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My Bullet-proof Summer Base For Special Occasions

My Bullet-Proof Summer Makeup

If you live in ole "Blighty" you'll know how unpredictable the weather can be at times, with the Summer season sharing no exception to the rule. It can be mild one minute, and absolutely boiling hot the next. So, I find I have to own several different foundations to adapt to the ever changing temperatures to avoid my makeup slipping off, and ensure my skin still feels comfortable during the process. 

However, when it's really hot, the last I want to do is plaster myself in makeup. But unfortunately, there are times when that's just not possible - especially when you have a wedding or party to go to where the requirement of makeup needs to be a tad more full-on than normal.

These products I'm sharing with you today help me achieve all-day wear that lasts right up to the last dance, no matter what the temperature is (and I don't have as setting spray insight!).With having combination skin thrown in the mix, this also means aiming for a more matte coverage to hide my enlarged pores that tends to go into overdrive this time of year. 


First up, I need something that's gonna help shrink those pores. This needs to a light base that provides enough hydration so my skin doesn't want to drink it, but at the same time not too greasy that my makeup slips off. I've recently been enjoying the Caolion Pore Tightening Day & Night Glowing Duo* - £30.00. (which I won't give too much away as I plan on posting a more in-depth review). Any skincare that's used the night before can help make an impact on how my skin behaves the following morning. I've been using their night mask which has proven to be really good as I've noticed a difference in the look of that stretchy pore look that comes with age.  The following morning after cleansing and after applying serums, I then apply the day cream. This seems to be doing the trick .It provides a lovely weightless gel-like texture that absorbs instantly into my skin. 

Caolion Pore Tighening Duo

My Bullet-Proof Summer Makeup


Once my skincare is done, I then move on to my primer, and this one from Deciem brand
Hylamide - Hylamide HA Blur Face Serum £19.00 is just brilliant for blurring my pores whilst keeping everything in place. The HA Blur Face Serum is a next generation formula that helps to scatter light in different directions to help hide pores and wrinkles, and on top of that, it makes my foundation super longwearing too! This primer gives me the best of both worlds because as well as keeping my base semi-matte, it also keeps my skin hydrated too.


To prevent any disturbance from the primer that I've just applied, I then apply Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation-£30.00 in the shade Medium Honey, by using the bouncing method with my Real Techniques Miracle Sponge. It has this creamy mousse-like texture which I find perfect for my combination skin; and despite the formula looking rather thick on first view, it actually melts really nicely onto my skin. It's very build-able so you can go sheer or full-on depending which tool you're using. I absolutely love how it evens out my complexion and gives this blurred, semi-matte finish that looks flawless but natural. It also comes with an SPF 15 which is essential for giving that all year round protection. Having SPF may increase the risk of flashback but that doesn't bother me as I don't really participate in photos. I find the primer and the foundation work really well together and love the way it handles my oils by allowing a tiny amount through so my skin doesn't look too flat, but at the same time doesn't end up me looking like an oil slick! 


Oh my! When it comes to coverage and longevity, Tarte Shape Tape - £28.00 has proven to be a real game changer! I find that a lot if concealers never stay on all day on me as I have a this mark under the eye that looks like a vein which always manages to peek through during the course of the day. Again, this is another product that I'll soon be sharing a more in-depth review. But one thing I will say is that the hype is real!

No amount of concealer will disguise the bags, but this concealer pen by Seventeen Skin Wow Concealer - £4.99 helps to take the edge off the harshness of it, by brightening that dark saggy bag area and leaving my eyes looking like I've had a good nights kip!. It's just so affordable for what it does, and apart from adding light to the under eye area, you can use it for highlighting the high points of the face including the cheekbones and also along the bridge of the nose. 


Sometimes, it's the littlest things that can make a difference, and that's exactly what Mac Mineralize Skin Finish -£24.50 does. The powder is really finely milled that applies beautifully without any cakey-ness or mess! I use the shade Medium Plus, and a light dusting of this with my Real Techniques Powder Brush helps set my makeup and blur the complexion slightly and just bring everything together! Love it!

My t-zone = enlarged pores = DANGER ZONE! This is my second compact of the Too Faced Primed & Poreless Pressed Powder - £24.00 because I love how it matifys my t-zone and minimise the look of my pores without looking dry, and provides my skin with that lit-from-within blurred finish. I'd say this powder is best suited for combination and oily skins as dry skins may find it a tad drying.

The handy pad that comes supplied makes it the ideal companion for touch-ups throughout the day. But it's not like other powders where the pad just sits unhygienicly on top of the powder as it has a special storage space that's underneath the pan, so the two will never meet.

Which products do you use to provide all day wear? 

Toni. xoxo



  1. Great post! I love the Tarte Shape Tape too. I'm going to check out the Mac powder. Http://

  2. I loved reading this, the Hylamide primer sounds incredible and like one I need to pick up. I love that it's moisturising too. The Tarte concealer sounds like one I need to pick up too.

    Kristy |


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