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Chocolate Bar Comparison | Too Faced Vs Makeup Revolution

chocolate bar palettes

chocolate bar palettes

chocolate bar palettes

chocolate bar palettes

chocolate bar palettes

Hello, fellow makeup enthusiasts!

I'm so excited to be writing this post as I will be talking about my all-time favourite makeup product, and that is eyeshadow palettes. Now, I don't know about you, I just feel that there's something special about a box of shadows. The mass array of colours, the soft buttery textures, the metallic shimmers... oh I could go on all day! But time is of the essence. So, let's get on with the comparison, shall we? I just thought I'd let you know before we start, this is going to be a long one - so you might want to grab a brew first!

After the phenomenal success of the original Chocolate Bar palette from Too Faced, Makeup Revolution, who have a habit of replicating a lot of high-end products have produced a much cheaper version. Both palettes share the same amount of neutral shades combining of mattes and shimmers including a light pink and violet shade, also featuring the two larger pan highlighter shades as well.

I'll get the price out of the way first! Too Faced cost £39.00 compared to Makeup Revolution coming in at just £7.99. The palette from Too Faced is called Chocolate Bar palette and the one from Makeup Revolution is called I Heart Chocolate. The expectation from a higher-end palette is the performance, pigmentation and wear of the shades, as there are more expensive ingredients added to the formula.   

Firstly, I'm going to briefly share with you my thoughts on the one from Too Faced as I've owned this one the longest. The general rule of thumb for me is when it comes to applying any eyeshadow, regardless of brand I will always prime my eyelids first using Urban Decay Primer Potion.

Chocolate Bar:
Without a question, I absolutely adore my Chocolate Bar palette from Too Faced and is used at least once a week. The wafting scent of the chocolate is heavenly and addictive, and is not only enjoyed by me but is also enjoyed by my kids, who always rush over every time they see it to feed their fix of their love of all things chocolate! 

I love the chocolate wrapper style of the cardboard  box packaging, which I've made a point of keeping because I love it so much and I also love the metal box style of the chocolate bar itself.

But I detest the plastic sheet enclosed that sits on top of the shadows as it just looks horrible, and would have much preferred the names of the shades just printed below each one. 

Enclosed are 16 stunning neutral shades that are infused with cocoa powder, which gives off that chocolatey scent. What's also great about these is they are suitable for all regardless of undertones, sharing warmer tones on one side, with slightly cooler tones on the other.

All of the matte shades have excellent pigmentation and blend beautifully ensuring a flawless look is achieved every time. The shimmers have a nice amount of depth to them with the exception of Candied Violet (the purple one) as this applied very sheer, although does have some pleasant pink glitter to it, however, I think it's safe to say I wasn't the only one that was hugely disappointed with the performance of this shade.

Below is Chocolate Bar -Too Faced

Left-hand side

too faced chocolate bar palette

Right-Hand Side

too faced chocolate bar palette

too faced chocolate bar palette

too faced chocolate bar palette

I Heart Chocolate:
For me, I felt the cardboard packaging of the one from Makeup Revolution isn't exactly inspiring. Although, I do really love the realistic melted chocolate look featured on the lid on this plastic based palette, and kind of prefer it to the one from Too Faced. The size is slightly wider, but the depth of both palettes are exactly the same. The inside lid where the mirror is housed is just basic and plain looking but you do benefit from the added extra mirror space compared to the one from Too faced, as that has a cardboard logo and border surrounding the mirror which does take up space.

There's no chocolate scent with this one! The mimic of the shades although look very good at first glance, varied slightly after swatching, with some showing a combination of warmer and cooler tones when comparing each shade side by side from Too Faced.

Pigmentation wise, most performed very well when you consider what you pay for. I found a couple of shades almost identical in terms of colour and depth, although some of the mattes whilst still very good, needed that little bit more building and blended a bit patchy at times. However, as in saying that, the very first large highlighter pans You Need Love, seemed much more pigmented than White Chocolate from Too Faced.

My opinion of the shimmers, although I thought were very lovely and had that buttery feel to them, I felt the ones from Too Faced applied much smoother when dealing with my crepey eyelids! My fix plus spray proved to be very useful to help get the best out of the shimmery shades from the cheaper palette.

