Monday, 28 March 2016

Brush Essentials | My Latest Top 5 For The Eye


Hi, everyone!

Up until my mid thirties, I'd never really used brushes that much as I never considered them necessary for basic everyday makeup. With so many different types to choose from, each created to do a specific job, I'd also lacked the knowledge and expertise when it came to application. 

It just goes to show at no matter what age, it's never too late to learn! 

So, over time, you could say I've accumulated a pretty decent amount, due to a never ending wish list.  And I have to say, these tools have proven to be the perfect assistance, in helping me achieve a more flawless finish to my look. 


Other than the legendary 217, this multi-task brush is probably found just as much in every makeup junkie's kit. It's a good all rounder, as the short bristles from this tightly compact design allows you to apply in so many ways. Perfect for packing shadow onto the lid, smudging out eyeliner, creating a smoky wing and highlighting the brow area.


Ok, maybe cheating here a little as this one's double ended. I've discovered that I really need to buy more of these bamboo types from Tarte, as they are just so bloomin' good! Now this one, originally came with the Tartelette eyeshadow palette, but you can still purchase the brush alone. The updated design, is now featured with a slight angle shape. (Slightly bent look)

The super soft bristles seems to have the ability to self blend, as I hardly need to use another clean brush to blend away any harsh edges (although I still do). The tapered shape makes it easy to create a crease and add depth. The large flat shader allows you to pack on shadow and limits any fall out. Also, a big thumbs up for being cruelty free too! 


Small Smudge Brush | Real Techniques - Prices may vary £12 - £20 For Set 

Unfortunately, only sold as part of the limited edition eyeliner set (which is still available by the way) is used to smudge out the eyeliner. Nowadays, I've recently discovered that this brush is the perfect shape and width for creating depth to my crease.


Eyeliner Brush | Real Techniques From Starter Set - £20.99 

Never before have I achieved such a good wing eyeliner since I invested in this starter set. As this fine eyeliner has really helped me become a much improved wing artist! The size of the bristles allows you to apply progressive layers to achieve the desired thickness. Applying to the upper waterline is fast due to its length and comfortable ability, as using pencils can make this process quite ticklish! 



Now I've recently swapped my crease brush for this little fella as the size for applying transition shades to my small crease area is spot on!  There's not much space between the lid and my brow so this makes it easy to apply without overloading with product. Due to its small, sparse bristles, it also has the ability to apply colour to the outer border of the crease. Another winner that blends effortlessly and flawlessly. 

What eye brushes do you use regularly?  

                                                                        Toni. xoxo


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