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Makeup For Christmas Day


Hi everyone! Where has the year gone? I can't quite believe it's now the season of goodwill and will be celebrating Christmas in just a couple of days. When it comes to glamour on Christmas Day some of you may feel it's the last thing on your mind, and see this as the ideal opportunity for lazing around in your onesie (I wish!) However, for others, they may see this as the perfect excuse to get glammed up. I'm kind of in-between the two - war paint with slippers! Haha! Time is of the essence, so I'll be sporting a simple but bold look featuring a winged liner a Red lip. 


The Complexion:

 Every makeup look for me has to begin with a primer. This has been my go-to primer ever since I bought it last month.

Instead of using traditional silica formulas for producing that blurring effect, it uses a new form of Hyaluronic Acid powder base to gain that soft focus appearance, and has proven to be the perfect formula for my combination skin and for keeping my t-zone in-check. It also blurrs my pores and prevents my makeup from sliding off throughout the day. 

Because I've chosen Balance 'n' Brighten as my main foundation and because it isn't a liquid base, any corrector or concealer is best applied before applying this compact formula.

It doesn't matter how many hours I've slept, whether it'd be 10 or 20 hours! For me, it doesnt make a blind bit of difference - I still look horrendous in the mornings! Whilst I can never cover them entirely, a peach corrector is the first port of call when it comes to banishing the bags. Just by applying to shadow of the bag and into the corner of the eye instantly neutralises any darkness and helps lift that tiredness. 

 Followed by my favourite drugstore concealer. This is just so easy to give instant coverage under the eye area without creasing and for highlighting along the bridge of my nose and lifting lines and darkness around the mouth area. 

  This is one of my all time favourite products ever!!! You'd be forgiven for thinking it's a powder when it actually started out as a cream that's has been baked for 24 hours by Italian artisans resulting in a marbled blend of 6 shades, providing a product that's totally goof-proof to apply. It gives me flawless coverage fast! No mess, no shade issues, no problem! 

Despite sharing my initial reservations with this pretty compact (I found the formula made my skin tight to begin with). Since pairing this with the Hylamide primer, I find on me it really works a treat in banishing those pores and keeps my skin matte far longer than any other powders I've tried.

Because I'm wearing quite a strong coloured lip, I don't won't to go too overboard on the rest of the face. This budget option shares a combination of warm and cool shades as well as 2 illuminators and is great for adding a touch of glow, warmth and definition to my complexion.

Eyes & Lips:

As I've decided to go for a black winged liner, I thought I'd keep the rest of the eye pretty simple. Recently, I've fallen back in love with The Naked palette in such a big way this month. The formulas are "outstanding", pigmentation is "mind-blowing" and blends like a dream! Shades Naked and Buck applied in the crease are perfect for accentuating a natural eye. Side Car mixed with Sin is great for adding a little "pizazz" to the lid area. Virgin adds instant lift under the brow and also gives that bright awaken look when applied in the tear duct area. 

Along with my Real Techniques angled liner, I can create a Black cat eye wing with precision even though I have one eye that's slightly hooded! There's nothing more annoying than when you look in the mirror to discover one of your wings has decided to fly away! Thanks to Clinique, those days are long gone. 

I'm gonna need a mascara that'll give me plenty of length and volume and this one does just that, fast! I find this the perfect companion for any winged lined look, despite sporting a rather odd looking wand as it enables to get right close to base of the lash to give volume and that tight lining effect. I find on me, winged liner can tend to "steal the spotlight" against my normal lashes and tend to get lost. So, false lashes is often needed to balance the look. However, this mascara helps to give me that false lash effect that many mascaras out there that I've tried have failed.

I am totally rubbish when it comes to Brows. Since discovering a freebie of this in a magazine and loving it, I decided to buy the full size as it's just so good! Thanks to previous makeup trends,it seems over-plucking is something I've become an expert at (doh!) This helps to fill in any gaps and creates a natural looking brow that doesn't budge till the sun goes down. I find that a lot of Browns in the drugstore market are way too warm (leaning Red) so have to steer clear of them as I need the more ashy tones. I love that these formulas are soft enough to apply with a light-hand for a lighter shade but not too soft that it slides off. 

This is such a great bold pink-y Red and is perfect for adding instant glamour. I absolutely love these formulas from L'Oréal as they are super pigmented and comfortable to wear without compromising on longevity.

What will be your makeup look this Christmas?

Have a safe and good Christmas everyone! 

Toni. xoxo



  1. I must try the UD palette looks amazing :)

    Lotte |

  2. That concealer is my absolute favorite!! I love it so much!

  3. Lovely picks, can't beat a red lip at Christmas time! x

  4. I love the original Naked palette! Great picks here! Hope you have a lovely Christmas! xx

    Beautylymin| LuxuryFragranceBundleGiveaway

  5. I have that naked palette too, this has given me some inspo of how to do my make up tomorrow! I am so impressed with your blog by the way, keep up the amazing work pretty gal! x

  6. That Laura Geller foundation sounds amazing, I must check it out! I don't actually get on with the age rewind concealer and I think I'm the only one who doesn't!
    Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks


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