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Real Techniques Brush Collection | Sharing My Favourites| Part 1

Real Techniques Brushes

                  Real Techniques Brushes

                  Real Techniques Brushes, The Core Collection and Dual Fibre.

Real Techniques... a brand that needs very little introduction. A brush phenomenon that has taken the makeup world by storm since their arrival and has changed the way we apply our makeup - forever!

Whether you're a novice, an enthusiast or a makeup artist, these brushes have become a cult favourite and a must have. Makeup application for me, just simply wouldn't feel right without applying with these cruelty-free beauties. To be able to produce these gorgeously displayed coloured tools that give easy, flawless application on a budget, is short of a masterpiece. Isn't it any wonder that they're loved by millions across the globe! 

I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that Sam and Nic from Pixiwoo have done a fantastic job in the designing of these brushes; you've probably already discovered that for yourselves. What you probably didn't know that in the last year,  their brushes raked in 64% of the entire brush market here in the UK, which is pretty damn impressive! Now, apart from Eco Tools, there really wasn't much else to choose from when it came to the drugstore or high street market; so felt their arrival was long overdue! 

Over the last few years, I've developed quite an extensive amount (who hasn't?) and love every single one of them. But I will be sharing today the ones I use most, including their multi-tasking capabilities. When I originally wrote this post, it ended up being a rather long one, so decided to post this into two parts. 


L-R: Foundation Brush from Deluxe Set, Stippling Brush, Expert Face and Dome shadow.

I'll kick off with the primer application, which is a foundation brush that came part of their Deluxe Limited Edition Set - £20.00 that was released just before Christmas, last year. I moved away from using my fingers as I was concerned that the moisturiser that I'd just applied to my face from my hands would tamper with the formula of the primer. Using this brush prevents this and ensures even application all over the face. 

I love using the Dome Shadow brush that is part of the Eye Starter Set £20.00 for applying my eye primer from Urban Decay, which blends over the eye area in a quick swipe. 

There's no denying that all of the foundation brushes blend products beautifully resulting that even, flawless finish. I tend to alternate between them depending on the foundation I'm using. Although you can use these on any formula, I find that some can give me that bit more and can be more effective with certain foundations when it comes to applying my ageing skin. 

                  Real Techniques Brushes, The Core Collection and Dual Fibre.

This Stippling Brush - £10.99 was my very first purchase and introduction to the brand that has left me hooked since. I find this great for when I want a sheerer application from thicker, fuller coverage foundations, as the dual fibre and multi-length bristles doesn't pick up too much of the product but is still able to give a decent coverage. This is also the case when applying intense colours from cream blushers, as it gives a lighter application resulting the very little risk of clown cheeks! 

The Expert Face Brush - £8.99 is great for most foundations, I say most because when I use formula's like Maybelline Fit Me, because of its very thin texture, it was actually the miracle complexion sponge proved to be the best tool to achieve the desired coverage and finish.

                  Real Techniques, Pointed Foundation Brush, Buffing,Contour, Sponge

L-R: Pointed Foundation Brush, Buffing Brush, Contour Brush and Miracle Complexion Sponge. 

Moving on to the Miracle Complexion Sponge - £5.99 itself, apart from giving excellent finish when using the Fit Me foundation, I also find that no concealer is worth its weight in gold without being applied by this magical sponge. By using the dabbing or bouncing method whilst the sponge is damp, it zaps away any danger of that cakey-ness appearing and prevents the accentuation of my fine lines around the eye area, delivering a super flawless finish. When it comes to foundations, I don't know about you, I find it almost impossible to create a cakey finish when using this. I lightly wipe the first layer over the face then dab in the areas where I need more coverage. 

The Buffing Brush is probably my favourite out of all of the foundation brushes as I'm able to achieve a fuller coverage without compromising on that airbrush finish. Texture of the skin or even the foundation itself is obliterated by swirling and buffing the product into the skin. Stippling is also a method I use often to cover any redness on my cheeks.

This pointed foundation brush that's part of  The Core Collection - £20.99, is amazing and is the ideal tool for applying my peach corrector under the eye, because the pointed tip is the perfect size for the product to reach the shadow of the eye bag and the corner of the eye. Application of concealer is a piece of cake for when I want that highlighted cone shape under the eye, before finishing with the sponge.

When I use products like the Garnier BB cream, whether again because of its thin consistency I'm not sure, but the application was spot on. There was none of that obvious brush stroke look that you can get with some, so was able to build coverage beautifully whilst using this lightweight formula.
This contour brush from The Core Collection  has brought the setting of powder to a whole new level, as the tapered shape fits under the eye area perfectly enabling the powder to lightly dust on top of the concealer to set; preventing it caking and creasing. 

                  Real Techniques Brushes

In part 2, I shall be featuring my go to's for the cheek and eye area.       

Do you own any brushes from Real Techniques? Are any of these your favourites?

                                                                Toni. xoxo  



  1. Ever since I bought my first real techniques brush I haven't looked back. I literally have used them every day since I bought them, I couldn't imagine using another brand. They offer everything! <33

    Katie | Words By Katie

    1. Agreed! Not only do they offer great application they give us confidence too! :) xx


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