Friday, 1 April 2016

Products That Have Hit Pan


Hello, lovelies!

Not the prettiest of pictures, agreed. Today I'll be showing you which products have finally hit pan. With the volume of makeup I own, it seems virtually impossible to imagine reaching the end of any pot. Within this stash, there features a couple that I'm desperate to get shot of. 



Tone Correcting Powder | E.L.F | £4.50

A colour correcting powder compact that contains four shades to help mattify, brighten and even out skin tone. If you're not familiar with the colour wheel, Yellow helps to brighten and neutralise red, Blue neutralises orange, Green neutralises red and Pink brightens dull grey complexions. Shades can be used individually or swirled together, which is what I do.  

Before I purchased this, I had just run out of the HD Illuminating loose powder also by elf, as I hoped this would work in a similar way but in a compact form. This was before they later introduced the compact edition of the HD powder. The texture is a little on the dry side to the touch, but is finely milled. I do find it brightening but most importantly, the oil absorption proved ineffective. As you may already know, I do have an oily T-zone, so perhaps this would work better on drier skins. 

Although, not a complete failure. As the formula is finely milled, I've been using this for setting my under eye concealer, and it doesn't do a bad job either.



Nude Matte Eyeshadow | Nyx | £4.00

Shade: I Have A Headache.

Ha ha! Don't you just love that name? I have a couple of these including another in the shade Skinny Dip, which is a mid-tone burgundy. I have to say, I was quite impressed by these. I Have A Headache is a great neutral shade to cover any discoloration on the eyelid area, so it creates the perfect blank canvas. Despite the formula, once again being a little on the dry side, payoff is very good and blends really well. I tend to only use this if there are no eyeshadow palettes containing this type of shade.



Lemon Aid | Benefit | £16.50

Another colour correcting product? I promise you, this really is a coincidence. With Lemon aid, I was kinda hoping to kill two birds with one stone, due to the ability to colour correct whilst used as an eye primer. Colour correct it did! Prime? It sadly did not. It had no staying power what-so-ever!

You can use this to tone down any high colour you may have on other areas of the face as well, which It does do a really good job. This bright yellow corrector isn't as scary and intense as may look in the pan. It's actually really soft and builds up nicely. So when applied to the areas of concern, the coverage is excellent without it looking too obvious. 



French Vanilla Highlighter | Laura Geller | £30.00 for supersize split highlighter

As you can see, this one came in a split compact with a blusher and is in badly need of replacing. It can be purchased on its own. However lately, I've noticed this only seems to be sold as part of a split highlighter compact that includes another highlighter shade Portifino. 

This, my friends, is my Holy Grail highlighter! 

This baked formula applies smooth and silky without emphasising my pores and wrinkles. My cheeks are plumped and the finish looks like a stroke of light rather than a strong highlight.  I love how it gives a solid, semi - matte sheen that is quite different from the usual transparent shimmer you can experience with others. For that totally wide awake look, apply in the corner area of the eye and you'll look like you've had a good nights kip

Sometimes, this highlighter comes with a paddle style sponge applicator, which is really useful for building up the intensity of the colour and transports the product onto the cheeks smoothly and effortlessly. If you hate shimmery highlighters and are looking for something a bit softer, I urge you to try this one. 

French Vanilla works great for every occasion, as it's gentle enough to wear during the day or can be amped up for the evening.

Do you have any products that you need to finish?

                                                                      Toni. xoxo

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