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Sharing My Entire Nyx Lip Collection, including swatches

my entire nyx lipstick collection

Hello, fellow beauty fanatics!

So here it is, the post you've all been waiting for - or at least I hope?!

When it comes to lipsticks from the drugstore, Nyx is one of my all time favourites brands for finding a whole variety of on-trend shades. I recently posted a picture on Instagram sharing all my Nyx liquids and lipsticks asking whether I should write a blog post on them, and going by the number of likes, it seems that idea was well received. If you're not following me on Instagram yet and like makeup themed photos, then do pop over and give us a nudge. As I too, am always looking for new makeup laden photos to follow.

The Nyx Lip range

If you've still yet to try Nyx, then where have you been? Nyx has developed several ranges of affordable lip-wear, which provide extensive shades and finishes to suit all moods; whether you want to inject colour for some added fun or neutrals for those subtle occasions and everyday wear - there is something for everyone, and I for one, would really like to try more. Since their arrival to the high street, this easier access to the forever growing range has proven to be a real hit for the L'Oréal owned US brand, (no, I wasn't happy to learn L'Oreal now owns them either!) as consumers of "all ages" can finally enjoy wearing on-trend shades without breaking the bank. This is not a sponsored post by the way.

I thought as Nyx Cosmetics seems to be pretty much everywhere now since arriving in Boots (although apologies if you're still waiting for yours) it would be a nice to share my collection since I have so many, and the swatches too, to give you some idea on the shades - whether you're shopping online or in-store, as we all know the swatches online are never that great.

What I've also added towards the very end of this post, is a photo swatch of all the Nudes and Neutrals together, (because I'm nice like that, haha) so you can compare and make your on mind up what's best for you . I may even post a Pink comparison as well. We'll see how I get on, eh!

The Butter Gloss

nyx butter gloss

nyx butter gloss swatches

Way back in the days when you could only purchase these from the Nyx UK website and before their brief appearance in Next Stores, Butter Lip Glosses was my very first purchase and introduction to the brand because the shade Crème Brulee was raved about so much on YouTube.

There are an incredible 30 + vanilla scented shades to choose from, so there sure is something for everyone here. These are really light-weight formulas that give sheer pigmentation, although some are more pigmented than others, and are incredibly comfortable to wear without having to endure that stickiness that you can experience with some lip glosses. The doe-foot wand applicator ensures easy, even application, every time. I love to wear these on top of lipsticks to really amp up the shine and make my lips look BIGGER! Fill your entire lips with liner if you want to add extra pigmentation before applying. 

These are also great for people that are not heavily into lipsticks or are colour shy, but still want to wear a bit shine with a hint of colour. Also works great as a first lipstick for young teenagers too! The only down side is their wear doesn't last very long. 

Crème Brulee and Tiramisu are my faves, with Merengue being my least as it's too pink for me and comes off rather blue. It came as part of a 3 pack set. 

The Intense Butter Gloss

nyx intense butter gloss

nyx intense butter gloss

Oh my word - now you're talking! Same formula as the original Butter Glosses but the shades are much more pigmented this time. These are my newer purchases and have discovered I absolutely love the combined pigmentation these give with that same buttery feel. Plus they smell so good! Tres Leches is my absolute favourite shade out of my entire collection. I just love how this warm pink-y brown gives that "look like my lips but better look with the high shine!" Cookie Butter Biscuit turned out to be a little too pale for me, so I use this to highlight the centre of the lips when I'm wearing a deeper Brown. I think this is a great nude shade that will look gorgeous on paler skin tones. There are more than 20 shades to choose from, and I'm seriously considering dipping my toes into some berry tones for the Winter.   

Matte Lip Cream

nyx soft matte lip cream

nyx soft matte lip cream

It's a case of "name your destination" with this range as each shade is named after cities.With regards to their mattes, I'd consider these the best of the bunch, and the fact they're assisted with that sweet scented goodness (so good!) makes the wear much more enjoyable!

Once again - a bucket load of stunning shades to choose from (30+) that provide that light-weight creamy matte coverage that lasts a fair amount of wear. Like with every lipstick I wear, I always like to apply liner over the entire lips to increase longevity. 

My favourites from this stash is Abu Dhabi, a gorgeous soft Brown which I've been wearing a lot lately, and Antwerp, a bright Pink-y Coral that I love to wear in the evenings or during the Summer months. Tokyo was my first shade from the range and my least favourite. Just like a I mentioned about the dodgy online swatches, I didn't realise it was such a pale bubble gum pink when I ordered this. Milan is a gorgeous mid-tone bright pink, but once again proved to come off too blue for me!

