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Discovering Super Affordable Skincare From Balance Active Formula*

Anti-Ageing Formulas From Balance Active Formula Skincare

Anti-ageing products can be a challenging task choosing which ones are suitable for each specific skin type or problem. And it isn't cheap either! As some can be so expensive it's enough to give your bank balance a heart attack! Pretty packaging can have its virtue too, luring you in along with their fancy claims has often left me disappointed.  Balance Active Formula understands the needs of providing affordable skincare whilst on a budget, by ditching the fancy packaging and concentrating on the important part - the ingredients! The low cost brand has developed various award winning ranges formulated with clinically proven active ingredients to minimise the signs of ageing. And they're paraben free too! 

I'd been kindly sent some products from them which I've been enjoying for the past few weeks and thought it was time I shared my views on them. I was particularly intrigued because they can be easily accessed from various stores such as: B&M, Home Bargains and Savers which are all local to me. Online, you can find them from Fragrance Direct, Amazon and Just Beauty. I have to admit, whenever I saw their products in these stores, the snootiness in me raced to surface due to the price and packaging and didn't give them a second thought.

The three products I'll be showing you today are their best sellers and are suitable for all skin types: Snake Venom Eye Cream, Wrinkle -Freeze Serum and the Instant Wrinkle Filler.

Anti-Ageing Formulas From Balance Active Formula Skincare

Snake Venom Eye Cream from £1.99*

Now before you start panicking, the Snake Venom Eye Cream doesn't contain real snake venom. It is formulated with a synthetic form called  Syn-ake which is a small peptide that mimics the activity of a peptide found in the venom of a Temple Viper (I have no idea how they've discovered this!) Apparently, clinical trials have shown that the Syn-ake can work a bit like a mini botox and is capable of softening expression lines. It also contains EyePro 3x to help boost hydration and improve the look of eye bags and dark circles. 

This has a gel-like texture which has been ideal for use during this Summer as it's so lightweight and cooling for my eyes. I was surprised how nice it was as I've used a few high-end formulas in my time, and apart from  them being a tad richer, in-terms of effectiveness, it wasn't that much different. It absorbed nicely too, which made it simple for pairing with the wrinkle-freeze serum if I wanted some added plumpness! However, when it came to my eye bags, I think the claim may be a little ambitious as only surgery will resolve that issue. But I'll keep on using this to see if they'll be any   improvement!

Wrinkle-Freeze Serum from £3.99* -  from £1.99 in B&M Stores

The Wrinkle-Freeze Serum was my favourite out of the three. Again this also contained the snake venom-like peptide that helps to relax expression lines. The formula again  was very lightweight but this time had more of a lotion texture to it and came in a pipette style bottle. I also used this for the eye area, just limiting to outer half of my eye area where there are more fines lines, and also enjoyed mixing this with my other serums for all over the face. This had a slight zesty scent to it which didn't bother me at all and loved how easily it absorbed into my skin without leaving any greasy residue.  Two full drops gave a nice amount of slip to spread over my entire face and neck.
The wrinkle aspect from both products were subtle but to be honest, at 45 I wasn't expecting miracles and understand these effects can take longer. However, this serum has me wanting try more from them. I have my eye on their Dragon's Blood range next! 

Instant Effect Wrinkle Filler from £2.99*

 As well as formulated with Syn-ake like the other two, this also contains a combination of Matrixyl (which I'm more familiar with as an effective anti-ageing ingredient) and Sythne-6 for that instant flash-effect which reduces the look of wrinkles that bit quicker! It's to be applied on top of everything by patting into the skin, paying particular attention to the lines on the forehead, crow's feet and any other areas of concern. It can also be applied over the entire face if you wanted to.
This had more of a cream/gel-like texture and although still lightweight, it seemed a little more richer that the other two and was also assisted with the same scent. With the word flash in the title, it instantly reminded me of  a flash formula from a high-end brand, but soon realised they weren't the same. As it's summer, I felt it would be a bit too much for applying all over the face so just limited this to around my eye area, and although I didn't feel this added anything extra in terms of wrinkle reduction, it did feel really lovely and made my skin feel nice and smooth.

Anti-Ageing Formulas From Balance Active Formula Skincare

Overall, I honestly couldn't believe how nice the texture of these were for something so inexpensive as these applied  a lot better than I expected, and think these products are great for anyone targeting the very first signs of ageing. Despite being a bit of a skincare snob, (shame on me!) I will definitely think of incorporating these in future for those money saving occasions as products have become so ridiculously expensive these days!

*PR Sample: All opinions are my own.

Have you tried any products from the Balance Active Formula range?

Toni. xoxo


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