shadow onto the lid, then use a fluffy crease brush to blend out to the crease - it's as easy as that! What I also like to do is to add a mid-tone shade to the border of the crease, just to give it a more polished look. If you don't own any other shadows, you can even use your bronzer for this step if you like!

Cream shadows are also perfect for providing a long-wearing base prior to applying other types of shadows too, especially nudes, which are great to counteract any darkness or imperfections you may have going on, on the eye area. To Intensify any colour, especially on the lid area is another great way to use these fabulous additions, as sometimes building colour with normal shadows can not only take a longer to achieve, the depth of the shade can also be lost too!

Cream Eyeshadows, Mac Pain Pot, Bobbi Brown, Maybelline Colour Tattoos

Top Row: Mac Paint Pot - Quite Natural, Bobbi Brown Long-wear Cream Shadow- Aqua,
Mac Paint Pot - Tailor Grey.
Bottom Row: Maybelline Colour Tattoos - Creme De Nude, Pink-Gold, On and On Bronze, Eternal Gold.

What I've been enjoying lately

My go to's lately has been a combination of Maybelline On and On Bronze or Bad to the Bronze as it may be called in the States, and my Mac Paint Pots that I recently picked up from this year's IMATS, and I have to say, I have really been enjoying these!  Indianwood and Constructivist are next on my wish list.

The shade Tailor Grey shows off this really beautiful taupe-y undertone whilst in the pot, and is one of those shades that can look pretty uninspiring and a bit lonely perhaps, once on the lid. Pair this up with a rich black winged eyeliner and that's when it really comes to life! So, so elegant, and so chic! So glad I bought this!

I've been really loving pairing Quite Natural, a stunning warm, dirty brown with Urban Decay's West from the Spectrum palette, a rich chocolatey shade, just to add a bit more drama to the eye. Green eyes really do pop with these type of shades! Stunning! Also, love the combination of Quite Natural with another shadow from Mac, Uninterrupted, another brown which has a very strong yellow undertone which is now discontinued. Word's been going around that Camel from Bobbi Brown is similar if you missed out the from Mac.  

Crème de Nude from Maybelline has proven to be a real blessing for creating that perfect canvas on the eye area in a flash! On and On Bronze is great shade for everyone and I love it for creating a bronze nude-ish look against my medium skin tone whilst giving a touch of glimmer, then lined around the eyes with Quite Natural from Mac, enough to wake up my tired eyes, and also so it doesn't look totally bare.

Do you enjoy wearing cream eyeshadows? Which shades to do enjoy?

                                                                        Toni. xoxo 



  1. Hopefully your break will give you the chance to recharge your batteries! One wash shadows are handy for days when you can't be bothered blending!! xx

    Beautylymin| Abercrombie & Fitch First Instinct Giveaway

  2. I actually love cream eyeshadows but I only own Pink Gold & On and On Bronze from Maybelline. Tailor Grey looks like a shade I'd actually get a lot of use out of though and I think Quite Natural would make a good crease shade for me. I'm inspired to use what I do have more now!
    Rebecca | Notes From September

  3. I've never tried any of the Bobbi Brown cream shadows before but I really need to as they look so gorgeous! xx

  4. Such gorgeous shades! I've really been into eyeshadows at the moment and love the sound of the cream shadows! x


  5. I only own one cream shadow which is Maybelline's On & On Bronze but I definitely don't reach for it enough. I don't consider myself to be awful at eyeshadow as I take a lot of pride in my eye makeup but I'm 30 weeks pregnant and the effort is too much these days so maybe I need to pick it up more! x

    Gemma Louise

  6. I don't often wear eyeshadows because they can be such a faff but cream shadows are a must. Maybelline Creamy Beige is literally my life. LOL! I love all the ones you have here especially Quite Natural xxx
    Sal | UmmBaby Beauty


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