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Beauty Plan for 2017 : 5 Brands I'd Like to try

5 Beauty Brands I'd Like to Try

Hi everyone! 

In today's post, I'll be sharing 5 brands I'd like to try and hopefully finally capture sometime this year. Over the past few years, we've seen a huge surge of makeup brands arriving on our shores whether it'd be online or in store. Being that typical makeup junkie, you'd think I've tried more than enough to satisfy my needs, wouldn't you? But, oh no! Are any of these on your wish list? 

Tom Ford

To buy from Tom Ford, would for me be the ultimate fix for a luxury appetite (even though that appetite has arrived rather late in life) as it is widely considered to be one of the Crème de la Crème brands at the beauty counter. I love the modern classic feel he brings and how it exudes sophistication whilst at the same time still manages to pull off the very latest trends. 

A short visit to one of their counters will not only make you wince at the high price tag, but also at the high quality of the formulas too. He somehow manages to create this magic within his lip shades that suit so many skin tones rather than just for the perfect suntanned folk you often see on Instagram, despite only providing a limited range.  

 I think it's only natural to want something that totally out of your reach and don't think you can experience anything more luxurious than Tom Ford (alright, apart from Cle De Peau or Sisley). I'd give anything to own one of their limited edition face palettes which are never around for long despite charging an eye watering £98 a pop! But at these prices, I'm think I might have to settle for just a sharpener instead.


Well, I can finally tick this one off my list as I can confirm I've recently received my very first order from this bloggers fave. This affordable brand from the US has stolen the hearts of so many in the U.K. and have left Royal Mail rubbing their hands with glee due to the custom fees they're charging - they must be making a bit from this racket! The creamy/soufflé like formulas along with an array of vibrant shades have made these hugely popular and I can see why. More to follow soon.


Before receiving a double-blow that Sephora won't be coming to the UK and that Lorac had been dropped by Sephora anyway, I was kinda hoping this would be the much-needed route within the U.K. to finally owning one of their eyeshadow palettes. As an eye palette junkie, this is the one brand I wish would come to the UK so I can enjoy their Pro and Zip series and also those huge Mega Pro palettes that are often featured as part of their Holiday collections. I love the way the shades are excellently put together in those sleek, travel friendly packaging which always make these a very attractive and a practical option to have in your collection. 

After reading a lot of blogs from the US, you kinda feel you've already know the brand inside out enough to experience the products without ever applying them. Sounds familiar?

Physicians Formula

Mainly because I want to smell those Butter Bronzers. (Like, I need any more bronzers!) But after hearing so much about those heavenly scented, award winning bronzers, the Shimmer Strips and of course that eye liner pen! It's only made me want to succumb to that Instagram worthy packaging (yes that too. It's just so pretty, isn't it?) Now it's available on Amazon U.K. and has been for a while now, it's about time I made my move on this US brand.  


As a teenager and at a time when I had more readies in my back pocket, I felt brands like Dior, YSL, Helena Rubinstein, Elizabeth Arden, Givenchy and of course - Chanel, were for the older, classier lady, but also felt at the same time, saw these as a bit stuffy and slightly intimidating for the then 19 year old. So, I only really dabbled with few odd bits - except Chanel.

During the later years, I'd found myself using manly Clinique from the higher end spectrum (if you can call it that) because it was so easily accessible, and also regularly enjoyed using those Prisms pots from Givenchy too (oh, I loved those!) But as I've gotten older, I kind of drifted away from these uber luxurious brands, when I suppose, I should've started using them more. After all, they do seem to work better on older skins.

But I felt makeup from the high street (even though they may be a lot more pricier these days) have really upped their game in terms of quality and availability of shades. You only have to look at some of those huge long stands owned by Nyx and L'Oréal to witness that. (If you're lucky to have one, that is!)

Fast Beauty like fast fashion has also played an enormous part in that transition too, as well as the arrival of the more mid-range market like The Balm (although their presence in drugstores like Superdrug does seem rather confusing). Nevertheless, they've managed to bridge the gap between budget and high-end, and have resulted in achieving that slightly more accessible luxury.  

So, the nearest thing to being within a whisker of trying anything from Chanel (although I did once own a perfume) was using products from brand owner BourjoisBut it wasn't until I stumbled upon some videos featuring iconic makeup artist Mary Greenwell that I discovered that under all that heavy black exterior, Chanel had actually produced some rather lovely shades, and of course not forgetting how great it would be to try their iconic Vitalumiere foundation that everyone and their nan was raving about a few years back. So, in the near future, don't be too surprised if you see that synonymous double C on my Instagram feed. 

Do you have a list of brands you'd like to try? 

Toni. Xoxo

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