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Past Summer Limited Editions Arrive Back In Stock!

Too Faced A La Mode Eyes And Cargo Summer in The City Eyeshadow Palette

                  Too Faced A La Mode Eyes And Cargo Summer in The City Eyeshadow Palette

Hi, everyone!
I hope you all managed to enjoy the recent warm sunny weather we've been having. 

Yes, they're back! 

Limited editions seem to have that tendency of sending makeup enthusiasts into a frenzy and the whole beauty-sphere into meltdown, due to their unique and highly addictive packaging, the much hype, and of course, the pathetic numbers of stock they produce.

Although, having said that, here in the UK, there are some,  the Vice4 and Gwen Stefani Palettes have been lingering around for a while now. But, if you're anything like me, I don't always have the urge or have the funds to buy on impulse when it comes to these limited editions. I like to be given more time and to be able to view the quality in person, which the latter isn't always possible. However, it's always a bummer when you miss out on the ones that you were after, so it always exciting to see them make an unexpected return.

Anyway, what with the Summer season approaching, I thought It'd be nice to share with you a quick review on these past Summer limited editions, that are back in stock on the Debenhams website that was originally released within the last couple of years. Having said that, the A La Mode Palette is still available direct from the Too Faced website although, you may get stung with expensive shipping fees if delivered outside the US. Luckily, I managed to grab these the first time round. 

                  Too Faced A La Mode Eyes Eyeshadow Palette

Too Faced | A La Mode Eyes - Eyeshadow Palette | £32.00

Too Faced created this vibrant palette based on their French Riviera theme a couple of years ago that consists of 3 large pan highlighters and 6 smaller metallic eye-popping shades housed in a tin compact with a magnetic shut close. Inside there is also a mirror and a how-to glamour guide with some ideas to help you get started. 

What first attracted me to the A La Mode Eyes palette was everything! I thought the combination of the warm neutral shades, a bright pop of pink and the deep navy was so well fitted for the Summer theme. And of course, a copper - you know me! 

                Too Faced A La Mode Eyes Eyeshadow Palette

All three highlighters are stunning! Two out of the three are quite pigmented with La Croisette , a white pearl shade, proving to be the most pigmented and intense shade out of the entire palette. St Tropez is semi-sheer with tiny flecks of gold shimmer that could either be worn alone or on top of another shade to give it that extra shimmer. Riviera is a highly pigmented champagne shade that needs to be applied with a light hand when worn for the brow bone, which is where I wear this most. Now, whilst I was on a recent trip to London, I found two of these can also make a great alternative to highlighting the cheekbone.

                 Too Faced A La Mode Eyes Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

L-R: St Tropez, Riviera, La Croisette, Cannes, Soleil, Jardin, Cote d' Azure, Monaco, De Le Mar.

The remaining six smaller pan shades are very blendable  metallic finishes. Cannes is a very fiery copper that really does accentuate my green/grey eyes. Jardin is a gorgeous coral, golden pink but felt it looked a bit flat on me and needed building a little to show up. Monaco is a beautiful bright fuchsia pink that looks stunning when I wear it on the outer third of the crease when combined with mid-toned brown. It also reminded me of the shade Woodstock by UD when I first saw this. 

Soleil is a red brown that really looks stunning when blended with either of the shades in the crease, and I also love to use this to line the eyes, as it really makes my eyes pop! Cote d' Azur is a more of a deeper cooler brown which makes a great definer for the crease area. And lastly, De Le Mar. A rich blackened navy that's so pigmented, it left a stain on my arm after swatching.

The formula of these are soft and buttery and experienced no fallout, although some shades do need a little building to be able to mirror the depth of the shades in the palette. But that could be me being fussy! After all, I did pay £32.00 for this.

 My only gripe with this palette is their decision to add two brown shimmery shades as appose to one because I don't feel it's necessary to have two. A matt finish would have been far more useful to have for the crease area. All in all, this palette is a great one to own if you're looking for something colourful on a much smaller scale for the Summer. 

                Cargo Cosmetics Summer In The City Eyeshadow Palette

Canadian brand, Cargo released this beautiful golden eyeshadow palette last Summer featuring a combination of golds and bronze with an added soft purple and pink-y peach. It also comes with a black eyeliner pencil and a really decent soft brush to apply with. 

I'll start off with the eye pencil. At first glance, I thought the design of it looked nothing like the one from their Swimmables range, which is what I'm more familiar with. More like the standard type that you'd find back in the day and expected it to apply nasty and hard. Well, it just goes to show to never go by first impressions, as this is actually a pretty good one but as always, I like to set any eyeliner with black shadow so it prolongs the wear. 

I was actually really surprised at the quality of the brush, as to have a half decent one and a double ended one at that is included in a palette, is a rarity! It's super soft and blends the shades like a dream, and although the design of it doesn't look that exciting, it actually makes a really good all-rounder.

                  Cargo Cosmetics Summer In The City Eyeshadow Palette

The arrangement of these shimmery shades in this palette looks beautiful and so elegant that when I first viewed this online, I thought the inside packaging combined with the golds reminded me of the Lorac unzipped palette, which we can't get over here. (Lorac, please come to the UK!)

The formula is very soft and extremely lightweight, something I've never experienced before when it comes to eyeshadows. Pigmentation in most of these is amazing as you only need to lightly touch the shades to grab the colour. These are perfect for when you just want that easy wash of colour over the lid. They blend so so effortlessly and seamlessly without any fallout.

                   Cargo Cosmetics Summer In The City Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

L-R: Rooftop, Sunset, Bike Ride, Breeze, Rose, Summer Love, Heat Wave, Gelato, Sizzle, Sidewalk, Pool Party, Chill.

All these shades are all stunning with the exception of Heatwave and Pool Party if I'm totally honest, as the depth wasn't as strong as I hoped for when applied to the lid.  Again, my only gripe, just like the A La Mode palette is the lack of matte transition shades, otherwise, it'd be perfect! This is my very first eyeshadow palette from this brand, and I'm sure it won't be the last!

Out of the two, this one's my favourite as the shades are so wearable and so appealing, it's just such a beautiful palette.

Did you manage to buy these the first time round? What limited editions would you like to see return? 

                                                                     Toni. xoxo



  1. Two very beautiful palettes but if I had to choose between them, I'd go for the Too Faced! Great post! xx


    1. Cannes and Monaco are my favourite shades from that palette. :) xx

  2. Ooh the highlighter shades look gorgeous and the cargo palette colours are so pretty!

    Anoushka Probyn - A London Fashion Blog

    1. Agreed! Cargo is just too pretty! :) xx


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