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Bargain Beauty Accessories from eBay

Beauty Accessories From eBay 

We all know that eBay is just one big massive treasure trove. No matter what you're looking for you can guarantee you'll always find it there. But up until recently it wasn't a site that I'd often visit because I thought it was nothing more than a place to find fake goods which we all know that's not true (just avoid the makeup unless it states authentic). There are loads of fabulous buys to be had from reputable companies or from people like you and me, selling goods that are no longer required. 

Beauty blogger, Makeup Savvy regularly features some real steals on her blog, and it was whilst reading one of her many, many eBay hauls, I discovered 2 out of the 3 I'll be showing you today. Before I continue, I just want to add the delivery for these took a few weeks to arrive as they came from the far east.

Silicone Travel Bottles from eBay

 Whilst browsing around on the site, I came across these really bright and cheerful looking travel bottles.

Now, I know what you're thinking. Yep, these look like coloured light bulbs, don't they? These are actually small squeezy travel bottles which I thought would be perfect to use for storing your toiletries in when your off on your hols - no more lugging around heavy bottles!

I thought these would also be great for storing in your shower cubical, because lets face
it - there's not enough room to swing a cat in (unless you own a double sized one) let alone yourself a long with a stash of his & hers! So, I thought it would be great alternative to use these instead of trying to make room for those huge 500ml bottles that you sometimes get. These squeezy bottles hold 75ml of product, which makes them compact enough for small spaces but holds enough product to last a good while. 

These bottles come with a flip top cap that you just unscrew to refill and will only release product when the bottle is squeezed. I also think that the fact that they stand upside down is another plus point too - limiting bruised palms whilst fighting to grab the last remains.

The colours make these so fun don't they? They'll certainly brighten up the dullest of bathrooms that's for sure. 

Makeup Brush Holder Drying Rack from eBay

The one thing I hope Real Techniques will release at some point as part of their collection is a brush stand specially for drying your brushes after cleaning them. In the meantime, I'll have to settle for this one from eBay as which does a good job holding the brushes in place whilst they're drying, holding up to 10 in total.

  Again, made of plastic, the cut out holders are made of silicone to help grip brushes of various sizes and ensures it doesn't scratch them whilst holding them (No need to worry about my bold metals). These also come in various colours. I chose white to go with my dressing table accessories. 

What I also love about this is that it can be dismantled and flat packed to a size no bigger than a cd cover which is perfect for storing in your drawer when not in use or even better, this can make the perfect travelling companion for standing your brushes in. 

Makeup Brush Holder Drying Rack 

This last item I bought is this pretty lotus cotton bud holder (even prettier when full) which I thought would be great for adding a splash of colour against all that white I've got going on my dressing table. I have another cotton bud holder placed in another bathroom - those acrylic ones that supposed to roll down which doesn't really work because the buds are too long and always get stuck! So, I though this would be a great alternative to use, and plus at £2.23, you can't go wrong can you?

These also come is various colours which are all supplied with a clear plastic lid to them clean - I think the green would be perfect for storing your tooth picks in the Kitchen. 

Lotus Cotton Bud Holder Pink from eBay 

Have you purchased any beauty accessories from eBay? What are your best finds? 

Toni. Xoxo

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  1. I love eBay and AliExpress for bargains! That brush tree is fab xx


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