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Becca | Blushed with Light Palette: Limited Edition

becca blushed with light palette review 

becca blushed with light palette review 

It's always incredibly exciting when any high-end brand decides to release a blusher palette - especially like the ones we've seen recently, featuring a variety of glorious shades to play around with at a more appealing price than buying these separately. For some reason, I've never been one to hoard that many singles from the higher-end bracket (probably due to the cost) as I felt formulas from our cheaper counterparts do a pretty decent job in providing a good range of colours for everyday wear. But I was also aware of the fact that it's often on these rare occasions I knew I was going to experience something pretty special when it comes to a luxury brand and found myself surrendering to this limited edition offering from Becca
Blushed With Light Palette, after witnessing this on Instagram. 

I really loved their other blusher, Flowerchild from the Becca/Jaclyn Hill splits collection and was really impressed with the formula as I thought it gave that expensive look.  But this time, I was after something a bit more pigmented for my medium skin tone. I ordered this from Space.N.K as I had some indulgence points to spend, giving me a nice little discount from the £32 price tag. 

becca blushed with light palette review

Seeing this palette in a photo is quite a different experience to holding it in your hand, but in a good way. This gorgeous sleek design is just gorgeous! I love the combined Bronze/Gold
spray detail on the lid with more Bronze mirroring inside the compact itself giving it a real luxury look about it. Apart from the large mirror, inside there are 3 very flattering shades to give you a multi-dimensional flush of colour! Two are best-sellers from their permanent line and One is new and exclusive to the palette. The only disappointment was that it came with one of those clear plastic sheets that everyone hates that's used for labelling the shades. 

 Becca claim these can be worn alone for a subtle radiance or layered to sculpt and infuse and dimension to every complexion.

As expected, these formulas are really smooth and silky, and blended really beautifully onto the skin. I personally think these 3 particular shades are great for creating a variety of looks and also making these ideal for travelling with too!  

becca blushed with light palette review 

becca blushed with light palette review

 Wisteria - is the new and only matte shade that features here - a warm muted Pink that's build-able giving a natural flush of colour to the cheeks without it looking flat. What I notice a lot about matte blushers in general is they can have a tendency to look very dry on the skin. This one doesn't and I really love it! It's just an easy wearable everyday shade.  

Songbird - a mineral blush formula with a medium muted Peach/Orange with a subtle Golden sheen. I found this quite pigmented so only need to apply with a light-hand. I think this'll be ideal to give that much-needed warmth for this time of year. I've been really enjoying wearing this with the Naked palette and Mac's Shy Girl lipstick as it really brings the look together beautifully!

 Snapdragon - a luminous Pink-Coral with Golden shimmer but there's not a glitter insight! The Golden shimmer is actually quite subtle so there's no worries you'll look like a disco ball, although the actual shade itself is quite pigmented and again, only need to apply with a light-hand to gain that sheer wash of colour! However, I'm not sure I could use this for layering with the other two shades (which I haven't tried yet) as the shade is quite intense. All the same, I still love it!

becca blushed with light palette review

Have you tried this limited edition? Which blusher palettes have you been enjoying lately? 

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  1. Those are some gorgeous shades :)

    Lotte |

  2. This is a beautiful palette and one I'm tempted to get especially as I love the Flowerchild blush as well! x

    Mummy's Beauty Corner

  3. Really love the look of this palette, Becca blushes are so nice! Completely agree about the packaging too, just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing, great post! Xx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  4. These are so beautiful, I love Songbird!

  5. The only reason why I refrained from purchasing this is the bad experience I have with the blushers in Becca Face Palette and I suspect these will not show up on my skin tone. I have been loving Rouge Bunny Rouge blusher recently which I think I like better than Marc Jacobs Air-Blush.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  6. That's a good price for 3 blushes! I love the look of Wisteria & Songbird but I have Snapdragon and never wear it - it looks awful on me! xx

    Beautylymin| LuxuryFragranceBundleGiveaway


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