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Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Original | Full Review

Hello, beauties! 

I can't quite believe it has taken me all this time to finally get round to write a review on
a product I simply couldn't live without, and is used every single time I wear eyeshadow. In my view, this is the master of all eyeshadow primers... Primer Potion by Urban Decay.

When you wear and enjoy makeup as much I do, an eyeshadow primer is an essential product to have in your makeup bag. Especially, if you suffer with oily lids like I do!

So, what exactly is an eyeshadow primer, and what does it do, then?
An eyeshadow primer is a product that is applied on to the lids to give a smooth base prior to the application of the eyeshadow. It helps the shadows to sit firmly still, preventing it from moving, creasing and disappearing throughout the day. These issues can occur due to having oily lids or because of the natural movement of the eyelid blinking. Most of these come in neutral shades to help cover any imperfections, such as tiny veins and tea-bag stains, leaving you will a blank canvas in readiness for your eyeshadows to be applied. Primers can also help to intensify the shades, ensuring the true colours of the shadows are shown.

Eyeshadows Primers are suitable for everyone, although are more of a necessity for people like myself, that have oily eye lids.

The Primer:
Now, I normally buy my primer potion from Debenhams, as they sell it in the smaller travel size
5ml - £8.00, which from a price point makes it much more appealing. The full size is however, available in 10ml  - £16.00, so you're not really losing anything by buying the smaller size.

Ok, so the product comes in a squeezable tube with a doe-foot wand applicator, to apply straight onto the eye lid area or onto the back of your hand to then be used with your preferred brush. I'm so glad they brought back the doe foot applicator as they changed the packaging a good while back giving us a nozzle to squeeze the product through which often made this a little messy!

Shade wise, it gives a flesh toned look that's slightly sheer, which is the only thing I'm not a big fan of really, as I much prefer a more of a yellow toned base. Unfortunately because of this, I have the added step of having to apply a beige/cream shadow as a base, to cover my tiny veins and any other imperfections I may have. Urban Decay do carry another one from their range which is more of that perfect yellow tone that I like called Eden, but found that to be rather drying and had to stop using it altogether. A tiny amount is all you need for the whole lid area, so you really are getting your monies worth.

This one though, despite the shade, I really do love this because it gives the right amount of grip that's not overly drying, ensuring my shadows stay in place all day whilst giving no irritation to the eye area. I also like to use this below the lash line to work as a barrier to prevent my eyeliner from transferring down, which is often difficult to manage due to the breezy conditions I have to experience here living on the coast.

Have you tried this eye primer? What's your favourite one?

                                                                     Toni. xoxo



  1. I think I'm the only person not to love this! It just isn't strong enough for my oily lids! I swear by the Nars eyeshadow base xx


    1. Aww! That's a shame! I've heard some really good things about Nars. I hope Nars comes to Norwich soon!

  2. I've had a sample of this primer and really like it!


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