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L'Oreal Colour Riche Lipsticks | Review



I don't know about you, I've always felt that there's something quite unique about the Colour Riche lip range from L'Oreal. It's hard to imagine that these are actually a budget brand, as their packaging looks luxurious and high end, and the scent always takes me back to the old days (before mortgage and kids!) when I would to wear premium lip wear from Helena Rubinstein, as it just smells so similar. 

Today, I'm going to share with you 4. 3 from the exclusive collection and one from their original line.

The exclusive collection comprises of 3 ranges of signature shades of Reds, Pinks and Nudes chosen by celebrity spokespersons for L'Oreal and are also tailor made to suit all skin tones. Despite their luxurious look  they retail at a very affordable price of £6.99. 


                      L-R: J Lo's Nude and Eva's Delicate Rose.



As you've probably guessed J Lo's Nude is one that I would gravitate towards out of the 4 due to a love for everything nude. It's a gorgeous easy wearable muted pink that gives off a slight sheen finish when worn. It's a little less pigmented and more lightweight than the other 3 but not in a negative way; one assumes that the satin sheen finish could likely be the cause.

Eva's Delicate Rose is beautiful mid tone pink that gives off a solid matte finish. Both formula's glide on easily and are super comfortable to wear, with the longevity of Eva's Delicate Rose proving to fare better out of the two. 

Wow! What more can I say? These reds really do pack a punch! Both shades are fabulously bold and bursting with colour. Liya's red is a deeper toned than shown in the photo and one that I prefer to wear out of the two due to skin tone suitability.

Shade 229 has more of a orange undertone that kind of resembles Lady Danger from Mac; although I wouldn't go as far as saying it's an exact dupe. The formula is luxurious, creamy and really long lasting and wears with very little danger of leaving that lip lined look, where colour has worn away throughout the day. Due to the shape of the bullet all 4 shades applied easily without the need of lip liners but would enhance the look further should you wish to wear one. 


                    L - R: Liya's Red and Shade 229. 




Have you tried any shades from the Colour Riche range? What are your favourites? 

                                                                     Toni. xoxo



  1. I've tried eva nude and evas red - i love them both! Eva's nude is also a good dupe for Charotte Tilbury's Bitch Perfect. I must get Evas rose to complete my Eva collection haha. I agree, the formual is brilliant for a budget brand xx

    LPage Beauty 

    1. Thanks for the heads up on the Charlotte Tilbury dupe, I shall have a look next time I'm in Boots. X

  2. I love Eva's delicate rose, such a pretty colour and I bet it looks amazing on the lips :)


  3. I love Eva's delicate rose, such a pretty colour and I bet it looks amazing on the lips :)



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