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Latest Drugstore Buys : Lips

Call the Shots, Fiery Fuchsia and Bear Hug

"Brights don't suit me!" would be a cry regularly heard from yours truly whenever I hit the makeup counter, leaving every assistant opened mouthed and looking perplexed! "REALLY? But you're dark!" they'd all reply! Often referring to the dark hair and also the olive toned complexion they seem to see which I don't. So after hearing the same response for the umpteenth time (this time from a consultant from Clarins) I decided to bite the bullet whilst it's Summer and play around with some brights; which to be honest, I was getting quite bored of nudes anyway! (who'd have thought?)

 I nearly bought a beautiful shade from the new Estée Lauder range but due to the price, I chickened-out at the very last minute - so drugstore it was to be then! Unfortunately, whenever I'm shopping for lipsticks, a nude shade always has to sneak in! For me, it's just the law! "Thou shall not leave the store without buying a Nude Lippie!"

But going back to the brights, the reason why I really struggle with these, is that I can't carry these off very well as they tend to age me in an instant. Getting the right balance with the warmth and harmonious tones can be a tricky thing for us one minute cool the next minute warm type of gals especially in the Summer as our complexions can  begin to look a little Pink-y Peach and share too much colour! And when it comes to Reds, I have to agree with celebrity make up artist Mary Greenwell's theory that once you reach 45, Reds aren't really for you is definitely the case for me But as in saying all that, I think you can over observe your own skin. You see every flaw and every tone at every angle! So, I thought it was time to give myself a break and enjoy some bolds shades whilst it's still Summer.

Along with the Nude, let's have a look at these brights that'd normally leave me having a few drinks before leaving the house!

Bright Lipsticks Featuring Maybelline, Rimmel, Tanya Burr Cosmetics

Rimmel | The Only 1 Matte Lipstick in Call The Shots £6.99

If I'm gonna go bright, I've gotta go matte. Anything glossy would be over-kill!

This is the type of shade I've been looking for all my life! Call the Shots really does pack a punch! It's a warm Pink-y Red/Coral that has the perfect blend and balance without coming off too garish. It suits my undertone PERFECTLY! This is a very high coverage lipstick that looks amazing on the lips although blotting and re-applying is must to prevent fadeing around the centre, but I'm cool with that. This also comes with a really pretty sweet scent. The only thing I have to watch is that I don't apply too much on the inner part of the Lip as these can be a little drying. Other than that, they're very comfortable to wear. The only stumbling block with these is the shape of the bullet which makes it awkward for creating that precise application, so a lip brush is needed.

Maybelline | Colour Sensational Loaded Bold in Fiery Fuchsia £6.99

As they say, "Go bold or go home!" And bloody hell, its certainly bold!!! That's the trouble with in-store lighting! You can never tell until you get it home. I'm sure my mother-in-law has this! And she has Indian skin haha! I'll be seen from Holland when wearing this. It's a real showstopper that looks amazing on the lips! Preferably worn for the evening although I could always mix this for during the day. These satin formulas from Maybelline are great as they are super comfortable and give amazing pigmentation. Fiery Fuchsia is a medium bright Pink with subtle cool undertones. But despite it's bold statement, it doesn't enhance the pinkness too much that's going on in my complexion which is great.  It's been a while since a purchased one from Maybelline as for some reason I was never wowed by them. It seems they've had a bit of an upgrade on their formulas. I'm so impressed! I shall have head back for more! 

Looking very boring against these two is this lovely warm Nude from Tanya Burr Cosmetics. The shade Bear Hug is a recent release as part of the Neutral Ambience collection; which also includes the pretty khaki hues of My Escape eyeshadow palette which I also purchased (link, if you want to read more). 

But before we get into the formula, let's take a look at this stunning gold packaging! It looks so much more expensive than it actually is and you'll share no qualms whipping this out of your handbag! Unfortunately, with this one, that where the joy ends, as the formula of this semi-matte finish can be a little drying on my lips and doesn't tend to last very long which is shame as it's such a lovely colour. 

Bright Lipsticks Call the Shots, Fiery Fuchsia and Bear Hug

Have you tried any of these? Which bright shades have you been wearing this Summer? 

Toni. Xoxo


  1. Love the Tanya burr nude shade! I don't wear brights all that often either ;)

  2. I love brights for summer! Especially a great fuscia.

  3. I loved this blog. I struggle too with brights due to my medium/olive skin tone but I've made a note of all three as they all look lovely xxx

  4. All these look gorgeous! I love bright lipsticks for summer evenings. X

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