Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Anti-Ageing Skincare - 5 Active Ingredients That Have Worked For Me (& Others You Should Take Note)

Anti-Ageing Skincare - 5 Active Ingredients That Have Worked For Me

(Disclaimer: *Some Products mentioned were purchased from brands I've previously worked with.

In recent years, the skincare aisle has seen an never-ending flow of new products being added, and new brands arriving regularly - a trend that doesn't appear to be slowing down anytime soon. 

Even for me who's been blogging on beauty products for nearly 4 years, there are times when all these concoctions can seem a bit overwhelming when looking for something new. Those crowded shelves used to do a pretty good job to entice me to part with my money, claiming they'll provide the latest whatever latest fad my skin happen to need at that moment in time. Which made things terribly tricky to cherry pick (and still is) what I really needed rather than what I'm led to believe. Especially when the aim is pretty much the same thing - slow down ageing. 

So how did I overcome this? 


Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Make-Up From Beauty Pie - Is It Any Good?

Makeup From Beauty Pie - is it any good?

In my previous post, I shared my thoughts on some of the skincare products I’d purchased from Beauty Pie. 

This time round it’s the turn of makeup!

If you’ve no idea who or what Beauty Pie is, then you may want to pop back to my previous post – Discovering Beauty Pie Skincare - where I share all the details on how you can access luxury beauty products at factory prices - "because we all love a bargain, don’t we?"

As I mentioned in that previous post, I only became interested in Beauty Pie when they started adding skincare which turned out be something I’d highly recommend!

But unfortunately, there were a times when they didn’t have what I wanted in stock. So, instead I ventured towards the makeup without feeling too compelled to try very much, as a lot of what I saw looked similar to what I already have. After all, there are only so many highlighters you need!

But on the whole though and just like with most brands, there are going some that you love and some not so much. 

Just so you know, this post isn't sponsored. All products was purchased using my own money.


Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Discovering Skincare From Beauty Pie!

discovering skincare from Beauty Pie

If you haven’t yet heard of Beauty Pie, then where have you been?

Beauty Pie is the brainchild of Soap and Glory/Bliss Spa/Soaper Duper founder Marcia Kilgore.

It’s a beauty buyer’s club where you pay a monthly or yearly membership to access a backstage pass to luxury products at factory prices from the world’s leading beauty labs. These products are reached before the brands add their fancy packaging. Some of these labs are based in Switzerland and Eastern Asia who are renowned for their skincare expertise, quality and technology. As well as makeup and skincare, Beauty Pie also sell candles and fragrance.

You'll be happy to discover that these products are cruelty-free, although not all may be vegan-friendly (you may need to double-check). These are also formulated from the usual free-form's (free from minerals, parabens etc etc...). However, some may also be mildly fragranced.

When Beauty Pie first launched a couple of year's back, I wasn’t interested as it featured mainly makeup which I have more than enough of, lol! Then they began adding skincare and that’s when things started to get more interesting. So, at the beginning of the year, I decided to join up after hearing a lot of positive reviews - plus, the allurement of their first-month-free promotion helped signing up that be sweeter! (and I have one for you too!) I was pretty sure that after three months I’d be cancelling it anyway. But six months on, I still find myself being allured and enjoying slices from the pie.


Monday, 20 May 2019

Twist and Spritz - the handbag essential everyone needs.

twist and spritz review in black

PR sample* | Twist and Spritz* is a pocket size atomiser that's designed to work as an alternative to your full-size bottle of fragrance. Its small, compact design allows you to top-up your favourite scent anytime and anywhere.

I don't know about you... I often worry about breakages whenever I pack my bottle in my vanity case. The worry of breakage as well as size and weight is also off-putting for carrying one in my handbag too. So this handy little spray makes life a lot easier when I want a quick spritz while out and about.

twist and spritz review in black

The atomiser comes in an 8ml size which gives you approximately 100 sprays - plenty to cover the entire holiday and more! They also come in a choice of 15 trendy colours including finishes in Rose Gold, Silver and Gold. There is even something for the guys too! I love its sleek, travel-friendly design which includes a hidden spray nozzle, which you turn to release before spritzing!

To fill, you simply pull out the inner clear tube and place the valve over the nozzle of your chosen fragrance - then pump!

Twist and Spritz is also aircraft friendly. So there's no needing to pack with the rest of your luggage. 

Prices start from £10 and can be purchased from The Fragrance Shop.

twist and spritz review in black

Will you be purchasing a Twist and Spritz? What are your thoughts?

Toni. xx

Disclaimer: Post not sponsored. Product(s) marked with asterisk (*) was sent to me for review. All opinions are my own. Please see disclaimer for more info. 

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