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Latest Skincare Review featuring The Ordinary | Plus: Is there an alternative to the Pixi Glow Tonic?

Skincare from The Ordinary  

Whenever I receive a newsletter from Gill from Victoria Health, (I highly recommend that you subscribe!) I always know that it's going to feature some exciting new products from a brand that's blown everything out of the water. Deciem brand, The Ordinary, shows no sign of slowing down on what has been an incredible journey for them and indeed for us who can finally have access to the latest "must have" ingredients in order for our skins to look better.

If you haven't yet heard from all the "fanfare" that's been surrounding this brand, then all I can say is for the past 6 months you must have been living on the moon. The Ordinary is a skincare brand that produces clinical formulations with integrity by revealing their true cost. This changes the way we access these effective, ingredients that are generally only found in high-end products.The only unfortunate thing for me is the bonkers price tag which has done nothing but encouraged me to try a heck of a lot! So far, I've enjoyed quite a few, and hope at some point will be able to cherry pick the best ones that's worked for me and feature them in a future post.

Recently, I been trialling four products with three being new to the range. And you'll be pleased to know that none of these share any of that weird and funky smell. There wasn't a rotten egg scent in sight! 

Squalene is a natural source that's found in the body to help protect our skin. This formulation of squalane is an animal-friendly plant-derived source from Olives and should not to be confused with Squalene that comes from sharks (very cruel). There is one thing you may have noticed, and no it's not a spelling mistake; there are indeed 2 types which are kind of the same, except one is a derivative from the other but as I'm no science whizz, it's a little hard for me to explain. But I'll give it a go.

 Squalane with an (a) is a more stable oil for use in skincare than Squalene with an (e) as it doesn't oxidise as quick so it helps it to last longer. It's also non-comedogenic which is great for acne sufferers. Squalane is able to absorb much better into the skin because it's great at mimicking our natural moisture as it's so similar. Like with everything, after we've reached our twenties, our natural production of this source begins to drop. So this makes a great alternative to use.

 The formula

Before I discovered squalane, I was using the 100% organic rose hip oil, which I found to be great for calming redness in my cheeks; but unfortunately, I didn't like the weird smell that came with it so I thought I'd try this one instead. This oil is an antioxidant-rich age fighting emollient that works as an excellent hydrator for all skins. Squalane is especially fab for acne sufferers to help reduce excess oil production by tricking the skin to think it's produced enough. Another reason why this is a great option for oily skins is the oil doesn't sit on top of the skin for very long like a lot of oils do. The skin practically absorbs the oil in an instant in a similar way like a dry oil does. But as in saying that it's also works well for dry problematic skins too such as eczema, as this helps to prevent the ongoing loss of moisture and lessens that dry, cracked appearance.

Sqalane comes in a clear, lightweight consistency that's to be applied as a final step in your skincare routine either morning, night or both, depending on the severity of dryness. 

I've been using this formula for night time use only during the colder months and this has done an amazing job keeping my skin in pretty good shape, keeping it hydrated, soft and supple. The oil absorbs very well into the skin without leaving much residue, so if your not a fan of that greasy after feel that you can experience with some, then you'll like this one. Squalane comes with the added bonus for use on any dry areas on the body and on your hair too (which is something I keep forgetting to do) for heat protection or for adding shine.

This is the one you've been waiting have for, haven't you? - I can tell! 
Now things start to get a bit more interesting! Before I discovered this one, I was on the verge of ordering the one from Bravura which some bloggers claim to be a dupe for the Pixi Glow Tonic. Of course, when I received a newsletter from Gill, I went "nuts" when I first caught sight of this one. For those of you who don't know what Glycolic Acid is, it's an alpha hydroxyl acid (fruit acid) which is an excellent ingredient and a real work horse for bringing dull skin back to life.

Since the discovery of alternate exfoliating methods, it seems we can't get enough of them, can we?  The Pixi Glow Tonic has changed the way we see exfoliating as a whole and I have to say has work wonders for my dilapidated skin. The trouble is, the Pixi Glow Tonic can be a pricey upkeep. So I was really hoping this would be a fab alternative to use without the purse strings. When you compare the ingredients, there are lots of similarities. However, the one from the Ordinary seems to contain more. But more importantly - does it work?

The formula

 The first thing I noticed is that the Pixi Glow Tonic contains 5% Glycolic Acid - this one contains 7%. The Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution contains Tasmanian Pepperberry which is to help reduce irritation; Aloe Vera and Ginseng Root used for both visible radiance and soothing benefits. Because the colour that's within the Tasmanian Pepperberry can vary seasonally, the colour from within the formulation itself may change slightly from time to time.

It's a product that recommended for use in the evening after cleansing but before moisturising. I find this to be slightly stronger than the Pixi Glow Tonic and does cause some redness more so than the Pixi, along with that tingly feel. To me, its highlighting the fact that the product is working, and yes - it does work! I did experience a couple of breakouts but I'm not sure if this was down to this, as my hormones, or lack of, is all over the place at the moment due to the menopause - so it's hard to tell. To begin with. the redness was still visible the following morning so it isn't a product I use everyday - more like every other; although I did start out every three to begin with just to be on the safe side. But my skin's getting used to it now so the redness is beginning to calm down. 

If you have sensitive skin, I highly recommend you do a patch test first! If you thought that the Pixi Glow Tonic wasn't strong enough for you, you might get on better with this one. Plus, the price is so ridiculous you've got nothing to lose. Of course like with any exfoliating acids this will cause your skin to be very sensitive to the UV rays, so it's essential that you use a sunscreen. 

Skincare from The Ordinary

"Buffet" 30ml | £12.70

The most expensive of the bunch! And contains a variety of goodness just like a buffet you find at dinner parties, except with this one, it's much more weight friendly!

This is water-based serum that contains a whole host of multi-technologies including peptides and amino acids that's formulated to target multiple signs of ageing such as loss of firmness, wrinkles, hydration and it also helps to restore elasticity. It's a formula that can be used twice a day and can easily be incorporated with any other products you have in your routine. The formula has a lightweight slightly more gloopy-like texture that easily absorbs into the skin, giving a slight sticky feel at first until I apply my moisturiser on top.  

Overall, I have seen a slight difference in how my skin looks as it's more plump, firmer and the pores look more refined. On days when my skin feels less hydrated, I've added the Hyaluronic Acid as well as my normal moisturiser and find it gives me enough to last the day. I do love this but I feel the 30 ml bottle doesn't last very long on me, only a couple of months if that. I'm now on my second bottle.


Argireline Solution 10% 30ml | £5.50

Have you ever used a product that after a while of using it you notice something different but can't quite point out what it is? This is one of them, and I'm sure my eyes are not deceiving me! Now rumour has it that this has be labelled "Botox in a bottle", and whilst the claim may seem a bit extreme, it definitely does something! 

Argireline solution 10% is a water based peptide complex that's to be used along the forehead and around the eye area to combat folds and expression lines; although Gill at Victoria Health claims it's very good to use on fine lines above the lip area. The formula is very watery! So, it's best to dispense into the palms of your hands first before applying to the face. There's no tingle and no greasiness. I also found that the Caffeine formula that I purchased a while back for the eyes but wasn't wowed with, worked better with this. Can we have one for the body please?

My next review on The Ordinary will feature Colours! (I can't wait to receive those!) 

Have you tried an products from The Ordinary? Which ones are your favourites?

Toni. xoxo


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