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Too Faced | Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette : Review & Swatches

Do we honestly need a another review on this palette? Probably not. As by now, you're probably sick of the sight of the Too Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow palette and reading its millionth review.
But, considering it's become the most hyped up product since the release of the Naked Palette and the ABH Modern Renaissance and Too Faced is one of my all time favourite brands, it'd be criminal not to feature it on my blog. So, I thought I'd throw in my two pennies worth, and here we are!

When this palette was first released as a limited edition last Spring, I had my chance to buy it then. The cabinet was full and I eagerly swatched the display.

But I foolishly chose not to buy it. Why? Because I felt it didn't feature enough peach shades to justify calling it a Peach palette (there's no need to be so harsh, Mrs R!)

But that all changed when I fell in love with another peachy palette - the Newtrals vs Neutrals by MUR and soon got the flavour of everything Peach. I'd also recently been playing around with the Semi-Sweet (also by Too Faced) which reminded me how well their formulas perform when they get it right. But even then I still dithered, because I was a little underwhelmed when I swatched the shades in store. Then the worst happened. I found myself on the Debenhams website. The rest is history!

 Too Faced Sweet Peach

The Sweet Peach Palette from Too Faced cost £39.00. The palette contains a stunning mixture of 18 peach scented tones of Corals, Bronze, Pinky Peach, Purple and a pop of Green to create a variety of looks, which I to say, is really fitting for this time of year. It also contains a good assortment of finishes including mattes, satins and shimmers. The Peach scent itself smells more like peach sweets rather than fresh Peach but not in an overpowering or sickly way, and lingers on and off for a short period whilst applying.

The palette itself comes in a metal pencil box style packaging that features a very cute design of embossed peaches all over the lid. Just like previous palettes I own from Too Faced, there are a couple of shades that could've performed better when you consider the high end price tag. But it soon became apparent that it was a palette I'd fall in love with. It's a beauty!

The majority of the shades feel soft, smooth and blend well without experiencing any fallout. A couple of the shades do feel a little dry but nothing too concerning. As per usual, I always use an eye primer to gain maximum wear.



All shades were swatched without the use of primer. Some of the lighter shades didn't show up well in the photo because they look similar to my skin tone.

White Peach - is a light Beige with a satin finish. This has a lovely texture that looked very smooth when applied all over the eye. Great to use a starting point for achieving that blank canvas look. Perfect for highlighting the brow bone and inner tear duct too!

Nectar - is a golden Yellow with warm undertones. Gives off a beautiful sheen that can work well either sheered or packed on for maximum impact.

Peaches 'n Cream - a light Peach with a matte finish. Another great shade for applying all over the eye as a base colour.

Luscious - a metallic coppery Brown. A shade that truly is luscious! Absolutely mouth watering!

Cobbler - a bronzey tone with a light sheen finish. Swatches sheer but is build-able.

Georgia - a medium Peach with a matte finish. Really pretty to use for that light wash of peach all over the lid or used for a transition shade.

Just Peachy - a Pink-y Peach with golden shimmer. Initially doesn't swatch very well but soon builds once on the lid.

Candied Peach - a medium Orange/Peach with a splattering of Pink micro-glitter. Felt a little dry to the touch but that could be due to the glitter.The Pink glitter doesn't transfer much onto the eye and gives a more of a matte finish instead. Swatches sheer initially but builds surprising well when packed onto the lid.

Caramelised - a medium toned Bronze with warm golden undertones. Good Pigmentation that looked beautiful on the lid.

Bless Her Heart - an Olive Green with a frosted sheen. One of my favourite shades that looks amazing on Grey/Green eyes. Really brings out the colours beautifully especially when paired with Tempting and finished with Black eyeliner. 

Bellini - a light Pink-y Peach with golden pearl finish. Another pretty shade with good colour pay-off.

Puree - a Caramel Brown with a matte finish. At times, needed a little work to gain that diffused look but definitely workable.

Tempting - a soft Black with a light satin finish. Very pigmented and looks gorgeous when paired with Bless Her Heart. Great for creating depth or used as liner.

Peach Pit - a dark Reddish Brown with a satin finish. Normally these types of shades would be right up my alley but for some reason this turned out to be my least favourite. I find it too Red and makes my eyes look sore. However, despite this the colour payoff is good.

Summer Yum - a medium Reddish Brown with a matte finish. Great colour payoff and blended easily. Great transition shade.

Charmed, I'm sure - a warm medium Brown with a matte finish that looks noticeably cooler compared to the rest of the shades. Despite the warmth, this was a welcome addition to cool things down a little. Another great transition shade.

Delectable - a deep Purple with a matte finish. Performed sheer and patchy at times and difficult to blend - especially in the crease. The only way I could get around this was to use a deluxe defined crease brush like an E10 from Blank Canvas or Duo Fibre from Real Techniques for creating depth on the outer v. Despite this, the sheerness of the shade worked well to use as a base colour with Peach shades layered all over to give a washed sunset look. I wished they added a lighter or bolder Purple as I feel this would have been a better pairing to go with the peachy shades.

Talk Derby To Me - a Blackened Purple with purple micro glitter. Applied sheer and patchy! Hardly used. I wished they added a deeper Brown instead.

Eyes below was created using Summer Yum in the crease - Bless Her Heart all over the lid and up to the crease - Tempting applied on the outer v and inner third with Nectar highlighting in the centre to give a halo effect. White Peach is applied along the brow bone and inner tear duct area. 

Overall thoughts

This has a great colour selection and is fab for anyone who wants to switch up a level from the usual neutrals without stepping too far out of their comfort zone. The arrangement of the shades is pretty well thought out and will look gorgeous with any eye colour. Blue or Green? You need this in your life!

I love the packaging, and every time I open this I cannot help myself but inhale this peachy scent!  Initially, I would have liked to have seen one or two of the Peach shades show a bit more pizzazz and more of a foiled finish. But it just goes to show how pretty a softer appeal can look on the eye and shouty formulas, although exciting, isn't always necessary to pull off a great look. The one thing I feel is really missing here is a deep, rich Brown. Perhaps something similar along the lines of Triple Fudge from their Chocolate Bar Palette because I keep feeling the need to deepen things up a little. Other than that, this is beautiful palette to own and one I'm sure will take me through to the Summer months. 

Did you purchase the Sweet Peach palette?



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  1. I love this palette! I do wish it had more peach tones in there but I use a large percentage of the colours so I can forgive them ..😂 Great review
    Michelle xx
    IG: @shellie_belle_


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