I Heart Chocolate - Makeup Revolution
Left-Hand Side

Right-Hand Side

As you can see! Some but not many, swatch slightly different from the ones from Too Faced. What I have learnt through the many years of applying eyeshadow is some can swatch beautifully on your arm or on the  back of your hand. When it comes to applying on the eyes... it's a different story!  

When it came to swatching the shade, What a Way to go., I actually preferred this brighter but deeper tone of pink compared to Too Faced Cherry Cordial and the payoff proved to be better also.

You Need More - comes off as with slightly more of a taupe undertone, which I love, compared to Haute Chocolate.

Stolen Chocolate - has a warmer undertone and weaker pigmentation compared to the cooler toned of Triple Fudge from T/F. 

Thank Friday - came off very weak and lacked payoff and has a more of pinkness to it, but so slightly you'd hardly notice compared to the peachy tone of Salted Caramel.

More - is more golden compared to Marzipan which is more a peachy pink. 

Smooth Criminal - is a really lovely bronze shade but was lighter in colour compared to the deeper tone of Hazelnut from T/F.

The glitter element from the shades of Makeup Revolution proved to be a lot weaker and didn't show up as much compared to the stronger performing ones from Too Faced

The matte pink shade Meet Chocolate had a warmer undertone compared to Strawberry Bon Bon. 
The comparison from the remaining shades are extremely good with some that good, you couldn't tell the difference!

The dud of the pack was once again that purple as it was worse than Candied Violet. It lacked pigmentation and came off very muddy, and also didn't show any of that pretty pink glitter in it either. 

Now, you could argue that I'm being terribly picky here when comparing the shades but thought it would be handy to have in case you own the Too Faced one and have a friend who wants one but doesn't own neither! 

Overall thoughts:
All in all, considering you only pay £7.99, I mean the price is incredible really. I have to say, Makeup Revolution has done a pretty decent job with these and has produced some lovely shades, but I had to work just that little bit harder to get the shades to work to my satisfaction.

For me personally, when you reach my age, the skin on my eyelids are no longer as tight as a cling film sandwich, ha-ha! And benefits the qualities from higher-end formulas, (most of the time!) that can share that superior smoothness and the finely milled light-reflecting particles of the shimmers, which can help possess the illusion of smoother skin.

However, that's not to say I can never wear its cheaper alternative because I can, and still do sometimes for everyday wear. But when I want to wear shadows that are going give me something that extra special, I'll always turn to my premium ones.

Fortunately, when you're a lot younger you have the added benefit of having tighter skin that has the ability to wear far cheaper formulas than you could if you were my age. And yes, there is that argument that as we get older, we can no longer wear our beloved shimmers like we used to, as they do accentuate our crepey lids more and which is why we're steered towards more of the matte and satin formulas. As in saying that, there are some superb drugstore qualities out there and you only have to look at Sleek and Wet n Wild's Comfort Zone palette as proof of that is not always the case. 

Slightly going off course here! I've often imagined what it would be like if Sleek produced their own version, not that that's going to happen, I bet those shimmers would prove to be truly magical!

Do you own either of these chocolate bar palettes?

                                                                      Toni. xoxo



  1. Thanks so much for your thorough review! I've been reading a lot of too faced reviews lately, it seems, and have become so tempted to purchase one of their palettes! It's nice to know that there are affordable alternatives out there :)

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

    1. I love Too Faced. Do let me know which one you choose! :) xx

  2. The TF chocolate palette is one of my favourite palettes ever - I absolutely love the texture and pigmentation. I haven't tried the MUR palette but it looks like a pretty good dupe! xx


  3. I have both palettes and did the same comparison on my blog some time ago :) I agree, the MUR palette is a great alternative, especially for younger people but the Too Faced formulas are just that bit better which make the palette worth the extra money. x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

  4. Hey girl!

    This is such an awesome review. I wanted to have the chocolate bar palette for too faced for a long time now. The price has been always something that stopped be from buying it. The palette from Makeup Revolution seems to be a perfect alternative!
    I like your blog so much! Especially I love the design and the style of your pictures. Great job girl!

    Ive seen that you dont have that many followers yet, I actually cant understand that! What do you think about following each other to support and help each other? I would be so glad.

    Have a nice day!

    Regards, Lisa :)


    1. Thank you so much, Lisa! My blog has only been on bloglovin since March which may explain the lack of those thousands of followers, haha! I'll def look you up. xx


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