Friday, 25 March 2016

Spring Into Pink!


Yes, Spring is finally upon us even though it's still pretty nippy out there. We have enjoyed some super Spring sunshine here on the East coast, but we just need those temperatures to slightly nudge towards more in the right direction.

I don't know about you? But I have been desperate to inject some cheerful colour into my makeup routine since the second half of Winter. At long last, I can move away from the dark and dreary colours and embrace some more brighter uplifting shades.

In the past, Pink was a shade that I wouldn't be seen dead in! And was a shade that would make me run to the hills. Why? Because the Pink of yesteryear was too bright, too Blue and far too unflattering for my complexion. Thank god things have changed!



This amazing blusher palette by Makeup Revolution is probably the most budget friendly pallets out there on the market. These 6 gorgeous warm pink shades are just right up my alley, and are perfect to add that pop of colour to the cheeks, along with 2 stunning highlighters to help add a little glow. What I love about these type of pallets is that you can bounce around combining different shades and create your own unique look. Pigmentation is excellent as you can apply with a light hand or heavier for a stronger payoff. What you get for the price is pretty good!



A beautiful rose created for the beautiful actress Eva Longoria, is part of a range dedicated to the stars of Hollywood. I have more shades which I will post a review at a later date. 

L'Oréal have done a super job with their Color Riche line. You will never need to worry about touch ups, as they last soo long! Eva's Rose is a stunning, deceiving but in a good way, deep rose, because it looks brighter on the lips than it does in the bullet. Highly pigmented, super smooth and comfortable to wear giving you that matte finish. The shape of the bullet allows you to apply to perfection, needing very little help from lip liners. Apply - than out the door! 



These are an absolute bargain and are great if you are on a tight budget. Not giving up is stunning Neutral Pink with a slight Brown undertone. It kinda looks peach in the picture but it's actually leaning towards more Pink in the flesh. This shade is ideal if don't have the confidence to wear brighter colours but want something a bit more than just a nude. My full review of these Liphugs. 


After practically living in dark berry shades like Victoria or Wilton Row from Nails Inc, which at times can look a little harsh on my hands, I was beginning to start itching for some girly glam once again. What a fab bright shade this is? These nail lacquers are amazing! Shades are solid and apply easily and evenly. have more shades to show on a more in depth review here.

A pretty rose nude pink is always a great shade to wear on the days where we don't want to bring too much attention to our hands. Then again, I can't think of anything more elegant than to see a beautifully manicured nude pink nails. This formula has stand the test of time against my battered hard working hands whist at work. 


A palette full of really pretty, rosy toned shades is a firm favourite of mine and was recently featured in my favourite palette stash which you can read here. Expect no more other than fabulous quality from Urban Decay as they are super pigmented, blend like a dream - you get the picture! 

You won't find any overpowering tones here, as these give you that gentle lift needed to steer you away from the usual neutrals. There are, however some really gorgeous dark shades to play around with if you wish to take your look up to the next level. 

Spring just wouldn't be Spring for me without wearing this pretty palette. 

What are your choices this Spring? 

                                                                   Toni. xoxo



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