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Latest in Skincare: featuring Bravura, Dior and more!

Skincrae Products From Bravura, Nivea, Dior & Judith Willams

When it comes to skincare, I'm not one to have oodles of products piled high like I do with my makeup. I don't always have the budget to try them willy, nilly in-order to find that miracle product, and even if I did, I think I'd still be quite happy to carry on using a product until I've reached the end of its life before picking up another one.

I'd recently come to the end of my humongous pot (150m!!!) of Rich Rose Face Cream by Judith Williams (which isn't as rich as it sounds, but in a good way) and thought now Summer is upon us, I need to start wearing something that bit more lightweight to beat the heat!

Bravura Azulene Moisturiser

Bravura London | Azulene Moisturiser 50ml | £9.90

I've read quite a bit about Bravura from other bloggers, mainly about the glycolic and lactic acids which no doubt I'll also try at some point. I came across this lightweight moisturiser and thought it would be ideal for my skin type (combination with the occasional redness) to take me through the Summer months. I've only been using this for a couple of weeks so I can't give a true review just yet, but so far my skin has been loving the lightweight feel of this!

I mentioned recently on Instagram how there's something about the colour Blue that instantly draws me to it. I just find it so calming! So, it's little wonder I fell for this beautiful little pot from Bravura!

The base of this moisturiser is 60% Aloe Vera, and is packed with soothing botanical ingredients such as Azulene, Allantoin, Hops, Sage and, Rosemary which are well known to help reduce inflammation of spotty troubled skins and provide relief of any redness too. Azulene (which I've never heard of) is a natural healing botanical extract that comes from the chamomile flower. It helps to soothe any sensitive areas such as redness and rosacea, and also prevents the formulation of blemishes and blackheads. Further ingredients are included such as Hazelnut, Wheatgerm and Avocado Oils which provide lightweight nourishment that's needed for oily and combination skins. And of course, it's Blue!

The Azulene Moisturiser contains no smell and feels very lightweight in texture which makes this perfect for any sensitive, normal, combination or oily skin sufferers. The formula sinks into my skin instantly whilst still manages to give a healthy glow without leaving a heavy shine. For dry skin sufferers, you might not feel this is enough, unless you have a VERY hydrating serum if you're looking for something lighter to add on top.

Dior Hydra Life Pro-Youth Sorbet Eye Crème

Dior Hydra Life Pro-Youth Sorbet Eye Crème | £33.00

When it comes to my eye area, I try and splash out on something that's bit more out of my price range, because it's something that can't be avoided now I'm in my forties. If I could, I'd seriously contemplate fillers to get rid of the bags. More because of the ugliness of them rather than an age issue.  

I've been using this hydrating formula from Dior for about 3 months now, and I really like the texture of this. The only thing I hate about it is the jar that it comes in as appose to a tube. I find tubes make application so much easier!

 Unless you are super dry, all skin types will enjoy the lightweight feel of this gel-like texture. It's super hydrating and love the way it sinks into my skin without leaving any greasy residue. My fine lines and wrinkles look softened and I've also notice my concealers respond well to this too by applying much more smoother and less likely to crease. Unfortunately, the bags are still there, but even then, they look less dark and blue. 

Judith Williams | Life Long Beauty Ultra Lift Face Cream

Judith Williams | Life Long Beauty Ultra Lift Face Cream 80ml | £28.00

This is a skincare brand (apparently very big in Germany) that you probably won't have heard of but  features quite regularly on QVCUK. Judith Williams has several ranges that mainly target the more mature skin type. I've been using her Life Long Beauty range for a few years now and feel these don't get the recognition they deserve. She uses high quality ingredients whilst still manages to keep the prices down because there are no advertising costs and no counters to manage.

 My dresser is never without a moisturiser of some form from her range as my skin seems to really respond well to her products. It's as if they really understand its needs! So, with that in-mind and having just finished the big pot of Rich Rose Cream, I thought I'd try this new formula, incase the one Bravura didn't go well, and with "Lift" in the title, I was sold!

I haven't used this yet other than just have a quick swatch just to see the texture. But so far I think my skin is going to love this! It smells just like her "densilift" day cream which I loved for the Winter months. I think this is going to provide the perfect balance between the richer formula from the densilift and the thicker but less slip texture from the Rich Rose.

Judith Williams | Life Long Beauty Ultra Lift Face Cream

Skincare Products Review

From L - R: Dior Hydra Life Eye Cream, JW Ultra Lift Face Cream and Bravura Azulene.

Daily Essentials Double-effect Eye Make-Up Remover

Daily Essentials Double-effect Eye Make-Up Remover 125ml | £3.89

Oil-based removers are ideal for removing waterproof mascara and liquid liners, and this formula from Nivea just doesn't disappoint! This contains a bio-phase solution that when mixed, it helps to lifts my waterproof mascara easily without rubbing or risk damaging the eye area. The oil phase helps to lift away makeup without leaving any residue and the aqueous phase protects and care for my eyelashes. Just shake, remove and your done!

Have you tried any of these skincare products?

Toni. xoxo


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