The Liquid Suede & Lip Lingerie

nyx lip suede & lingerie

nyx lip suede & lingerie

With around 12 gorgeous Nude shades to choose from, a range that launched only this year in the UK, although I hate to say, not my favourite. I wrote a whole blog post on these earlier on in the year.

The soft mousse-like texture gives a matte finish that are extremely long-wearing but are unfortunately rather drying! So a little prep work may be need to prevent that dryness involving a lip scrub and a balm, which does help a little, although I've had friends claim it didn't make much of difference for them. I love all 3 shades with Bedtime Flirt proving to be my favourite out of the 3.

There are 24 mainly quite bold shades to choose from in this range, and if you're after some Blues and a Grey shade, you'll find it in this range. These share the similar long oval shaped applicator as the Lingerie, giving a cream formula this time, as appose to the mousse-like texture from the Lingerie. Again, the formula is light-weight and gives a matte finish but is infused with Avocado Oil and Vitamin E which proved to be far less drying, giving a much more comfortable feel to the lips. Unfortunately, the longevity isn't as great as the Lingerie. These are meant to be waterproof also although I saw no proof of this. They smell weird too!

Despite the weird scent, I like the formulas of these but the shade range proved to be way too bold for me, which is why I've only got 2.

12 shades are available in a range that was developed during their early days. I would consider these  more of  your tradition lip gloss. Pigmentation wise is variable - it all depends on the shade, really. Some give off a shimmery effect but are not glittery, and are slightly more thicker in texture than the butter gloss and slightly stickier too! However, they do last longer, and are also great for layering with lipsticks for added shine.

My favourites out of the 3 is Sugar Pie and Beige, which seems such strange name to give to a shade that's anything but a Beige shade, as it's Pink. Unfortunately, after I took the photo I realised that Pinky Taupe is no longer available. Sorry! 

nyx mega shine lip gloss

nyx mega shine lip gloss

The Round Lipstick & Matte Lipstick

nyx lipstick

nyx lipstick

The Round Lipstick 14g | £4.00

This range provides the largest selection of shades to choose from. Nearly 60 in total. Admittedly, I tend to over look these as I prefer their liquid lipsticks -  not that I'm suggesting these are poor quality. I have only 2 shades, Eros and Indian Pink. Despite only costing £4.00, these are creamy and very emollient formulas which are very light-weight and apply with a thin consistency without compromising on the intensity of the shade. You don't need to trowel it on with these!

Eros is beautiful warm Red that's deeply opaque. I originally bought this during a time when I was experimenting with reds to see if  any would suit me, as I feel my skin tone prevents me wearing them. Unfortunately, I don't share much confidence in wearing a reds which is a shame as this is a great bold Red! Indian Pink is more my kinda thing as the gold shimmery finish that accompanies this pink, add warmth and lifts my complexion. Unfortunately for this shade, that gold sheen tends to wear off during the course of the day leaving behind the pink.

Matte Lipstick 14g | £ 6.50

I only a the one shade, Nude, but very rarely wear it as it's too pale for my skin tone, so can't really give a true comment on the formula. But the few times I've worn this I though it was very comfortable to wear, considering it's a matte and costs so little! They come in 44 shades which is pretty impressive! I can't remember how long it wore for (sorry!) but for £6.50 you can hardly complain.

Swatches of all the Neutrals

nyx nude lip shades

Sorry! I left out Sugar Pie!

Swatches of all the Pinks

nyx pink lip shades

nyx pink lip shades

Do you own any lipsticks from Nyx? What are your favourites?

                                                                      Toni. xoxo




  1. This is such an exciting collection! I've been loving the Soft Matte Lip Creams! xo

    Hanney | Blog About Hanney 

  2. ah wow, you've got so many great products.. i'm very jealous!
    jen / velvet spring

  3. That's a whole lotta lippies! The only nyx lipsticks I own are their lip lingeries and even though they're drying, I really enjoy the colors. The butter glosses look gorgeous and some of your swatches really caught my eye. Now I totally need to try some too :D

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  4. What a great collection! This was such a helpful post, thank you for this! Going to have to expand my nyx collection now Xxx

  5. That is an extensive collection! So far I have about 5 soft matte lip creams but haven't tried the rest. I'm hoping to try out the Lip Lingerie and just bought one of their butter lipsticks. Hope I like it!

    Angela / Blush & Pearls

  6. Fabulous post, I loved seeing all these swatches. I am loving the Intense Butter Glosses at the moment - so easy to wear xx

  7. Great post, you've got an amazing collection! I love the lip gloss in the shade beige, but always been confused by the name too! x

  8. I am envious of your huge NYX lips collection! I adore Tiramisu over a nude lip liner, actually I love Butter Gloss and it was the only lip gloss that I wear for years.

    Reflection of Sanity | b·liv Skincare Set Giveaway


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