Monday, 18 April 2016

The BLUSH Tag!


This is a really fun tag that's been doing the rounds on YouTube, answering questions regarding blushers in YOUR collection, not what you've seen in other people's! I only really started getting into blushers in the last few years, so I don't have that many - she says! I need some more higher end!. So some answers may appear more than once. I've only included singles or blusher palettes. None from combo sets.

If you're reading this? Then consider yourself tagged and let me know either in the comments section or drop me an email if you've posted your list too, so I can have a look.


1. Best Packaging:

This would probably have to go to the Milani's gold compacts. Although some may argue the size of these maybe a little bulky, I just love that combination of the gold and satin finish making them appear more expensive than they actually are. Stunning!


2. Prettiest Colour:

Laura Geller - Pink Rose. The colour and highlighter combined gives a really pretty pop of transparent pink that's youthful and uplifting.


3. Most Pigmented:

It would have to go to the Sleek Lace Palette as the shades are quite intense. I got this totally wrong as I thought the shades were much lighter than shown on the website. A light hand is definitely required when using this palette although shades are gorgeous and would look amazing on deeper or tanned skins. 


4. Everyday Blush:

Now this one is an old cult favourite. Pinched by Nyx is a gorgeous coral that makes it super easy to wear regardless of what undertone of the shadows and lippie you're wearing. These singles are probably Nyx best formula's when it comes to their blushers. 


5. Party Blush:

Now I would normally gravitate towards a shade with very little colour along with the lips, simply because I like to wear a strong smoky eye. Just a light dusting of this light neutral blush from the Sugar and Spice Palette - Makeup Revolution would be the perfect choice. 


6. Regret Purchasing:

One that was bought in the boxing day sales was this blusher palette by Makeup Revolution which doesn't have a name. The shades are too bright and the formula doesn't appear to be as good as their existing line. They seem dry, didn't blend as well and didn't last very long.


7. Least Used:

So Pretty by Collection 2000 or Collection as it's now called these days. Far from pretty! Pretty awful is what I would describe it as the formula isn't nice at all. Just breaks up and highlights every imperfection possible on my skin.


8. Most Used/Would Never Let Go Of:

Heavens above, imagine the Palpitations! I couldn't possibly live without Luminoso by Milani. I love that it gives that added warmth and subtle glow to the cheeks and is a firm favourite when paired up with any warm shadows or lippie. 


9. Favourite Blush Brand:

 Again would be Milani! Just look at them sitting all pretty! Their baked blushers are formulated so beautifully as they have the ability to give the cheeks a wash of colour combined with a subtle glow. You can read a full review on all the Milani Blushers featured here.


10. Greatest Blush Discovery Of The Year:

My reasons for this is the concept behind it rather than the shade itself, and this goes to Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain - Jane Iredale in Forever Pink. This soothing balm gives you your own unique flush of colour once it comes into contact with the natural oils of the skin. This was a sample I received last year and was really impressed with the moisturising properties of the olive and avocado butter and is ideal for the cold Winter months.


11. Most Practical:

That's a tough one! Erm!...I'm going give this one to Sleek. These single compacts are so small and sleek making them perfect for travelling. I going to also add the Pink Rose by Laura Geller, simply because the highlighter and blusher can be used separately.

12. Least Practical:

These large palettes by Makeup Revolution because of the bulkiness when travelling. The blushers themselves are amazing for the price you pay for. Super pigmented and blend effortlessly.


13. Most Expensive:

Laura Geller in the shade Mauve Mocha Latte which was about £20 odd quid! It's a gorgeous autumnal shade and perfect for mature skin. 


14. Least Expensive:

The one from Collection, which was probably no more than £3.00. 

I've added one extra


15. Best Designed Pan:

This would have to definitely go to Milani Rose Blushers. The deep engraved flower design really is eye catching and so beautiful and lasts a very long time.

I shall look forward to reading your choices!

                                                                Toni. xoxo                


  1. Love your post, you have some gorgeous blushers! Need to get some of the Milani blushes in to my collection, they look stunning.
    Would love it if you could follow my blog back!!
    Kerrie xx

    1. Thank you, Kerrie! A blusher from Milani needs to be in everyone's collection. They are just so beautiful! Followed your blog. XX

  2. The Milani blushes are beautiful! I have berry amore and another one as well as Luminoso and I feel I need a light hand with these too!


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