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Currently Loving #2 featuring ColourPop, Primark Beauty, It Cosmetics and more...

It was back in January that I decided to start writing a currently loving type of post rather than share a monthly faves, which has given me the chance to genuinely see which ones I've been reaching for the most. Since then, I've received some new bits that I've also enjoyed and thought it was about time I shared these latest loves. 

This is a product you are either going to love or hate! Now, I was really in two minds as to whether to feature this product on here even though its probably become one of my all time favourite makeup products that I've discovered in a long time. You see, it contains Snail Secretion Filterate as one of the ingredients, which I wasn't aware until I received it. You may have heard, this ingredient has caused some controversy around the blogosphere and rightly so, due to the cruel and inhumane way it is harvested for skincare products. So, I emailed It Cosmetics to raise my concerns about the ingredient in question.

This is what It Cosmetics had to say:

"Snail secretion filterate is a cutting edge ingredient typically found in high-end skincare products. Snail secretion is known for it's healing properties, as it promotes cell-regeneration, and this serves as an anti-ageing ingredient that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Our studies have shown that after 10 days of use, women felt their skin was smoother, softer and they saw a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles. Not to worry, the snails are not harmed in this process. The secretion is simply collected off the leaves as the snails move across them". 

But from what I've heard, the type that you find in skincare isn't the same slime you see as they go about their daily travels, whether it's the same type they are using, is anybody's guess. Now, I'm not sure if there is a humane way of harvesting this ingredient or not as I don't have the knowledge or expertise to really confirm this, so I'm not even going to try! But all the same, I wish It Cosmetics didn't include this ingredient at all, and to begin with, the thought of using snail slime in any product did leave me feeling a little queasy to say the least. But I have to admit, this soon passes whenever I see the end result. I think it's really unfortunate as the product looks amazing on my skin, so much so, my primers have become redundant. 

Thank god this is a much less controversial product! Apart from being a little thick in texture that is! This is a full coverage under eye concealer that melts and blends really nicely under my eye area  without creasing and settling into my fine line and wrinkles and leaves me with a very flattering radiant glow which helps bounce off light and softens the look of my eye bags. The tube is going to last me ages as you only need the tiniest amount to cover. 


After finally taking the plunge and placing my first order from ColourPop, I discovered these two belters Nillionare and So Quiche and found they give a wash of colour a whole new meaning as their formulas are quite unique and something I've never experienced before. The bouncy-like formula is amazing and so incredibly smooth to the touch it's addictive (I really do need to get out more!). The metallic Bronze and Gold, Pink sparkles of Nillionare did nothing but encourage me to break all the rules with regards to wearing glitter during the day. It's just gorgeous! So Quiche is a beautiful metallic Olive Green with Violet and Gold sparkles. Whenever I wear these two, I always get compliments. 

It's been a heck of a while since I last purchased an eyeliner pen, let alone a Brown one, and found this to be perfect for pairing up with my ColourPop shadows, as the two combined really accentuate my Green/Grey eyes. I don't use it for wing lining though, I use it more for stamping just along the top lash line which it does with ease close to the lash as I hold it at a slight angle to complete the look without the risk of applying too thickly. 

A palette that was given to me as a gift last year needed to be shared some love. So, I paired this with my ColourPop shadows to obtain some transition shades, and forgot what a lovely palette this is. I love the cooler vibe of Pudding but also love to reach for Peanut Butter for when I want a warmer feel. The vast majority apply easily and beautifully which then encouraged me to finally buy the much hyped Sweet Peach Palette. 


This Ultra Metallic Lip also came part of the order I received from ColourPop. This is the shade that got me back into the metallic mode recently and love how the light captures the Rose Gold duo-chrome effect. I think the effects of metallic shades in general give off that clever trick of giving the illusion of bigger lips. The colour payoff on all of the ColourPop lippies I own have really impressed  me as well as providing a comfortable and longwearing finish. 

Primark PS... Beauty Lip Liner in Desert Sand | £1.00

Primark have managed to create something a lot of brands struggle with and that's to create the perfect nude shade. This shade is very slightly Pink that's not too warm, not too dark and not too cool and is the perfect match to the natural colour of my lips. Honestly guys, if you haven't yet discovered makeup from Primark, you really are missing out because some of the products are actually pretty good for what pay you for. This has been my go-to liner pretty much every day because it goes with so many nude shades. I need to grab another for back-up supply! 

Primark PS... Beauty High Shine Lipstick Crayon | Nude Glow | £2.50

Oh my goodness! This is such a pretty Peach to add for the perfect Spring glow! It gives a gorgeous sheen that's looks so smooth and flattering to wear. The twistable push up application reminds me of the ColourPop Lippie Stixs which I love and make these a total doddle to apply. This also surprisingly lasts a decent amount of wear when you consider the bonkers price tag. The only thing I don't like is the Crayola scent it gives when you first apply, but that soon fades. 


 I don't really see much of Elizabeth Arden on Instagram as it's probably seen as not the most trendiest of brands to have on your feed which I think it's unfortunate. This is probably due to the image it portrays that it's marketed for the older lady (yes, I guess that's me!). 

I was reintroduced to Elizabeth Arden after only paying £10.99 for this Lipstick during last year's Black Friday offer and made me realise why I loved her lipsticks all those years ago. 

It's crazy how a basic nude could turn out to be one of the most best nudes I have ever owned. It was if it was made just for me because it's so right for my skin tone. Elizabeth's iconic Red Door features on the luxurious casing that weighty and fabulous! And believe you me, you'll share no qualms showing this off in public, you'll happily whip this out whilst travelling on the tube. The matte but not flat formula provides a comfortable and longwearing finish, and I swear blind I sense a smell of chocolate in this - either that or I'm going mad! I shall make a return to one of her counters to pick up another shade. Move aside Miss CT! (Just kidding!)



Real Techniques is a brand that can do no wrong in my view providing quite an extensive range of excellent quality cruelty-free brushes and tools to suit whatever your needs. The Bold Metals range was created to share a more luxurious side to the brand and one I have fallen in love with in such a big way. I absolutely love this super soft Bold Metals brush so much so, I need another one. The design of the brush is spot on for distributing that pop of colour onto my cheeks beautifully without ever overloading. These has to be the most pleasurable tool I have ever used. 


Are any of these your current favourites? 

Toni. Xoxo


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