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L.A Girl Pro. HD it worth the hype?

L.A Girl Pro HD Concealers

Everyone seems to be going bonkers over these L.A Girl Pro. HD Concealers, a product that's been  seen widely used for contouring and highlighting on Instagram and YouTube and costs less than a two stop bus ticket. 

So, for a product that costs no more than a fiver, I didn't hold much hope for this! As at the age of 43, my under eye area is no longer in possession of a skin as tight as a hospital bedsheet,
and feared that it was going to be a tall order for it to tackle these under eye issues.

Now apart from the eye bag problem, and I know nothing other than fillers or surgery will remove these pesky demons, I also have an annoying tiny vein under the eye that needs to be covered, as it often ends up peeking through any concealer half way through the day looking like a mascara smudge. So, a full coverage was needed without compromising on the finish.  

But first, let's get the lowdown to the claims from L.A Girl. They have produced a formula that is blendable and buildable and promises to be long-wearing that's crease-resistant, giving opaque coverage in a creamy lightweight texture. It has the ability to cover dark circles under the eye area, also covering any redness and imperfections, and evens out skin tone. Also, minimising the fine lines around the eyes.

Oh! And it comes in a bucket load of shades. 21 to be precise! From the fairest of the fair, Porcelain, right through to the deepest, Mahogany, and that's not even including the 3 colour correctors, Orange, Yellow and Green. So, this left me thinking "could this really be the tube of wonder?"  With all this in mind, and the fact that it's cheap as chips gave me all the more reason to  try out this intriguing marvel. I paid around £3 each for these on eBay but you can also purchase from Amazon or Beauty Bay.

                  L.A Girl Pro HD Concealers

Like I just mentioned, the range of shades is massive, so there is something for everyone, but although most of these looked very orange/peachy based, it was great to finally see a huge selection of colours for deeper skin tones. I feel they are always left short-changed when it comes to shades in the drugstore market here in the UK. It's infuriating! But that rant is for another day. I decided to order two shades, Creamy Beige and Natural, as I wasn't 100% sure which one would be suitable judging by the photos online.

I shall begin by pointing out the obvious. It comes in a plastic squeezy tube with 8g of formula with a small brush applicator attached to the end of the tube to assist with the application. Now I personally wasn't a fan of this brush as the bristles felt quite scratchy and uncomfortable at times but persevered before blending and finishing off with a damp sponge from Real Techniques. I found using this method gave me the best results. I always apply a very hydrating eye cream 5mins beforehand. 


                L.A Girl Pro HD Concealers Swatches, Natural And Creamy Beige

As soon as I saw Creamy Beige, I thought there was no way I'd be able to wear this as it looked too orange. But it surprised me, as the colour sheered out when blended.  For highlighting, the shade Natural was absolutely fine for my skin tone as it's more medium this time of year. 

My first impressions of the formula were that it was going to be just like the infamous concealer from Collection which I'm not a fan of, so was thrilled to discover this was nothing like it.


Formula and Performance:

The formula is quite pigmented but actually really lightweight despite giving the impression that it's going be on the heavy side. When I applied on to the back of my hand the texture looked as if it was going to be a bit cakey and thick, but it wasn't. It's a sneaky one! Now, I wouldn't consider this a full coverage concealer,  more light - medium, but it's really buildable and was actually really lovely and smooth once applied under the eye area. 

This finish is surprisingly natural looking and there's no creasing either, it's really nice! I'm able to really go to town with the layers, and it still holds up really well. Although, I still need to use my Pixi peach corrector which I'd still use even with a premium concealer, so that issue didn't bother me really.

It seems to set quite quickly, so I can see where the claim from other vloggers that it's a dupe for the Mac Pro Longwear comes from. But in terms of coverage and longevity, no! Plus, the L.A one feels more hydrating. 

Just like most drugstore concealers that I've used in the past, it does start to fade over the course of the day with the tiny vein reappearing on a few occasions. However, for the price, I suppose I'll have to expect that. Plus, there was none of that obvious sign where some formulas tend to break apart and just sit on the skin, either. My only other issue is I can see me finishing this tube in no time as I seemed to be quite heavy-handed for the application needed.

I also took a photo of some of the other concealer shades you might own as a guide to help you and compare with the one from L.A Girl.  

                 L.A Girl Pro HD Concealers Swatches, Natural And Creamy Beige

Sorry! I meant to label the Bourjois Concealer as Radiance Reveal.

All in all despite the gripes, I can't quite get over the price of this concealer as it is pretty good despite my tiny vein issue, which knowing me, I'm probably in a minority with this problem. I really loved the finish too. I've used others that are more around the £10 mark that hasn't performed half as good as this one so I can see where the hype comes from and have to agree, it is worthy of that hype. I totally forgot to order some deeper tones to see how it'll perform for contouring, so will have to try that technique at a later date.

Have you tried this concealer?  

                                                                    Toni. xoxo


  1. This is very high on my list, thanks for sharing your review. I am going to order these tonight. I am still undecided as to what shade to get, I know I want an under eye concealer and a contour colour so I can see how they perform. I will have to look at swatches online. Great post x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin | Instagram

  2. I've not tried the LA Girl Pro HD concealer but I've heard of it! I don't need a heavy-duty concealer under the eyes as I just have a bit of darkness in the inner corners (depending on how tired I am, which is usually loads, always, haha!). This sounds like it might be quite a good bet for me - I'll have to check it out :)
    Rebecca | Notes From September

  3. such a great review!!
    I've actually just posted about them too hahaha, and loved them! especially the green and yellow correctors (:

    Life in Pastel

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed them too! :)xx


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