Monday, 4 April 2016

My Mac Lipstick Collection


Yes, the amount may be paltry and maybe pathetic, but it's a start. Considering my first purchase was only last Autumn after trying to find a shade similar to my lipstick from Charlotte Tilbury. 

Bitch Perfect was my go to shade all last Summer and was worn to death! I couldn't justify paying the hefty price tag again so opted for a more affordable alternative from Mac.

By the way, the one I eventually purchased is no dupe for Bitch Perfect - Sorry! 


Shy Girl | £15.50 

A shade that has me down to a tea as I wear nothing but nudes, and although some would argue that I'm really quite shy! 

Shy Girl is a very pretty peachy nude that's flattering, adds warmth and instantly brightens my complexion. It's my favourite out of the three, and one that I gravitate towards when wearing warm neutral eyeshadows, with the chocolate bar palette by Too Faced being a prime example. The peach undertones compliment every shade in this palette perfectly, but when worn with a flush of Milani Luminoso blusher, it's a match made in heaven. The shine you experience is subtle and elegant, whilst the cremesheen formula is comfortable, long-wearing but non-drying

I think the name compliments this shade perfectly, and for the shy girl in you. 


Velvet Teddy | £15.50 

A shade that's been a sell-out everywhere and has sent the world in meltdown, ever since it was rumoured to have embellished upon the lips of Kylie Jenner, from the Kardashian clan.  

It's a deeper toned brown nude, with a slight pink undertone. I have to admit, I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with this one. Sometimes it suits me, other times it doesn't. Could even, perhaps look a little dull on me. So for this reason it's worn sparingly. The formula is matte but applies creamy to begin with. Longevity is excellent and once again non-drying.  


Blankety is a shade that grows on me me each time it's worn, as I was initially concerned of the paleness of the shade would make my lips look like the creature of "death". This nude has a neutral pink undertone, and like so many other nudes, it has the versatility to create a different look when worn with a contrasting lip liner.                                    

When paired with a dark smoky eye, it can balance the look beautifully to allow the eyes to perform. Or shown off with a neutral eye paired with a soft dewy glow. My only gripe is that the amplified creme formula in this shade isn't as long wearing as the others. Nevertheless, it still gives a beautiful finish. 


I may only have 3, but my wish list is by no means short. I've also been eyeing up their lip glass range as well, especially Nymphette!  Here are the shades that I dream to own. You are more than welcome to add any others you feel I should have. 

• Creme de nude
• Angel
• Honey love 
• Kinda Sexy
• Viva a Glam II
• Faux
• Mehr
• Creme Cup
• Yash
• Jubilee
• Girl About Town 
• Ruby Woo
• Russian Red

What are your favourite lip shades from Mac? 

                                                                           Toni. xoxo 


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